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Resident Assistant Recruitment

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1 Resident Assistant Recruitment

2 Chaparral Village and Laurel Village
Apartment style living: 2 or 4 bedrooms Swimming pool and hot tub- located in Chaparral Residents in all communities (LV, CV, ARH) have access to pool and hot tub Basketball courts In the Neighborhood centers Full Kitchen Free on-site laundry facilities Study rooms In the unit: Fully furnished apartment Cable television and high speed internet is provided by Time Warner Cable. Kitchenettes include a full size refrigerator and microwave in each unit. Computer labs are available in the City Centers (i.e. main office areas)

3 Alvarez Residence Hall
Fully Furnished room sharing a connected bath Large lobby area with TV’s Community Kitchen on the 2nd floor Computer lab Large and small lounges on each floor Free Laundry facilities on each floor Elevators Two court yards Cable television and high speed internet is provided by Time Warner Cable.

4 What is an RA? A student staff member that is part of the Housing and Residence Life team. For residents: Advisor Peer- counselor Friend Mediator University Resource LEADER

5 The Resident Assistant Position
Benefits: Free rent in their assigned community Free meal plan A monthly $150 stipend Working in a team environment Opportunities for professional and personal growth.

6 Job duties Assigned up to 60 residents
Participate in an on-call rotation Working evening and weekend front office desk Facilitate programs for your residents Attend weekly staff meetings Be a resource to your residents! Build a community!

7 What are the requirements of becoming an RA?
Good academic and disciplinary standing with the University Pass a criminal background check Maintain a UTSA cumulative and UTSA semester GPA of 2.5 Undergraduate student applicants must have 24 hours of UTSA credit by start of employment Graduate student applicants must have 6 hours of UTSA credit OR have housing experience in their undergraduate institution (references will be checked) Full-time enrollment

8 Application Requirements
Complete online application Two letters of recommendations Essay questions Professional resume Online applications opened on October 7th on the housing website under Student Employment Applications will close at 11:59pm on December 1, 2014 Incomplete application packages will not be considered for the initial application screening.

9 Tips on applying for the RA Position
Completed online application: In order to be considered an applicant, an online application must be completed. The website only allows individuals 60 minutes to complete the application. For this reason, we recommend applicants open the online application and review it before inputting information. Taking the time to review the entire online application before beginning will assure that you understand all that the application entails. NOTE: You will not be able to hit “Submit” without answering all of the required questions! Essay questions: You will not be able to submit the online application without completing the essay portion of the application. It is recommended that you open up the online application and read the essay questions before beginning the application. It is also recommend that you answer the complete essay question and have your essay proof read by a second party. Your essay plays a big factor for you to get an interview. Copy of your professional resume: Your resume needs to be typed and highlight (i.e. explain) everything that you have done that includes jobs and leadership positions. It is recommended that you visit the UTSA Career Center to so that they can review your resume before you turn in your application. Two letters of recommendations: All letters of recommendation must be submitted in a PDF form via to Diana Almaraz at . Letters of recommendation can come from UTSA professional staff, professors, or a past or current employer. Recommendation letters from family members or friends will not be accepted. Be on time for your interviews. Be YOURSELF! Incomplete application packages will not be considered for the initial application screening.

10 Interview Process Interviews will be offered to applicants that pass the initial application screening. Applicants will be invited via to sign up for an interview time. 2 types of interviews Individual Group If you are invited for an individual interview, you must also participate in the group interview.

11 Things you need to know.. Fall Training will be at the beginning of August 2015. Summer II concerns First year Resident Assistant’s cannot hold a second job or have a paid internship. If your cumulative GPA falls below a 2.5 GPA after Spring 2015 semester you will not be eligible to work as an RA for Fall 2015.

12 Questions?

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