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GMINA SOMONINO guidebook. Komiks o wizycie w Somoninie.

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1 GMINA SOMONINO guidebook

2 Komiks o wizycie w Somoninie

3 1. History and statistics 2. Traditions 3. Attractions 4. Monuments 5. Surroundings 6. Walking paths 7. Accommodation, restaurants and cafe 1. History and statistics 2. Traditions 3. Attractions 4. Monuments 5. Surroundings 6. Walking paths 7. Accommodation, restaurants and cafe Gmina Somonino is an administrative district of Somonino and 16 other Kashubish villages. Located in the province of Pomerania, in Kartuzy County next to the Radunia river. With population 9734 (31.06.2011) and area 112.27km2 out of which 30% is forests and lakes. The first information about Somonino Semanino comes from 1241. In 1462 when the region of Kashubia was under the control of the Teutonic Order Somonino was partly sold to Kartusians, who founded a mill, sawmill and a brickyard. After The Thirteen Years' War in 1466 Somonino as the whole region, went back to Poland. About 1500 the village become In 1772 this area was annexed by Prussia. 1901 the railway line was built. 1919 Somonino went back to Poland.

4 Gmina Somonino as a part of Kashubia is a very special part of Poland. It has its own language but also traditions and art. The most popular is Kashubish embroidery with seven colours symbolizing soil, lakes, sea, sky, sun, forest and blood. Also painting on glass, decorating pottery with sea and plant elements and sculpture. But the most colourful traditions are those connected with feasts. On Easter Monday we celebrate śmingus – dyngus pricking with juniper and collecting sweets going house to house, On Christmas Gwiżdże are caroling visiting neighbouring houses. On St. Johns day eve (Sobótki) great fires are lit and performances are given. On New Years Eve night Kashubians play jokes.

5 The most attractive places in our area are: Hawk Hill – it is 227,2 m high peak in Ostrzyce and wonderful viewpoint over Ostrzyckie lake and Ostrzycki reserve forest. It is also on the track of the Kashubish trailblazing. Ostrzycki forest - the nature reserve with area of 55 ha is the picturesque place with few species of beeches and orchids. The Szymbarskie Hills - unique hills 2 and 3 hundred metres high overgrown by forests full of trees, flowers and mushrooms. Ostrzyckie lake – one of the lakes in the waterway called the Raduńskie Circle Połęczyńskie lake Rąty lake Trzebno lake

6 Monuments worth seeing are: The seventeenth century Holy Trinity and All Saints church in Goręczyno which roots come from XIII c. The hut in Hopowo The manor in Borcz Stone circles in Trątkownica / Babi Dół - they are very characteristic for Kashubia but still very mysterious. By Kashubians legends they were built by ancient inhabitants of Kashubia – gigant Stolems. Almost for sure we know only that they were used as a Gothic cementary in the Roman period.

7 Town of Kartuzy – one of the most picturesque European towns built in the middle of the forest between three lakes by Carthusian monks in XIV century where you can see Carthusian Church Monastery and Kashubish Museum with its collection of relics Kashubish culture. Gdańsk - a big city with the rich history from IX century and a breathtaking old town Malbork - Castle of the Teutonic Order which is the largest castle in the world by surface area, and the largest brick building in Europe Łeba – a town of sand dunes, you can see there moving dunes but also windsurfing competitions and old fisher huts. Wieżyca peak 328m above sea level the highest hill in the Central European Depression overgrown by beech forest. There is the the observation tower 30 m high. In Szymbark one can find The Regions Promotion and Education Center (C.E.P.R. PHU Danmar) Outdoor Ethnographic Museum in Wdzydze Kiszewskie Tel. 058 686 11 30, www.muzeum-

8 Kashubian Road – one of the most beautiful tours in Poland about 20 km long Stone circles – a Cycle track – almost 33 km long way through kashubish mysterious place – Stone Wedding party Red trailblazing – 138 km long way to the Baltic Sea passing through Somonino community

9 The most recommended places to stay are: Żabi Dwór In Ostrzyce newlang=english newlang=english Kaszubska Strzecha in Goręczyno Hotel Helena in Ostrzyce Zajazd Ostrzycki in Ostrzyce U sochy in Ramleje Best places to eat: Rybaczówka in Ostrzyce, Pod Żurawiem in Egiertowo, Zajazd Ostrzycki in Ostrzyce, Gościniec dla Przyjaciół in Wyczechowo MORE THAN WELCOME

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