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6th Project Meeting in Budapest – HUNGARY - 2 – 6 June, 2013

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1 6th Project Meeting in Budapest – HUNGARY - 2 – 6 June, 2013
Prepared by Katja Belec, Paulina Žumer, Lara Anabella Skubic and Manja Koželj – Members of Project Team Comenius School Partnerships Six Languages Six Hundred Words

2 THE FIRST DAY We left Slovenia at 8 o’clock in the morning on June 2, We were travelling for about 5 hours. As soon as we arrived, we visited the Science and History Museum. There we could see the evolution of humans, different animals from the very beginning like from dinosaur to butterflies. There were also some rocks of extravagant shape, size and colour.

3 Rocks in the Science and History Museum


5 THE SECOND DAY After waking up and having our breakfast in a cosy hotel nearby hungarian host school, we spent a whole morning at school, where we talked about Slovenian Olympic and Paralympic Champions. The Hungarian and German friends introduced their champions, too. Then we went to a big shopping mall with a cinema to watch a movie called Epic. We really enjoyed the movie, spending time in shops and eating our dinner there.

6 Shopping mall Arena Plaza
Our presentation - Slovenian Olympic and Paralympic Champions

7 THE THIRD DAY We were headed to the Budapest Rowing Centre at about Everyone put on their life vests and helped to get canoes into water. It was very exhausting. We were rowing and canoeing for about an hour. There was a drummer on each canoe to help us keep the pace. Luckily it was lunch time therefore our hard-work stopped. After lunch, we finally got to the swimming resort and jumped into our bathing suits. Some of us relaxed as others were going on the water slides - we all had a real blast! The bus was waiting for us outside and took us back to the hotel. When we got there we had a nice dinner. This day was unforgettable.

8 Ohhh, do we really have to wait that long…?!?!
The swimming resort Aqua World





13 THE FOURTH DAY At 9 a.m. we took a bus to the zoo. We all had to get into gruops of five to take a test and try to find out some facts about the animals. They were all so cute but scary. Then we had free time... it was nice to just relax for a while. Later it was time to leave and get ready for the up coming party. It was at 8 p.m.. Everyone took a shower and put on fancy clothing. When we arrived, there was pizza. We all had a slice. Then we stared dancing and singing. They had karaoke. Before it was time to leave, we said bye to all of the Hungarians and it was tough.

14 Isn’t it charming?

15 THE LAST DAY It was the last day. We were all very sad, because we had to go home. Before breakfast, we packed our things and then we said goodbye to the Germans. Then we took a bus back to Slovenia. We drove for about six hours. We were all feeling very sorry for ourselves, because the Comenius project was over.

16 A long drive home

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