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4th Comenius Meeting - Slovenia... from 16th September 20th September 2012.

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1 4th Comenius Meeting - Slovenia... from 16th September 20th September 2012

2 From 16th to 20th September some very special guests stayed here in Maribor. They came from Hungary and Germany. We hosted them within COMENIUS PROJECT- SIX LANGUAGES, SIX HUNDRED WORDS. On Monday, the 17th of September, they experienced a typical Slovenian school day. We started with English, continued with PE and then we had lunch. English class was very basic, we mostly learned about each other. We formed four groups and they all contained one German student, two Slovenian students and three or four Hungarian students. In my group were: Lorenzo from Germany, Nika and Katja from Slovenia and Daniel, Botond and Dorka from Hungary. We made three posters about ourselves, which contained basic information about ourselves like: MY FAVOURITE FOOD, MY PLANS FOR THE FUTURE AND MY HOBBIES.


4 Later, we had PE with girls from 6th class. Every country introduced their TRADITIONAL GAMES. We introduced games with a jump rope, Hungarians introduced something similar to Baseball and Germans introduced a game which Slovenian kids play too and in Slovenia we call it gnilo jajce. After lunch we split up for a while and in the afternoon we visited a green heart of Maribor, a famous hill Pohorje. We rose up cable car and then we walked around. We went to the viewing tower, where we played some other traditional games. As the sun was going down, we returned to the valley soon.




8 Next day it was time for the big trip to the seaside, which everyone was excited about. We had to wake up very early, because at nine oclock we already had Postojnas cave view. It wasnt my first time in this cave, but I enjoy it every time I go there. I guess Im that kind of a cave person. At first we thought that it was very cold, but we got used to it after some time. Other awesome things about cave were stalagmites and stalactites and proteus anguinus. I think everyone had a great time exploring Postojna cave and its treasures. We drove to the seaside afterterwards. At first, we stopped at Piran, where we did some sightseeing. We admired the St. Jurijs church, Tartinis square, Benečanka, the old red house, built in Venetian times, Minorite Monastery and some other old buildings. After visiting Piran our way led us to Portorož, the urban and markedly touristic end of our shore. Even if it was September and our summer vacations have already ended, we quickly put on our swimming costunes and trunks and jumped into the sea. And as we usually do it in summer, we also enjoyed ice cream in many different flavours. As the day passed, we were all tired and satisfied, so it was time to return to Maribor.


10 After our busy Tuesday we had only Wednesday to finally make some new friends from foreign countries. On Wednesday we all COOKED TRADITIONAL MEALS from our countries. Hungarians made Paprikaš, Germans made Viennese Steak and Potatoes and Slovenians made bread with lard and meat platters. After we cooked meals we served them to everyone. I loved Hungarian Paprikaš, even if Im not really a fan of Hungarian kitchen. In the afternoon we continued with an entertaining programme, which included our small singing choir, karate and ballet, drum group … After dinner our young school journalists made an interview with some of Hungarian students and then we said goodbye. We also exchanged e- mails, so that we can stay in touch with our German and Hungarian friends. I hope this is just a beginning of a wonderful story about friendship. Written by Nika Mihajlovič, Slovenia

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