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1 Company Presentation

2 Summary Unmanned Aerial Systems Company Activities in the UAS field
SIXTON VTOL System Overview System Specifications System Performance Payload YAAP+ Autopilot Video and Data Link (CDT & BEACON) Core Uav Control Station (CUCS) Remote Video Display (RVD) Mission Rehearsal and Simulation VIDEOS

3 Unmanned Aerial Systems

4 Company Activities in UAS
Joint venture with Alpi Aviation Alpi Aviation System design Airframe design and manufacturing Systems integration Marketing and sales A3R Autopilot & Onboard Avionics Airborne Software Ground Segment Software

5 System Overview Main System parts VTOL vehicles, micro uav class
Day/Night Cameras Ground Control Station (CUCS) Control Data Terminal (CDT) Remote Video Display (RVD) Beacon

6 System Specifications
VTOL UAV Max takeoff weight = 2 kg Max Range = 7 Km (video link) Max Endurance = 30 min Max Speed: 9 m/s Max up/down speed: 4 m/s. Noise emission in hovering : < 63 db Max AGL for operative use 300 m. Max landing area: < 2 mt of diameter. Operational wind up to 4 m/s. Temperature envelope: -10 / +50 C°. Humidity envelope: 10 ÷ 95 %.

7 System Performance Main Features STRIX Commonalities Waypoints Flight
Auto Vertical Takeoff and Landing Hovering Perch and Stare Emergency Management Autonomous Target Tracking Multi UAV flight STRIX Commonalities

8 PAYLOAD Payload Pan/Tilt Day-time Cartridge Night-time Cartridge
Zoom 10x Night-time Cartridge IR Camera Zoom 2x

9 YAAP+ AutoPilot Characteristics Sensor Fusion Kalman Filter
3 axis gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer Barometric and Differential Pressure sensors EEPROM Dual Processor SD Flight Data Recorder All sensors are temperature compensated from -20 °C to +70 °C Dimensions: 7.4 x 5.9 x 2.7[cm] Weight: 48 [gr] Sensor Fusion Kalman Filter Real time attitude (100Hz) Real time position ( 50Hz)

10 Video & Data Link Control Data Terminal (CDT) Beacon
Video data terminal (up to 7km) Telemetry data terminal (up to 15km) Directional Video Antenna (45 deg) High Gain Telemetry Antenna Wi-Fi access point Low Power Consumption (> 3 hrs) Light and easily transportable Beacon Landing point automatic assignment

11 Core Uav Control Station (CUCS)
Sixton Core UAV Control Station Ruggerized Pc with touch screen Dynamic control keys Moving Map Terrain Elevation Data Control of 3 UAV in flight Mission variations during flight Real Time Video Display & Recording Loiter & Fly-By Waypoints Route informations (time to go) Geographic data importation Warning system Mission Debriefing and Analysis

12 Remote Video Display External Unit Video autonomous operator
Light and portable Touch screen Plug & Play Low battery consumption Video autonomous operator Complete camera control Autonomous target tracking Recording management MUAV video control

13 Mission Rehearsal and Simulation
Pilot Training 6DOF vehicle dynamics Sensors emulation Vehicle Data terminal emulation Real embedded GNC C code CUCS Interfacing Hud Visualitation Payload full operation Mission Scenario Analysis 3D Environment Real terrain elevation data

14 Conclusions

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