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Digital Consumer Roadshow 2004: 7400 Logic Replacement.

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1 Digital Consumer Roadshow 2004: 7400 Logic Replacement

2 The 7400 Series – A Brief History - 1960s space program drove development of 7400 series Consumed all available devices for internal flight computer $1000 / device (1960 dollars) 10:1 integration improvement over discrete transistors 1963 Minuteman missile forced 7400 into mass production Drove pricing down to $25 / circuit (1963 dollars)

3 Success Drives Proliferation New families introduced based on Higher performance Lower power New features New signaling threshold 1960 2003 Spawned over 32 unique families!

4 Too Much of a Good Thing? Families Packages Reliability options Speed grades Features Functions An availability nightmare! >> 500K unique devices

5 Different Families Dont all Speak the Same Language

6 Sometimes Things Get Lost or Added in the Translation* Different families arent always on speaking terms with one another

7 High Performance 3.5ns t PD, f max 303Mhz Improved features Low Cost 0.18µ = small die size Lowest cost packaging Lowest Power 12mW* ~20 u A typical stand-by Storage Systems, Routers Set-Top Box, Cell phone Handheld, Portable Equipment The Ultimate Solution For 7400 Logic Replacement

8 Eliminate Availability & Obsolescence Issues Over >> 500,000 different 7400 devices addressed in one package! Nothing needs to get lost or added in the translation AND Additional features for free EMI management, system clocking, reprogrammability, design security….

9 Driving Down Costs Through Process Technology Feature Size (micron) 0.35 0.25 0.18 0.13 0.10 0.07 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 CPLDs

10 CPLD Vs. Discrete 7400 Total Product Cost 1000 % Reduction in die cost through semiconductor process technology

11 Equivalent to > 8 Discrete TTL Devices 8 More: Logic Features Performance Security Flexibility For Less Price Board Area Power EMI Xilinx CPLDs Offer More for Less These are the fundamentals behind the death of the 7400 series…

12 The CPLD Cost Advantage CPLD Price Advantage Device Cost Comparison 7400 vs. CPLD

13 Cost Advantage Case Study - PVR -

14 ICs Inside the Box

15 Clock Discrete Logic µP control Buffers/ Drivers Peripheral BOM Analysis

16 Buffers/ Drivers Discrete Logic Watchdog Timer Peripheral - UART Low Power, Low Cost Additional Logic, IO and System Resources Discrete components cost: $5.73 XC2C128 - $4.60 Saved: $1.13 7400 Replacement Solution

17 Save $1.13 Reducing the Overall BOM Solution Cost $0.91 Standard Solutions Discrete Logic Chips $0.91* Watchdog Timer $1.05* Coolrunner-II Solution $4.60 UART $2.20* Buffers / Drivers $2.57* $1.96 $3.16 $5.73 XC2C128 VQ100C 250KU Pricing * High-volume pricing estimate Additional features using Programmable Logic for FREE !! Additional features using Programmable Logic for FREE !! Re-programmability Performance Power Savings Additional Logic Time-to-market Board Area Additional Memory Additional I/O

18 Cost Advantage Case Study Instrumentation (1) (2) (1)

19 Cost Advantage Case Study GPS PDA (4) (1)

20 CoolRunner-II Changes the Equation Lower cost, higher integration than 7400 TTL Additional features that manage real world issues EMI System clocking Design security Obsolescence / availability Reduced test costs External interfacing components eliminated In field bug fixes, upgrades, changes

21 Managing EMI CoolRunner-II Benefits Typically considered black magic Significant TTM impact to achieve compliance Board spins, test time etc. CoolRunner-II features and integration benefits address EMI Programmable drive strength, I/O signaling, programmable ground, programmable slew rate, PLLs

22 CoolRunner-II Design Security 7400 series has no inherent means to thwart reverse engineering Remove device marking? CoolRunner-II Programmable bit stream security Prevents both over-writing or readback Four levels of on-chip-security Tampering causes device to automatically lock down

23 Reduced Test Costs CPLD integration reduces bed of nails test time Reduced points to interrogate Reduced device count significantly increases FITs Mis-aligned / wrong part placement Soldering failure CoolRunner-II JTAG test port – free allows for PCB testing Inherent programmability provides 100% test coverage

24 CoolRunner-II Simplified Interfacing Additional components for interfacing disparate 7400 logic families Pull up resistors etc. Additional components typically required to communicate with interface logic Bus transceivers, high performance memory interfaces, slow slew rate signaling CoolRunner-II programmable I/O eliminates need for external interface devices Programmable HSTL, SSTL, Schmitt Trigger etc. Considerable board area and cost savings!

25 The Ultimate Advantage - Reprogrammability - CoolRunner-II CPLDs can be programmed at any phase of product life-cycle Prototyping, field trials, and in market

26 The World of TTL

27 Logic Cell Estimation Errors X X X X X X X 1 Macrocell Utilized vs. Four Unused Gates in Package Synthesized to 1 Macrocell Unused Logic Device Functionality Logic Cell Estimator Guarantees that Results will be as Good or Better than Estimated Savings Value

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