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Overview FEBRUARY 2010 TR-UK Defence Industry Day.

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1 Overview FEBRUARY 2010 TR-UK Defence Industry Day

2 2/6 Tactical Data Communications Radar Data Processing and Control Communication Networks Consoles, Cabinets Shelterization, Workstations C4I Digital Moving Map DO-178B compliant Software Development and Verification Harnesses Workstations Avionics & Air Platforms Consoles & Cabinets Maritime Surveillance Systems Communication Networks Target Detection and Tracking Naval Systems System Engineering Production Software Engineering

3 3/6 C4I PROJECTS (Air and Naval Forces) Turkish Mobile Radar Complexes NATO Radars Integration Radar Automation Systems Radar Integration Systems Radar Network Integrated Maritime Surveillance System Automated Target Detection and Tracking System CAPABILITY Turn Key Command & Control Solutions Sensor Integration and Automation Tactical Data Links Target Detection and Tracking

4 4/6 AVIONICS SW PROJECTS Digital Moving Map (FAA APPROVED) MDC/DCU SW Development and IV&V for S70 A/B, S/H-92 Helicopters Traffic Collision Avoidance System 3000 (FAA APPROVED) T3CAS (Combining TAWS, TCAS and Transponder units for Airbus A320, A330/A340) TAI C130 Modernization (BSP and Driver Software) CAPABILITY Avionics SW Development iaw. DO-178B MFD SW Development BSP and Driver SW Development OpenGL Library Development

5 5/6 ELECTROMECHANICAL Systems PROJECTS Perry Class Frigate Modernization, Consoles and Cabinets SAR Vessels, Consoles and Cabinets Cable Harnesses for various platforms Submarine Consoles, Cabinets, Junction Boxes CAPABILITY Design, Development, Testing and Manufacturing of: Wire Harnesses Circuit Card Assembly Consoles and Cabinets Shelterization, Ruggedization Workstations

6 6/6 JSF PROJECTS Panoramic Cockpit Display SW Development (IV&V iaw. RTCA DO-178B Level A) Panoramic Cockpit Display CCA Manufacturing Missile Remote Interface Unit Design Partner and Sole Source Manufacturer Crash Survivable Memory Unit Testing System Development AYESAS is a member of the JSF Team with various projects. Thanks to the program partnership, manufacturing infrastructure enhanced and a dedicated production hall designated to the program. JSF PROGRAM

7 7/6 VESTEL DEFENCE INDUSTRY Overview FEBRUARY 2010 TR-UK Defence Industry Day

8 8/6 AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS Mini and Tactical UAV Systems Design, Development and Manufacturing Auto-pilot Ground Control Station Payload Tactical UAV System 7.5 m wingspan, 5 m length 250 kg MTOW EO, IR & LD Payload 14 hrs Endurance 18.000ft Operation 150 km Realtime Link

9 9/6 NAVAL PLATFORM SYSTEMS CAPABILITY Sistem Design and Integration of Electronic Command and Control Systems for Naval Platforms PROJECTS GENESIS Command and Control Consoles and Cabinets for Perry Class Frigates

10 10/6 HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGY & FUEL CELL R&D CAPABILITY Pem Fuel Cell Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Hydrogen Production&Storage PROJECTS Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Sodium BoroHydride (SBH) PEMFC Electrolysis Thermoelectric Modules Plasmatron Hydrogen Production

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