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Presentation on Denel Dynamics UAV’s (IDEAS 2014)

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1 Presentation on Denel Dynamics UAV’s (IDEAS 2014)
02 Dec’ 2014 On behalf of Mr S. Ntshilele

2 Current Product Offering
Skua High speed target drone Hungwe Small tactical UAV Seeker 200 Tactical, multi-mission, multi-role reconnaissance UAV Seeker 400 Snyper Seeker 400 variant Armed reconnaissance VTOL UAS, Next generation drones Concept studies

3 Snyper UAS Armed Reconnaissance

4 The Solution…………………………
Real time Programmable and Return Flight Control Modes Multiple Payloads up to 100kg and 530mm diameter ELINT (0.5 to 18 GHz) Dual Up & Downlink, Multi-channels with Redundant Control Emergency Parachute Air Traffic Radio, S/IFF Transponder & Tactical Radio to Ground Forces Video Transmitter to Mobile Receivers GPS / INS Navigation with Back up monopulse Range / Azimuth Tracking Denel Dynamics’ solution to this challenge was Seeker 400, a new platform aimed at taking our offering to the next generation of reconnaissance systems. Seeker 400 is a world-class, strategic, persistent, intelligent surveillance and reconnaissance platform that help commanders enhance situational awareness to support their countries’ homeland security needs, border patrol, and maritime patrol, as well as tactical and strategic surveillance. This new system will be is a force multiplier that assists military commanders in reinforcing their activities against, border crossing, poaching and drug trafficking, as well as protection of economic exclusive zone. While currently not equipped with satellite communication, it is designed to be upgradable to SAT COM capability that will allow it to offer extended range as well as offer armed reconnaissance. With increasing role in peace keeping efforts in the rest of Africa, and internal national requirements against various threats, South Africa has also identified a need for an effective surveillance system as a persistent force multiplier. To this extent the SANDF has signed a contract for the supply of the Seeker 400 system from Denel production of which is underway.

5 Snyper (Armed variant of Seeker 400) (Specifications)
Characteristic Value MTOW 550 kg Control links Range 250 km (LOS) Endurance 16 hrs (> 10 hrs over target) Fuel (max) 140 litres Take-off 300 m (Sea level) Weapons Payload (max) 2 x 50 kg Wingspan 5,7 m Max altitude 18000 ft Features Air vehicle STANAG 4761 complaint Automatic Take-off and Landing (ATOL) Dual up/down links IFF, Mode S-transponder Payloads Electro-Optical Payloads (Leo III HDT or Goshawk 350) Operational Range: Up to 750 km range with Tactical Ground Station “leap frog”

6 Weapon Options (1) Mokopa Range - 10 km Missile mass - 45 kg
Missile diameter – 178 mm Anti-armour warhead (Tandem HEAT) Lock-on capability LOBL or LOAL Designation from land or from platform IMU and semi-active laser (SAL) guided Launch altitude up to ft AGL Stationary or moving target (<60 km/h/37 mph)

7 Weapon Options (2) Impi-S Range – 6 km Missile mass - 15 kg
Fragmentation warhead for soft skin target Lock-on capability LOBL or LOAL Designation from land or from platform IMU and semi-active laser guided Launch altitude up to ft AGL Stationary or moving target (<100 km/h/60 mph)

8 Sensors (Leo-III HD and Goshawk II)
Supports all-weather, day/night operations, High Definition Electro-Optical Payload 3-5µm Thermal Imager Laser Range Finder and Designator GPS and IMU with Geo pointing TV and spotter cameras Auto video tracker Advanced video processing Image fusion, Pseudo colouring, digital zoom, haze penetration Data – RS-232, RS-422, ARINC 429, Ethernet 6-axis stabilisation Leo –III HD (9 sensors)

9 Conclusion (Technology cooperation)
Denel has been involved in ToT in Pakistan for over two decades, Various successful collaborations in Pakistan to date, Snyper UAS solution – address Pak Defence requirements, Denel - Joint venture with Pakistan Industry

10 Thank You!

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