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Poland : Warsaw to Wroclaw July 2011 Stewart More storks.

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2 Poland : Warsaw to Wroclaw July 2011 Stewart

3 More storks

4 Bialowieza, east of Warsaw, A house with its storks. The town is the hq for the Bialowieski National Park, where the European Bison herds are.

5 Bielowieza

6 Bielowieza. Built in 1845 as an administrative headquarters for the Governor of Grodno, it hosted the Russian Tsar Alexander II on a hunting trip in 1860


8 Wolf European Bison Show Reserve

9 Zubron Attempts have been made to interbreed bison and domestic cattle. It results in very large animals, but breeding is difficult and fertility is low.




13 Konik horses, Bison show park, near Bialowieza. Attempts have been made to breed these semi-feral Polish horses back to the extinct Tarpan horse, which grazed in marshlands.

14 Biebrza marshes, and National Park, near Goniadz, NE Poland Boats on the Biebrza River.

15 Wood man, Goniadz

16 Pine forest floor, around the Biebrza marshes.

17 On the short walk through the band of forest to the marsh, the mozzies are fearsome

18 The vast Biebrza marshes

19 Barn storks

20 Biebrza national park, near where the Narew River joins the Biebrza.

21 The Biebrza River with the swamp beyond. Near Burzyn.

22 The Biebrza River near Burzyn

23 All the money went on the fence Fences are often colourful. Even chain link fences are painted in many colours

24 Gdansk, the Big Mill (Wielki Mlyn)

25 The big mill, interior

26 Market hall, Gdansk Built on the site of a Dominican monastery in the late 19 th century, it was refurbished as a shopping centre in 2005

27 Interior of the Market Hall

28 Gdansk Just along from the Market Hall, a small reminder of the immediate post-Communist era, when Poles sold personal effects to live.

29 House frontages in Swietego Ducha street, Gdansk The tower of Notre Dame Basilica is behind

30 Fountains at the corner of Grobla I and Swietego Ducha streets, opp. The Royal Chapel

31 Interior of Notre Dame Basilica The largest brick church in Europe


33 Pirate party ship on the Motlawa River, Gdansk. The building behind is across the Tjelony bridge from the Green Gate, at the corner of Stagiewna and Chmielna Sts

34 The Long Quai, Dlugie Pobrzeze, on the Motlawa River At the far end is medieval Europes largest crane, which is capable of lifting two tonnes.

35 Streetscape, Gdansk. Buildings on Dlugi Targ. Building at right is the Radisson Blu Hotel, no. 19.

36 Streetscapes, Gdansk Buildings on Dlugi Targ. Right is the golden house, no. 41, built 1609-17

37 Houses on Dlugi Targ, Gdansk

38 Houses on the Royal Way, Dlugi Targ. The golden gate is just visible at right

39 Beach and pier at Sopot Sopot is Gdansks beach resort. At just over half a kilometre long, the pier is the longest wooden pier in Europe.

40 Torun. Artus House on the Old Market Square Seat of various Brotherhoods of the Bench, associated with the Teutonic Order. Primarily social, they followed ideologies associated with King Arthur (Artus). The present building was constructed in 1891.

41 New organ in Church of the Holy Spirit, Torun

42 The frog fountain, old market square, Torun

43 Copernicus house, Torun

44 Houses in Torun

45 Torun

46 Rynek, Wroclaw (pron. Rotsuave, Breslau in German) Frontages on the huge central market place

47 Ratusz or Town Hall In ornate late Gothic style, it was developed over 250 years up till 1560.

48 House of the Seven Electors, Market Square. No. 8, Rynek. Na Sprzedaz means for sale.

49 Fly on the wall Fly with stained glass wings on shop front in Kuznicza St, Wroclaw

50 Aula Leopoldina, University of Wroclaw Thesis hall




54 View from the tower, University of Wroclaw The statue is one of four representing the faculties of the University, Law

55 The Rynek, Wroclaw

56 Ratusz, (Town Hall), side view

57 More frontages, Rynek, Wroclaw

58 Wroclaw beach

59 Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Wroclaw

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