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Living & Dining On-Campus

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1 Living & Dining On-Campus
Things You Must Know Before Move-In

2 Key Points to Remember Assignment Information (where you will live) was sent to your UCI address Check UCI address for information updates from Student Housing on a regular basis Deadlines are important. Pay attention to them. Student Housing web site ( is a good resource for information If you don’t know or understand something, ask for help

3 Common Questions Can I change my room?
Can I move to another community? If I don’t like it, can I move out in the middle of the year?

4 Common Questions What is NOT allowed?
Refer to “Move-In Guide” checklist on Student Housing web site No Smoking No alcohol if under age 21 No “illegal downloading” (i.e., “sharing” of copyright-protected materials such as movies, music, software, etc. over the Internet via per to peer networking)

5 Housing Payments Middle Earth and Mesa Court * October 15 * January 15
* April 15 Arroyo Vista and Campus Village * Due monthly (15 of the month) Camino del Sol * Due monthly (1st of the month)

6 Housing Payments Pay electronically (“ZOTAccount Online”) or in person at Central Cashier * Mesa Court and Middle Earth * Arroyo Vista * Campus Village Camino del Sol Leasing Office Deferments Ask for help before payment deadlines

7 Student Housing Staff Resident Advisors (RA’s) Programmers
Professional Staff Adminstrative Residence Life Staff are always available to help…just ask

8 Safety & Well-Being Doors lock automatically/remain locked at all times Resident Advisors on duty evenings and weekends Safety Education/Drills/Disaster Preparation ZOT Alert Undergraduate Housing General Policies

9 Safety & Well-Being (Cont.)
Safety and well-being …includes emotional and mental health First year at college : both exciting and overwhelming at times: Adjusting to a new environment and new culture Academic demands /expectations Relationship challenges If you are feeling anxious or unsure in any way… Resources: Residence Life Staff Counseling Center

10 Living with Others Respect & Responsibility Communication
Student Rights and Responsibilities Communication Guidelines to Living Together

11 Housing for 2nd Year 2 Year Housing Guarantee
Meet all deadlines Must live on-campus entire 1st year Process begins in Fall Quarter 2013 Information Sessions – October Application Window - November

12 Hospitality & Dining Meal Plans Mandatory - Mesa Court & Middle Earth
100 Block All-Access Voluntary (“Anteater”) Meal Plans Campus Village Arroyo Vista Camino del Sol Off-campus residents

13 Hospitality & Dining $50 $75 All-Access 100 Meals Unlimited 100
Residence Hall Residents All-Access 100 Meals Number of Meals (or entries to the dining commons) Unlimited 100 FlexDine Dollars (declining balance dollars) $50 $75 Number of Guest Meals 10 Meals per Quarter 10 Meals per Quarter

14 Hospitality & Dining Volunteer (“Anteater”) Meal Plans
Meals and Flex Dine Dollars available the entire academic year EZ Payment option available for some plans Variety of Options All-Access + $50 FlexDine 165 Meals + $100 FlexDine 99 Meals + $225 FlexDine 75 Meals + $200 FlexDine 50 Meals + $150 FlexDine 25 Meals + $100 FlexDine More info at:

15 Hospitality & Dining Declining Balance Dollars (Flex Dine and “ZOT Bucks”) Used at all dining locations (except the University Club, Café Expresso, and the Pub) Unused FlexDine and ZOT Bucks “roll over” from quarter to quarter Only ZOT Bucks can be used at the UCI Bookstore (“The Hill”) Unused FlexDine dollars EXPIRE at the end of the academic year Unused ZOT Bucks “roll over” to the next academic year

16 Hospitality & Dining Residential Dining Commons
Mesa Commons Pippen Brandywine Buffet style service with several different menu stations/options Late Night Dining Online ordering (“convenience on the go”) Provisions on Demand (P.O.D.) Express – located in Mesa & Pippen dining facilities

17 Hospitality & Dining Dietary and Nutritional Concerns
Executive Chefs at Mesa and Pippen commons welcome feedback from students Menus and nutrition guides to gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan dining posted at For questions about dietary issues, please

18 Hospitality & Dining Refer to for…
Purchasing ZOT Bucks and Meal Plans Checking “real time” account balance for FlexDine dollars and ZOT Bucks Menu and Nutritional Information Dining News and Upcoming Events

19 Hospitality & Dining Common Questions
Can I “opt out” of the meal plan? (Mesa Court/Middle Earth residents) Can I change my meal plan? What if I run out of meals before the quarter ends?

20 QUESTIONS?? UCI Student Housing – (949) 824-6811
Web site: Hospitality & Dining – (949) Web site:

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