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Complex Programmable Logic Devices

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1 Complex Programmable Logic Devices
EE 365 Complex Programmable Logic Devices

2 PLDs 16V8 (20 Pins) can have 16 inputs (max) and/or 8 outputs (marcrocells) has 32 inputs to each of the AND gates (product terms) 22V10 (24 pins) can have 22 inputs and/or 10 outputs (max) has 44 inputs to each of the AND gates How about a “128V64” for larger applications? It will be slower and will more wasted silicon space Solution? Use CPLDs

3 GAL16V8 (review seq_1.ppt) The OR gates
Each output is programmable as combinational or registered Also has programmable output polarity XOR gates to make inverting or non-inverting buffer And Plane

4 A General CPLD structure
A collection of PLDs on a single chip with Programmble interconnects

5 Let’s takes a look at this
Who makes the CPLDs? Manufacturer CPLD Products URL Altera MAX 5000, 7000 & Altmel ATF & ATV Cypress FLASH370, Ultra Lattice ispLSI 1000 to Philips XPLA Vantis MACH 1 to Xilinx XC Let’s takes a look at this

6 The Xilinx 9500-series CPLD
The internal PLDs are called Configurable Functional Blocks (FBs or CFBs) Each FB has 36 inputs and 18 Macrocells (effectively a “36V18”) Each CLPD is packaged in a plastic-leaded chip carrier (PLCC) The number of I/O pins are much less than the total number of Macrocells in family of devices

7 Xinlinx CPLDs

8 Architecture of Xilinx 9500-family CPLD
36 Signal pins 18 outputs Global Clock Global set/reset 18 Output enable signals Global 3 state control

9 Architecture of Xilinx FB
Most CLPDs have fewer AND terms per macrocell XC9500 has 5 whereas 16V8 has 8 and 22V10 has 8-16 But…each macrocell can use unused ANDs froms its neigboring macrocells using the “product-term-allocators”

10 XC9500 Product term allocator and macrocell

11 ISP


13 XC9500 I/O Block



16 XC4000E I/O Block

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