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WELCOME TO POLAND !!!! COMENIUS 2013 – 2015 Zespół Szkół w Królówce.

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1 WELCOME TO POLAND !!!! COMENIUS 2013 – 2015 Zespół Szkół w Królówce

2 Poland - officially the Republic of Poland President – Bronisław Komorowski Prime Minister – Donald Tusk

3 Poland is a country situated in central Europe between the Baltic Sea and the KarpatyMountains

4 Poland borders with Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia.

5 Polish Symbols - Polish Flag is made of two equal, horizontal stripes: white and red. It was officially recognized in 1919, one year after Poland regained her independence.

6 Polish Eagle (Polish Emblem) was officially recognized in 1918. In the years of communism, the eagle was deprived of it's crown. In 1990, the crown was restored.

7 There are 38,5 millions of us

8 Poland is divided into 16 regions

9 We live on 322 575 km 2 of beautiful land



12 Vistula - the longest Polish river

13 Rysy - a mountain in the crest of the High Tatras, lying on the border between Poland and Slovakia, highest point of Poland (2,499 m)

14 The Capital – Warsaw

15 Warsaw was completely destroyed during the Second World War

16 Kraków - the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland, previous capital of Poland

17 Polish currency – złoty (PLN)

18 Dominant Religion - Roman Catholic – 93 % Famous sites of Christian pilgrimage in Poland - the Monastery of Jasna Góra in the southern Polish city of Częstochowa

19 The most famous Poles in the history

20 Nicolaus Copernicus The great astronom „ withheld the Sun, moved the Earth”

21 Fryderyk Chopin Pianist and composer

22 Maria Skłodowska - Curie Pionieer in the field of radioactivity, the first twice- honored Nobel laureate

23 Karol Wojtyła – blessed John Paul II great pope

24 The popular Polish people

25 Krzysztof Penderecki The famous Polish composer His popular works: -St Luke Passion -Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima

26 Lech Wałęsa Leader of the Solidarity Movement Nobel Peace Prize 1983 Polish President 1990 - 1995

27 Robert Kubica Former Formula 1 driver rally driver WRC-2

28 Robert Lewandowski - the best Polish footballer who plays as a striker for Borussia Dortmund and the Polish national team

29 Justyna Kowalczyk - Polish cross country skier who has been competing since 2000. Kowalczyk is an Olympic Champion and a double World Champion. She is also the only skier who won the Tour de Ski four times in a row.

30 Traditional Polish Food

31 Bigos - known as a hunter's stew, is a traditional meat stew typical of Polish, ingredients include white cabbage, sauerkraut (kapusta kiszona in Polish), various cuts of meat and sausages

32 Kotlet schabowy - a Polish variety of pork breaded cutlet coated with breadcrumbs

33 Rosół z makaronem - a traditional Polish meat broth

34 Tomato soup

35 Pierogi - dumplings

36 Kiełbasa wiejska - country sausage

37 Makowiec - The poppy seed roll

38 Sernik- Cheesecake

39 Szarlotka – an apple pie


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