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EXPERIENCE WITH UAS,s. Structure Concep of Use and Needs UAS Testing in Spanish Scenario Way Forward Conclusions.

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2 Structure Concep of Use and Needs UAS Testing in Spanish Scenario Way Forward Conclusions

3 Targets of Interest: Patera Wooden, rubber, fiber 5-7m long X 2m wide 0.5m ASL Avg. Speed 1-5 knots 1-3m2 RCS Cayuco Wooden, fiber 6-15m long X 2-5m wide 1m ASL Avg. Speed 1-10 knots 2-5m2 RCS Rubber Boat Rubber/fiber 5-8m long x 2m wide 0.5m ASL Avg. Speed 1-60kt 2-5m2 RCS SURFACE TARGETS AERIAL TARGETS Air Target A: 3m2 RCS Avg. Speed 100 kt Altitude 500 ft Single propeller or ultralight type Air Target B: 25m2 RCS Avg. Speed 150 kt Altitude 1000 ft Double propeller type Concept of Use and Needs

4 COASTAL SYSTEMS Identification and Tracking support Flexibility and manoeuvrability Robust and secured datalinks System Integration Detection, Identification and Tracking Long Endurance Long range communications System Integration Support to surface operations Flexible manoeuvrability and control modes Fast deployment Interoperability 10NM EO/IR COVERAGE 25NM RADAR COVERAGE

5 UAS TESTING IN SPANISH SCENARIO CAMCOPTER, Schiebel GMbH –VTOL UAV equipped with EO/IR Sensor –Flight test on board Guardia Civils Rio Miño Offshore Vessel, at 40NM from Gran Canaria Island. SCAN EAGLE, Boeing –Small Tactical UAV equipped with EO/IR/SAR –One day demo on board USS MAHAN, 25NM from Spanish coast of Valencia. Other demos –ORBITER Mini UAV, Aeronautics Ltd. –TRACKER Mini UAV, EADS –Land Border Surveillance workshop, Frontex –FULMAR Mini UAV, Aerovision S.A. (WIMAAS)

6 Different scenarios require different capabilities. Different UAS solutions associated to different concepts of use should target cost- efficiency. UAS equipped with the appropriate sensor set can augment the detection-identification- tracking capabilities. The utilisation of satellite communications can provide a secure and reliable link between the UAS and the ground systems, thus increasing surveillance limits beyond line of sight. Resistance to bad weather conditions will be an asset, mainly in sea operations. Integration, fusion, correlation and dissemination of UAS data within the existing systems for the generation of a common operational picture is a major requirement. UAS TESTING IN SPANISH SCENARIO LESSONS LEARNED

7 Joint approach: Capability Planning with experimentation support Definition of Capabilities at different levels. Study of limitations and impact assessment. Exploitation of available financing mechanisms. Assessment of flexible acquisition modalities according to EU Law. Field testing for the definition of operational/functional requirements. Coordination at EU level: FRONTEX Acquisition of technical equipment: Collaborative use and services. UAS demonstration: Mini, Tactical, MALE EU Funding: FP7 Security Theme: Relevant projects WAY FORWARD

8 UAS rise as a valid technological alternative for Border Surveillance. Mature solutions Adaptation to Users needs Technical and operational development should run in parallel with expected regulatory development. Upcoming achievements will impact on the economy of scale and foster a rise in demand and optimization of cost- efficiency ratios. Civil applications will be soon demanding solutions. User involvement at all levels required. CONCLUSIONS


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