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Glenn Murcutt Anna James 500153199 Construction & Structures 2 SRT251.

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1 Glenn Murcutt Anna James 500153199 Construction & Structures 2 SRT251

2 Glenn Murcutt is a Pritzker Prize winner from Australia. His designs focus on developing economical buildings that conserve energy with basic accessible materials. He is well known as an environmental architect due to the balance of his designs with landscape, climate, location and cultural context. In many of Murcutt’s designs, he plays with roof curvature, steel, glass, brick and corrugated iron and pays close attention to the movement of the sun and the moon in varying seasons in relation to his site in order to harmonise the building with light and air movement.

3 Inspiration -Photographs of Glenn Murcutt’s projects

4 Design Elevation Plan Perspectives

5 Development -Glenn Murcutt’s Details

6 Footing Detail 1000mm x 1000mm x 800mm Reinforced Pad Footing Non-Stick grout Metal plate with hold down bolts 200mm x 200mm UB Welded to base plate Slab poured in-situ with reinforcement, 60mm on underside, 30mm on upper Fill-in concrete used so if removal of portal frame is required will be easier

7 First Floor Detail ‘L’ bracket bolted between UB and pre-cast slab 2 x (250mm x 1200mm) Pre-cast slab Carpet 60mm Concrete Screed 200mm x 200mm Timber beam bolted into concrete (purely aesthetical)

8 Roof Detail Ceiling Line Suspenders from purlin to hold the ceiling 200mm x 200mm UB Rafter Bolted metal cleats Purlins at 1000 centres Double skin corrugated iron roof with spacers and insulation between the two sheets

9 Construction Details Safety mesh placed over purlins for working on roof Stanchions for extra bracing UB Rafter welded to steel plate and bolted into column

10 More Construction Details Section Wooden louvres behind glass panel for blockage of western sun in the afternoon - allows control of light Timber framing including top plate, bottom plate, studs and nogging Plaster board on both sides on framing for office and appearance to mezzanine area Corrugated iron cladding Top plate to help prevent movement between UB’s

11 “Landscape shapes architecture and ways of life.” – Glenn Murcutt

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