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SRT251; Construction and Structures 2 Georgi Fairley; 500126233 Major Assignment Office Warehouse Design.

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1 SRT251; Construction and Structures 2 Georgi Fairley; Major Assignment Office Warehouse Design

2 Architect : Alvar Aalto ; ; eoInfo.html ; nte04/img14.htm ; %20e% jpg; eoInfo.html nte04/img14.htm %20e% jpg

3 Modern architecture does not mean the use of immature new materials; the main thing is to refine materials in a more human direction. - Aalto

4 Alvar Aalto was born in Kuortane, Finland, 1898, and died in Helsinki, Finland, in Though he traveled all around the world, created many inspiring designs, it would always be Finland to which he returned home, and always where his architectural instincts were based, among tall forests and snow, warm timber construction and houses designed for living in.

5 Aalto, while incorporating much of the international style, strongly believed in the humanist aspect of architecture. Similarly, nature and site had a large influence on his work, so that each design is individual, and to some degree, anthropomorphic. Believing that architecture should be a development of nature, much of his design contains a contrast between the linearity of modern architecture and the organic forms inspired by nature.

6 Villa Mairea Church of Three Crosses, Vuoksenniska

7 Seinajoki Church; Säynätsalo,town Hall; Riola Parish Church

8 the Concept Initial design: Extruded window frames echoing both Aalto's ideal of organic form and the linear aspect of the industrial landscape. Timber louvers dispersing the light for the height of the first floor, also covering the view and drawing the eye upwards to the sky.

9 However the full height window arrangement, influenced by the walls of the Finnish pavilion, 1939, allows an excess of light to enter the building. Also, they does not particularly reflect the industrial landscape. Additionally, the construction technique I had designed for the windows, steel rods or cables at diverse angles; looked painful, rather than graceful and light.

10 the Model Plan ; indicating section taken

11 Individual, curved windows allow a mass of light into the balcony first floor, and over into the ground floor Solid precast concrete panels; long, horizontal windows; reflection of site context. Aalto uses light and effects of light carefully in all his buildings

12 Angled roof design reflects Aaltos interest in creating architectural aesthetic through both ornamentation and structural detailing. The structure has been pushed from within, upwards and outwards, enhancing the sensation of space and light

13 Structural detailing explores the materiality of the form, polished steel against the warmth of timber Timber and steel composite columns and bracketed joints suggest tall trees, something the Finnish architect was intrigued by, as forest imagery appears often in his work

14 Dark copper roofing is inspired by the Church of Three Crosses, Vuoksenniska. Dark granite tiles ground the space created, by the expansion and white walls and ceiling. A combination of pad and raft footings, all with steel reinforcement, give the building a solid base.

15 Ive tried to be innovative and to think like a great architect, to create as Aalto might. This is the result.

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