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SOAR 2013. BUSINESS OFFICE Tom Fritz, Controller Tom Kendziora, Bursar Ashley Krinjeck, Accounts Receivable.

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1 SOAR 2013

2 BUSINESS OFFICE Tom Fritz, Controller Tom Kendziora, Bursar Ashley Krinjeck, Accounts Receivable

3 Business Office General Contact Information Student Billing Methods of Payment Student Account Information Miscellaneous

4 Business Office – (814) 472-3006 or Scotus Hall, Room 323 Office Hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Student Account Questions: Christina Wood (Cashier) (814) 472-3007 (Accounts Receivable Specialist) (814) 472-2884

5 1. April (fall) November (spring) March (summer): Semester Registration 2. July (fall) December (spring) April (summer): First Billing Statement 3. Monthly Billing Statements

6 Fall 2013 Spring 2014 Deposit: $ 200.00 CR Room & Key Deposit: $ 100.00 Orientation Fee: $ 100.00 Flat Tuition Rate:$ 14,471.00 $ 14,471.00 Standard Room Rate:$ 2,599.00 $ 2,599.00 Meal Plan (unlimited):$ 2,574.00 $ 2,574.00 Technology Fee:$ 525.00 $ 525.00 ---------------- --------------- Total Per Semester:$ 20,169.00 $20,169.00

7 Cash, Check, or Money Order Payment Plans Credit or Debit Card Special Arrangements (Wire Transfers)

8 Cash, check, or money order payments may be made in person at the Business Office. Check or Money Order payments may be mailed to: Saint Francis University Attn: Business Office P.O. Box 600 Loretto, PA 15940 When you mail a payment to the University, please include the students first & last name & their student billing account number on the memo line [not sure of ID#, last 4 of Social Security number].

9 Tuition Management Systems (800) 722-4867 Semester Plans Available Yearly Payment Plans Annual Enrollment Fee = $60.00 10 Total Payments (July 1 st to April 1 st ) 9 Total Payments (August 1 st to April 1 st ) 8 Total Payments (September 1 st to April 1 st ) Payments are due on the 1 st of every month and late fees do apply, however, the payment wont reflect on the students bill until the end of the month. Make sure to check your online statement to make sure the budget you set is enough to cover entire balance

10 The University does not accept credit or debit cards in office or over the phone. There are two options: – Current Students tab, then the Student Finances tab, Go to CashNet link or Payments are reflected on student billing account same day. Convenience Fee Charged is 2.75% of amount charged; no fee for bank drafts. Tuition Management Systems at or (800) 722- 4867 This one time payment must be made by the 20 th of the current month so that they are applied to your bill at SFU in the same month. Convenience Fee Charged is 2.99% of amount charged; no additional charges for an electronic transfer as long as a live representatives help is not required. Both Options only accept MasterCard, Discover, American Express; VISA will be available for payment July 2013 through CashNet










20 Outstanding Balance Interest Charges on amounts older than 30 days Yearly Interest Rate 15% APR (1.25% monthly balance) If the student has an outstanding balance (amount owed), he/she May not be eligible for next semesters registration May not be eligible to check-in for next semester Will not receive their diploma or transcripts until the balance is paid-in-full

21 Non-enrolled student balances older than 90 days from last enrolled status are assigned to outside collection agency. Additional fees may be assessed Communication with Financial Aid and the Business Office is important! We need to know your payment plans if the balance is going to be paid late.

22 Health Insurance Mandatory for all full-time students Must enroll or waive insurance. If no action is taken, the student is automatically enrolled and billed on student account. Laptop Buyout – if a student does not return their laptop when they are done at St. Francis a fee will be added to buy the laptop Library Fines – non returned items will have a fine added to the students bill Parking Fines

23 Declining Balance (One Card/Student Photo Card): can be used at Frankies, Padua Express, Café Gubio, or the library. Money can be added to the students card at our cashier window or at Torvian. ATM Machine: located in the lower level of JFK Cashier Window: students are permitted to cash a personal check, up to $100.00 a day Refund Checks: Account credits or overpayments are returned to the student by either e-refund if they are signed up or by paper check. We process e-refunds on Mondays and they are in the students account on Wednesdays. Paper check are available for pick up at the business office on Wednesdays. If not picked up they will be sent to a campus mailbox or home address if a campus mailbox is not assigned.

24 Saint Francis University Business Office web page: Financial Information tab on the left: Tuition & Fee Schedule; Payment Information; Student Insurance; Withdrawal Policy – Tuition Refunds / Office Contact Information Both of these websites are being updated and finalized for the 2013-2014 academic year.

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