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Your Financial Responsibilities at Illinois State University

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1 Your Financial Responsibilities at Illinois State University
Student Accounts Billing Office Your Financial Responsibilities at Illinois State University

2 Billable Items Tuition & General Fees Housing: Room Charge
Per Credit Hour Billing Brochure Housing: Room Charge Campus Dining: Meals We have a centralized billing system in which we bill for several departments on campus. Registration: Tuition and fees are based on the number of credit hours you are taking. The tuition tables can be found in the Billing Information Brochure on the Student Accounts website. Students starting fall 2014 through summer 2015 will be on table L, page 13 in the billing brochure. Housing: Residence hall room charge or apartment charge if living in ISU apartment Campus Dining: Meal plan – rates on website according to meal plan chosen Some other charges you may see on your account include: Health Services - If treated in Student Health Services, you may see health service charges – A $10 walk-in fee is charged to be seen and can be paid when incurred or billed to your student account. Compliance Fee - A compliance fee of $50 is charged if immunization records are not turned in by the deadline. Important dates and deadlines can be found in the Billing Brochure on our website. Housing charges - At the end of each semester, University Housing assesses the residence halls for any damages, refer to your housing contract.

3 Billing Statement Online – My.IllinoisState By mail –
notification of bill By mail – Must add your local / school address Online: Each month when bills are generated, notification is sent that bill is available online on MyIllinoisState. By Mail Must enter a local/school address where you will be living while attending ISU to receive a bill by mail.

4 Login to the My.IllinoisState, click on the Student tab, find the Finances section, select the Student Accounts link.

5 Updated Monthly Select My Most Recent Bill, which is updated each month when bills print.

6 Updated Daily Select My Charges / Payment History to see activity between billing cycles. This information is updated daily each time a schedule change is made, a charge is added, or a payment is made.

7 1 Click on dropdown arrow by your name Select My Profile Address Updates Select Contact / Address Info tab 2 Address updates: It is very important students to keep their address updated during their time at Illinois State. The local / school address is the address where student resides while attending Illinois State. If living in the residence halls, this is set by University Housing. If living off campus, please update whenever you move. Update Local / School Address & Phone 3

8 Payment Options Full Payment Installment Plan Late Payments
4-month Installment Plan If registering after 1st bill has been generated, there are only 3 installments remaining to pay balance $35.00 fee per semester Late Payments $10 late fee Blocked from registration & transcripts We bill by the semester: mid-July for fall semester, mid-December for spring semester Option to pay in full or pay in installments Installment plan is 4 payments due July, Aug, Sept, Oct for fall and Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr for spring Students who register after 1st billing will have 3 remaining installments to pay balance One time per semester charge of $35 on 3rd bill Bills mailed middle of each month, due 1st Friday of following month Late fees $10 if at least the installment amount not paid, blocked from registration and transcripts

9 Payment Methods Cash/Check Peer Transfer Credit Cards
Personal Check, cash, cashier’s check, money order E-check Online * Debit card with PIN in Student Accounts office * must be from bank that is part of the U.S. Federal Reserve banking system Peer Transfer Online at Credit Cards Illinois E-Pay online or by phone 2.35% convenience fee applies American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa accepted Cash/Check Personal Checks Cash E-check online – pay from checking account, no fee; Bank must be part of the U.S. Federal Reserve banking system Debit card with PIN in Student Accounts Office – Bank must be part of the U.S. Federal Reserve banking system Peer Transfer Online at If your country is not listed, contact our office and ask for cashiers to get wire transfer information Credit Cards online or over the phone through State of Illinois E-Pay system convenience fee of 2.35% Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express accepted

10 Withdrawal Dropping classes Refer to the Billing Brochure
January 26th –no charge for hours dropped February 10th – Charged 75% tuition, 100% fees Refer to Billing Information Brochure online on Student Accounts website for withdrawal schedule. Important dates and deadlines to drop a course and be eligible for a refund.

11 Refunds Check Direct Deposit
Mailed to student at local / school address Direct Deposit ACH into bank account of your choice must be from bank that is part of the U.S. Federal Reserve banking system A refund is sent any time payments exceed charges. This can happen when an account is paid in full and the student drops a class before the deadline. Refunds mailed to student at local address during school year, home during summer and breaks We recommend direct deposit; refund money is sent directly to your bank. Sign up on MyIllinoisState. The bank must be part of the U.S. Federal Reserve banking system.

12 Contact Us Student Accounts Office 605 W. Dry Grove St.
Campus Box 1210 Normal, IL (309) Include your University ID number www.

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