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Somonino, Poland Comenius Partnerships Lichens and atmosferic pollution Visit to Reggio Emilia, Italy 20-24 October 2008.

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1 Somonino, Poland Comenius Partnerships Lichens and atmosferic pollution Visit to Reggio Emilia, Italy 20-24 October 2008

2 Somonino

3 the largest city of Pomerania

4 The thousand-year-old Gdansk is considered as the most monument-abounding city of the "Baltic Europe". Most of the monuments in Gdansk are placed near the heart of its Old Town District. The Long Street and The Long Market Street create the representative face of the city. Although the Gothic buildings are very different from each other, they create harmony, which is typical for gothic style.

5 The Golden Gate leads exactly to the Long Street and its name comes from a lot of ornaments. Abraham Van den Block reconstructed the gate in 1612-1614, but it was badly damaged in 1945. During the reconstruction there were new sculptures put on the building, and they represent Peace, Freedom, Wealth, Fame, Agreement, Faith and Justice

6 The Neptune's fountain is a characteristic element of Gdansk. The majestic body of the ruler of oceans was designed by Abraham van den Block and made in bronze by Piotr Husen Late-Gothic King Arthur's Court is one the most valuable monuments of the Old Town. It was built in the 14th century as a headquarters for rich traders' organizations. The II World War almost completely destroyed the building although the front face and the equipment were saved.

7 Built in mannerism style, is called Speimans House as it was him who held the most magnificent posts and offices in the 17th century and initiated the rebuilt work.

8 At the end of the Long Market, you'll find the Green Gate, with the picturesque Long Quay stretching beyond it and the Granary Island. The green name probably comes from the greenish colour of the stone which was used as a building material.

9 The maritime gallery invites to see a rich collection of marine paintings, and the main exhibition Poles at seas in the world includes ship models, old weapons, navigation instruments, coins and ceramics.

10 St. Mary's Church is the biggest brick Gothic church in Poland and one of the largest Gothic churches in Europe. It took over 150 years to build it (1343-1502), and what is incredible is the fact that 25.000 people can go inside at a time. The area is over 0.5 hectare, the nave is 105 metres long and the ceiling supported by 27 pillars – 30 metres high.

11 The Crane was in its times one of the largest seaport cranes in Europe. It began functioning in XVth century and was used not only for lifting up the goods and building ships, but also as a defence fortification and a town gate. In 1945 the crane went down during a fire. After reconstruction, the crane was offered to the Central Maritime Museum.


13 Land of thousand lakes


15 the Pearl of Kashubia

16 The town of Kartuzy is situated on three lakes: Karczemne, Klasztorne and Milenko, and serves as the seat of the district. They say that it is probably the only town in Europe to which all the roads lead through forests…

17 The settlement in the 14th century was centered around the Carthusian church. The post- monastery collegiate is still to be admired with its characteristic, coffin-shaped roof, which remains the architectonic symbol of Kartuzy till this day.

18 The museum was founded by Franciszek Treder, a passionate collector. Snuff-boxes, devils fiddles, embroidery and folk sculpture constitute the specific character of Kashubian culture.

19 …and folk ensemble

20 Traditional costumes and dances

21 - Folk Craftsmen Fair - school exhibition

22 snuff horns tobacco manufacturesnuff-boxes seller

23 Products of slay... amber... and wicker

24 ...and dyngus (lashing with juniper)



27 Barszcz czerwony z uszkami Borsch - red beetroot soup with dumplings

28 Bigos Bigos - sauerkraut stewed with meat

29 Gołąbki z kapusty Gołąbki - stuffed cabbage leaves

30 Rosół z kury Broth of hen

31 Sałatka z kapusty Cabbage salad

32 Sałatka z warzyw Vegetable salad

33 Półmisek z wędlinami Butchers products

34 Pierogi ze skwarkami Ravioli with greaves

35 Plince Plince - fried potato cakes

36 Pstrąg panierowany Trout coated in bread - crumbs and egg

37 Zupa rybna Fish soup

38 Zupa z wreków Zupa z wreków - soup of turnip-rooted cabbage

39 Cultivation raspberry strawberry


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