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An Introduction for Educational Agents Connected is an online community for British Boarding Schools and educational agents. Connected is designed to enable.

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1 An Introduction for Educational Agents Connected is an online community for British Boarding Schools and educational agents. Connected is designed to enable school staff and agents to stay in touch beyond the British Boarding Schools Workshop that we run twice a year in the UK. ( Agents have FREE access to a one-stop shop of information; search a database of 100+ schools using detailed search criteria, read in depth profiles about the schools with videos and photos, then download documents in one single location.

2 Send instant messages or applications to individual schools or targeted groups of schools, after you have conducted a search. Tailor the system to your own needs by setting up your own groups to whom you can send messages in minutes. Access the latest school information and news, which is updated by the schools themselves. Access a resources hub – news on the sector, training videos and editorial features, which are all valuable for staff training. Customise the system by adding you own notes to school records.

3 Structure of the School Profile The data is structured using Tabs and drop down menus. TABS and drop down menus Summary (one page) School Profile About the School Facts & Figures The Head Staff Facilities Location and Transport Testimonials News Admissions Entry & Admissions Fees & Scholarships School Visits

4 Boarding About Boarding Boarding Houses Curriculum About the Curriculum Curriculum Subjects Sport Music Performing Arts Creative Arts Activities English as Additional Language (EAL) Special Educational Needs Exam Results Destination of Leavers

5 Resources Calendar/Term Dates School Documents Photos Videos Links

6 Fields on the ‘Summary’ page - an overview of the school.

7 Fields on the ‘Facts & Figures’ Page

8 Fields on ‘The Head’ Page Video from the Head.

9 Fields on ‘Staff’ Page You can find out who to contact for admissions, marketing, finance etc at the school.

10 Fields on ‘Facilities’ Page See which facilities the school has, notes about each facility and a photo. Additional fields not visible are: Climbing Wall Outdoor Activities Centre Equestrian Centre Sailing Centre Boat House 9 Hole Golf Course 18 Hole Golf Course

11 Fields on ‘Location & Transport’ Page

12 Fields on ‘Testimonials’ Page Testimonials are a powerful insight into school life. There are sections for: What students say, What parents say, What agents say, What others say (inspection reports/Good Schools Guide etc).

13 The ‘News’ Page Schools can post a news item and upload an accompanying photo at any time and it will be shown with the date added.

14 Fields on ‘Entry & Admissions’ Page Detailed information about entrance criteria and if the school offers short term stays and the length of stays offered

15 Fields on ‘Fees & Scholarships’ Page Scholarships: schools can indicate which scholarships are available to British and/or international pupils and provide a description for each The table for next year’s fees will be available from March 2015

16 Fields on ‘School Visits’ Page Will the school accept visits on Saturday? Will the school offer a taster day for prospective pupils? Will the school offer an overnight stay for prospective pupils? Admissions events at the school Additional notes about visits.

17 Fields on ‘About Boarding’ Page Free text fields Schools can add the range of different nationalities and the numbers of pupils.

18 Fields on ‘Boarding Houses’ Page Information and photos about the different boarding houses

19 Fields on ‘About the Curriculum’ Page An overview about the curriculum for different key stages. Fields on ‘Curriculum Subjects’ Page Table of the subjects offered at the following levels and relevant notes : iGCSE GCSE AS Level A Level IB

20 Fields on ‘Sport’ Page List of sports or fitness activities on offer and the level it is performed to, eg: Activity level Inter-school level National level International level External provider/off site Schools can provide notes for each sport/fitness activity if required to add specific details.

21 Free text pages on these areas: Music Performing arts Creative arts English as an additional language Special educational needs

22 Fields on ‘Activities’ Page Free text fields entitled: Overview Weekend Activities After School Activities Lunchtime Activities Facility to upload photos. Schools can upload documents eg activities’ lists for the current term in the documents page and refer to them from this page.

23 Fields on ‘Exam Results’ Page Free text fields entitled: Overview GCSEs iGCSEs A levels IB There will also be a template with summarised exam results for the last 3 years for GCSEs, iGCSEs and A levels for: % of A* - A grades % of A* - B grades % of A* - C grades For IB schools will provide the average point score for the last 3 years

24 Fields on ‘Destination of Leavers’ Page

25 ‘Calendar/Term Dates’ Page Schools can add an event title, start date and duration in days. This will be added to their calendar.

26 ‘School Documents’ Page Schools can upload documents to this page so agents can access them all from one point.

27 ‘Photos’ Page Schools can upload photos and assign them to subject areas: school life/boarding/facilities/sports/music/performing arts/arts/other. They can be viewed by area. Schools can add a description to each photo. ‘Videos’ Page Schools can upload videos and add a description for each. ‘Links’ Page Schools can provide additional web links and write a description for each eg local tourist offices, local attractions etc.

28 Search Facilities for Agents To give you an overview of the detailed search capability, agents will be able to search using: School Type Educational programmes Subjects Religious Foundation Specialisms Facilities Sports & Fitness Activities Number of boarders Fees Scholarships Location Free text search

29 Profile on your company Agent members are required to provide a profile about their company. Schools can search the database of agents, set up groups of their partner agents and send messages.

30 Facts and figures about your company

31 Details about your company staff help schools to feel confident about who they are working with.

32 Support If you have any questions about Connected please contact Suzanne Rowse, Director of BBS Connected & BBSW: Tel: 01892 724926 Email:

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