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crossbow The English were successful on land because of a weapon called the longbow which shot steel tipped arrows. The French used the crossbow, but.

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2 crossbow The English were successful on land because of a weapon called the longbow which shot steel tipped arrows. The French used the crossbow, but this weapon could not shoot arrows as far as the longbow. Their arrows were not as sharp as the English arrows. crude cannon The English also used a crude cannon which was made of a long iron tube mounted on a pole. It was difficult to carry and use, but was refined and used as a major weapon in the later wars.

3 A French peasant named Jeanne dArc or Joan of Arc, who was 17 years old, went to Charles and told him that she heard the heavenly voices telling her to save France and that God sent her to help him. Charles granted her an army, a suit of armor, and a white linen banner. Maid of Orleans. Joan of Arc freed Orleans after 10 days and became known as the Maid of Orleans. Shortly after that, Charles was crowned King Charles VII of France. Joan of Arc was captured by a French trader a few months later and sold to the English. She spent a year in prison, was tried as a witch and burned at the stake. She died at the age of 18. 24 years later, a trial proclaimed her innocence. Her legacy lives on as in 1920, the Catholic Church declared her a saint. By 1453, the French drove all the English from France except the seaport of Calais and the war ended.

4 The Hundred Years War. In the 1300s, England still occupied southwest France. The kings of France were becoming more powerful and wanted to push England out. Then in 1337, the English King, Edward III, declared himself king of France which made the English very angry. This started a series of battles known as The Hundred Years War. By 1429, England controlled most of France. Charles, the French dauphin, or eldest son of the king, was fighting the English for the French throne. France and England were changed by the war. By 15oos, France was unified and all of the feudal territories were under the kings rule. Common people became more important. There was a shortage of peasant workers due to war casualties. They were able to make greater demands such as being paid a wage and living outside the manors. Most of them became farmers and rented land from Nobles.

5 As a result of the war, France was unified under the kings rule and feudalism ended which improved its economy. England also was unified after the war, but its monarchy was weakened until, in 1485, Henry Tudor became king of England and made it strong again. By the 1500s the last French feudal territories were under the kings rule. Many peasants died during the war from disease or fighting, and the remaining people were needed as workers. Peasants made the nobles pay wages and allowed them to move outside the manors. When nobles tried to force them back to their old ways, they revolted and most of them became farmers who rented land from nobles.

6 Joan of Arc At 17, she heard heavenly voices while praying telling her to save France. She ask Charles for an army, a suit of armor, and a linen banner. Joan freed Orleans which took 10 days and was known as The Maid of Orleans. A few months later she was captured by a France traitor to the English. They then burned her at the stake.

7 Their monarchy was weakened. In 1885, Weismann Henry Tudor became the king and the monarchy became strong again. By the 1500s, the last French feudal territories were under the kings rule. Both unified The common people were more important

8 The article we chose, Mali Under French Military Occupation, is about a recent vote by the French National Assembly to pass an extension for the countrys military intervention in Mali. Not a single vote was cast in opposition. Three days later, the United Nations Security Council approved Resolution 2100 which creates a policing mission to start on July 1, 2013. This mission is called MINUSMA. MINUSMAs planned force is 11,200 soldiers and 1,440 police. This plan is among France, the U.S, and the United Nations to keep peace in Mali until the country becomes stable. The main facts that were given in the article are that there is internally over 300,000 people displaced in Mali and 125,000 people living in refugee camps. Food pricing are spiraling and aid needs are not being met. Many towns are in complete chaos. The cause of this chaos and reason for intervention are to stop rightist Islamist forces who oppose sovereignty.

9 This article falls under the theme Peace & Security because it is about how France, together with the United Nations, has stepped in to stop rightist Islamic groups from controlling Mali. Together these countries hope to bring peace and stability back to Mali while driving the extremist groups out. The French government is also facing political conditions at home as a result of their decision to provide assistance in Mali. Polls are showing plummeting support for the Socialist Party and President Francois Hollande. The economy of France is suffering high unemployment and zero growth. Tens of thousand of people protested recently in the street of Paris.

10 This current event connects to the Hundred Years War. They connect to each other because during the Hundred Years War, the French were trying drive the English out because the English were causing trouble and taking land. Likewise, the French are trying to drive the Islamic rightist groups out of Mali to prevent them from taking over the land and government.

11 This article helps us by providing an understanding of how countries join together to promote peace and security around the world. By coming together, a group of countries have a better chance of stopping rightist groups and terrorist from controlling different parts of the world. History plays an important roll by providing us with examples of past events and teaches us how to avoid unwanted conflicts. We learn so much from history and from the mistakes or accomplishments of those who came before us. There is always a balance for each nation to provide for their homeland while helping other nations in times of trouble and maintaining homeland security.

12 King Edward III KingCharles VII There were many important events in the Hundred Years War. When King Edward III of England declared himself King of France, the already angered Frenchmen fought back to reclaim France. This was the beginning of the Hundred Years War. Charles, the French dauphin was fighting England for the French throne. Joan of Arc heard voices telling her that God wanted her to help Charles. She was able to reclaim Orleans and Charles was crown King Charles VII of France. As a result of the wars, the kings and nobles no longer held the power they had previously. The common people were granted more rights, better living conditions and were paid wages. Joan of Arc Joan of Arc was a legacy by recapturing France for Charles in 10 days. Her religious conviction and strong will at such a young age was amazing. Henry Tudor The war impacted France and England. France was united under the king and was marked by an end of feudalism by 1500s. England was made strong again in 1485 when Henry Tudor became king.

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