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“Nosotros/as” Commands

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1 “Nosotros/as” Commands
By Jami Sipe Using “Let’s” ©2010 Teacher’s Discovery

2 Generally, these forms translate to “Let’s” statements in English.
Examples: Let’s talk. Let’s study. ©2010 Teacher’s Discovery

3 To form these commands in regular Spanish verbs:
1 Take the present tense “yo” form of the verb. 2 Drop the “o.” For –ar verbs, add “–emos” and for –er and –ir verbs, add “–amos.” 3 (Use the same endings as you do with the “nosotros/as” form of the subjunctive.) ©2010 Teacher’s Discovery

4 escribir → ¡Escribamos!
Ejemplos: hablar → ¡Hablemos! vender → ¡Vendamos! escribir → ¡Escribamos! ©2010 Teacher’s Discovery

5 sacar →¡Saquemos! pagar → ¡Paguemos! almorzar → ¡Almorcemos!
Note: Some verbs (–car, –gar and –zar) have spelling changes in order to retain the correct pronunciation. Ejemplos: sacar →¡Saquemos! pagar → ¡Paguemos! almorzar → ¡Almorcemos! ©2010 Teacher’s Discovery

6 recordar → ¡Recordemos! pensar → ¡Pensemos! volver → ¡Volvamos!
Stem-changing verbs, except –ir verbs, will not change in the “nosotros/as” form. recordar → ¡Recordemos! pensar → ¡Pensemos! volver → ¡Volvamos! entender → ¡Entendamos! ©2010 Teacher’s Discovery

7 Stem-changing –ir verbs will make the following changes:
ue verbs → ie verbs → i verbs → the “o” changes to “u” the “e” changes to “i” ©2010 Teacher’s Discovery

8 Ejemplos: dormir → ¡Durmamos! preferir → ¡Prefiramos!
servir → ¡Sirvamos! pedir → ¡Pidamos! repetir → ¡Repitamos! ©2010 Teacher’s Discovery

9 1 2 3 With reflexive verbs … levantarse → ¡Levantémonos!
Drop the “s” of the conjugated verb. 2 Add “nos.” 3 Add an accent mark over the stressed vowel of the verb. levantarse → ¡Levantémonos! sentarse → ¡Sentémonos! ducharse → ¡Duchémonos! divertirse → ¡Divirtámonos! Ejemplos: ©2010 Teacher’s Discovery

10 Give the “nosotros” command for the following:
Check Your Knowledge! Give the “nosotros” command for the following: hablar comer trabajar pedir dormir sentarse → hablemos → comamos → trabajemos → pidamos → durmamos → sentémonos ©2010 Teacher’s Discovery

11 Credits ©2010 Teacher’s Discovery Written by: Jami Sipe Additional Information by: Suzanne Rutkowski Adriana Miretti Order Today! To get more of these Spanish grammar presentations, go to: Search: Grammar PowerPoints™ ©2010 Teacher’s Discovery

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