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UAVS 1 of 27 DENEL DYNAMICS UAVS Denel Dynamics UAV Systems A local UAV solution for monitoring South Africa’s borders 9 March 2011.

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1 UAVS 1 of 27 DENEL DYNAMICS UAVS Denel Dynamics UAV Systems A local UAV solution for monitoring South Africa’s borders 9 March 2011

2 UAVS 2 of 27 Agenda Introduction to UAVS –The tools and capabilities available in SA –Imagery UAVS contribution to border safe-guarding –Persistent surveillance –Previous operations –Dissemination of information Conclusions –Why a UAV? –Why a local solution?

3 UAVS 3 of 27 What is UAVS? Part of Denel Dynamics Leading UAV System developer in SA –Since 1982 –Proven, international operational experience! –Innovative systems house, with ~85 personnel Composites facility Engine test facility Integration area Flight test range

4 UAVS 4 of 27 Where is UAVS? Centurion, Gauteng Denel Dynamics –National Key Point

5 UAVS 5 of 27 What does UAVS offer? Product range supports border safe-guarding –Skua, Missile test and evaluation –Seeker II, High-end tactical surveillance UAV Customisation to requirements Regular mid-life upgrades –Seeker 400, Large, tactical surveillance UAV Under full-scale development Modern, digital avionics & communications

6 UAVS 6 of 27 Seeker II UAS MCU FSG TCU UAVs

7 UAVS 7 of 27 The MCU Mission Control Unit

8 UAVS 8 of 27 The TCU Internal Rack Equipment Tracking & Communications Unit

9 UAVS 9 of 27 The FSG Field Support Group

10 UAVS 10 of 27 The Bus RPV-3A –280 kg –250 km –10 hrs All-composite airframe –Limbach 550cc fuel injected, 2-stroke engine

11 UAVS 11 of 27 Pax #1: The SCP Super Colour Payload –3-CCD colour camera –40x continuous zoom –Fixed mono camera –Laser range finder –Auto-tracker “Excellent stabilisation! Fantastic image quality!” – Chris, via e-mail

12 UAVS 12 of 27 Pax #2: The MSP Multiple Sensor Payload –Range of FLIR sensors –Colour camera –Laser range finder –Auto-tracker “A fantastically stabilised thermal imager with continuous zoom; Wow!” - Pete, Centurion

13 UAVS 13 of 27 Seeker 400 Bigger & better; with a bang for your buck! –Scaled up 30%, for 450kg take-off weight –10m wingspan –100kg multiple payload capability Seamless day/night Full HD video –16 hours endurance “Coming soon, to an operation near you!”

14 UAVS 14 of 27 In general, how can UAVS help? Persistence, persistence, persistence –Crew rotation is quick & easy! –Day-to-day persistence Border area surveillance –Gather operational intelligence –“Modus operandi” of illegal activities –“Look down” capability overcomes terrain masking Day and night operations, –Provide very effective “eyes” at night –Seeker 400 offers seamless day-night transition

15 UAVS 15 of 27 Focus on the fences Routine patrol of the fence line & in-depth area –UAVS offer rapid “eyes on target” in response to (fence) alarms –Tracking of illegal activity to identify Source High priority targets Heading / destination

16 UAVS 16 of 27 Previous border protection Sept 1994 –Mozambique Border –Komatiepoort Mar 1995 –Mozambique Border –Komatiepoort June 1998 –KZN Border –Ingwavuma

17 UAVS 17 of 27 Recent operations Source: Air Forces Monthly Magazine, July 2010

18 UAVS 18 of 27 What about the coastline? Proven performance – in court! –Abalone poaching in 2003 –Video chain of evidence

19 UAVS 19 of 27 Can UAVS deter piracy? YES, we can! –Subject to CONOPS & RoE

20 UAVS 20 of 27 Potential deployment locations 250 km Radius

21 UAVS 21 of 27 Can UAVS fly in the National Airspace? Been there, done that … –Election monitoring: 1994 –Many operations  2003 Moving forward … –Seeker 400 certification Loftus Versveld Pretoria CBD Kyalami Race TrackLanseria Airport

22 UAVS 22 of 27 Air communications links Air traffic control –ATC radio –Mode S transponder –IFF optional for military Airborne tactical FM radio Mobile video receiver with payload control Tactical data link –Ground and airborne users

23 UAVS 23 of 27 Ground communications links Satellite video & data distribution Tactical data link to ground users Local tactical FM radio Local air traffic AM radio Fibre optic relay Video relay Video relay link Portable Video Display

24 UAVS 24 of 27 Can I see what you can see? Dissemination of information –Commander in the GCS or TGS –Plug into the GCS Integration to JARIC (1990’s) –Real time command & control Integration with CSIR’s IDE underway –MRU for reaction force Continuous tracking of illegal activity while reaction force response is organized Mobile Receiver Unit

25 UAVS 25 of 27 Why UAVs? To support safe-guarding South Africa’s borders, UAVs offer: –Persistence –Weather tolerance Especially with SA’s excellent weather radar system –Excellent multispectral images New multimode radars offer promising results –Low operational costs –High mobility Few systems cover huge areas Rapid, focussed response possible

26 UAVS 26 of 27 Why local? Close co-operation with SANDF –Years of previous experience together –Partner for UAV solutions (national obligation) –High security ensured Local is ‘lekker’ –Developed, manufactured and supported locally Rapid response to requested product upgrades –Affordable solutions –No ITAR supply problems –Short logistic support lines

27 UAVS 27 of 27 Thank You!

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