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Its all about golf. Introducing Golf Club TV to GCMA (North West Region) Developing a bespoke digital screen network in UK golf clubs Providing a new.

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1 Its all about golf

2 Introducing Golf Club TV to GCMA (North West Region) Developing a bespoke digital screen network in UK golf clubs Providing a new tool to help increase revenues Utilising the latest cutting edge technology Enabling golf clubs to improve their communication Opportunity to organise competitions and events across the country Screens strategically positioned in clubs to optimise exposure Creating a new marketing channel to reach a niche audience

3 Enhancing Golf Club communications ….

4 State of the art digital screen pods with built-in media players

5 Constantly changing with eye-catching messages

6 Helping clubs to promote events, activities and offers ………. situated in the Pro Shop, golf reception, locker room or clubhouse

7 Bespoke sizes and finishes tailored to each clubs taste

8 New mobile screens to help corporate golf events – Golf Events TV

9 How We Help Golf clubs can create and run professional, high quality messaging, advertising and promotions Each venue has a uniquely coded screen, connects to internet via Wi-Fi and media player enabling localised communication Staff from different departments can dynamically change copy online via our web portal or even using a mobile phone Our production team can help produce animated commercials for special events and occasions We create a suite of tailored templates for clubs to continuously update at no charge

10 Engaging visitors with internal promotions

11 How It Works Clubs can create their own localised channel identity with club logo and feature their own messages each loop (Up to 10 per hour) 6 min programme loops – most items 10 secs alternating live content feeds with full screen luxury brand advertising Feature between 6-12 full screen ads and 6- 12 banner ads on content pages Provide useful information for the golfer including a ticker tape for constant real time news and messaging using RSS feeds Deliver relevant fresh content in partnership with a number of leading authorities in the sector which we can update overnight

12 Keeping golfers informed across the network

13 Programme Announcements Coverage of Majors Coaching/teaching Manufacturer promotions Green staff reminders R&A Rule changes Sponsored items: Golfing tips Top 100 courses Golf trips/holidays Golf news Weather Quiz/facts Time Club info

14 Helping the club Improve Communication Whats happening? Whats happening? Check time times Course information Society Golf Days Club competitions Congratulate winners Employee of the month Restaurant specials Pro shop deals Green fee promotions Local weather conditions Promote facilities for hire Club information/events Membership offers Captains Charity

15 Latest club news Up to the minute information from the club, Pros, committee and staff

16 Meet our Pros Book lessons & improve your score – its all about your swing Enabling your Pros to promote themselves locally

17 Tips to help your round David Leadbetter says Keep your head still and look at the back of the ball even after you have hit it to improve your putting

18 Helping the committee Support to install from golf committees is key. Therefore we plan to help create a Committee Noticeboard and video feature for them to communicate with members along with publicising the Mens and Lady Captains charities

19 The B enefits Improves knowledge Exudes stylish feel Generates new income Helps inform visitors Promotes teaching Prompts members involvement with competitions Encourages people to meet at events Demonstrates modern thinking Builds membership Helps green fees

20 A good start Already have agreements for first 200 clubs across the South of England Reserved one advertising slot year round for a leading media agency Currently in negotiations with a number of top brand advertisers & sponsors Working with leading golf club owner groups such as Crown Golf, Burhill Group, Leaderboard, Q Hotels and UKGOA Realistic growth strategy with target recruitment starting at 5 clubs pcm and averaging 15 pcm throughout plan

21 Planned rollout TimingNetworkTimingNetwork Q3 20130Q1 2015160 Q4 20135Q2 2015195 Q1 201425Q3 2015240 Q2 201450Q4 2015270 Q3 201495Q1 2016300 Q4 2014135Q2 2016345

22 Planned rollout TimingNetworkTimingNetwork Q3 2016400Q1 2018705 Q4 2016435Q2 2018780 Q1 2017485Q3 2018855 Q2 2017545Q4 2018900 Q3 2017610Q1 2019950 Q4 2017650Q2 20191,000+

23 Who Watches GCTV? Very attractive elusive audience for national brands – Predominantly ABC1s – 84% male biased – 80% aged 36 and over – £751.80 is the average yearly full playing adult membership fee – Majority visit their golf club for half a day twice every week Source: ENGLANDGOLF golf club membership questionnaire 2013

24 Who Will Advertise? Prestige cars (BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Jaguar, Audi, Range Rover) Golf Clothing (Nike, Oscar Jacobsen, Adidas, Footjoy, American Golf) Long Haul Airlines (BA, Emirates, Etihad, Virgin, Singapore, Quantas) Golf travel/destinations ( La Manga, Irish Tourist Board, Marriot, Hilton) Luxury Goods (Rolex, Hugo Boss, Omega, Oakley, Tag Heuer) Telecoms (Vodafone, BT, SKY, O2, 3G, EE) Golf manufacturers (Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade, PING, Sky Caddie) Office & Computing (Microsoft, IBM, Sony, Intel, Apple, UPS) Financials (Barclays Wealth, HSBC, Norwich Union, AXA PPP, BUPA) Websites (,,, Golf insurance (Golf Shield, Golf Care, Golf Plan) Apps (Gamebook, VPAR, Greeni, Golf Card, iPing, Golf Shot)

25 What Will The Advertisers Get From GCTV? Guaranteed exposure to the golfing community Display time on state of the art equipment National, regional and localised campaigns Preferred partner status for specific sectors Campaign research results and in-situ photos/video Post campaign analysis and proof of posting

26 How We Fund It We provide the screen, installation, Wi-Fi connection, casing/framing, training, fresh content provision, network maintenance and ongoing support for: £79 pcm - 32 wall mounted or £129 pcm for pod We do have a non-advertising service model where the club will pay £249 pcm and own all the airtime and select advertisers they want to run We will provide each club with one of the full screen ad spaces which can be sold to a member or local company to help to cover the subscription cost Additional production items such as animated commercials for key events can be created by our in-house team from just £90 Agreements on 3 year term with no upfront costs – we invest in the screen. Clubs can apply for a FREE screen and await sponsorship The club also receives 5% of the net ad income paid annually in arrears

27 In Summary Providing clubs with a new way to improve communication Introduces a modern new feel using latest technology Alerts viewer of news, promotions, offers, events, teaching, info etc Clubs can update the messages themselves Enables members to promote their businesses Aids morale of staff and visitors with personal messaging Delivers dynamic, relevant and topical content Supports management, golf professionals and committee initiatives Helps to increase revenue across all departments Initiative funded by third party advertisers in the short-term and channel sponsors long-term Introducing Peter Barrett, Regional Director

28 Thank you, any questions? Driving new business... Julian Clogg Co-Founder Golf Club TV Leisure Media & Communications Ltd Mob: 07771 601000 Email:

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