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Nemčija Grosskorbetha 2012 created by: Lara Anabel Skubic, Paulina Žumer, Manja Koželj, Katja Belec, Melisa Zukić and Darina Cvetrežnik.

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Presentation on theme: "Nemčija Grosskorbetha 2012 created by: Lara Anabel Skubic, Paulina Žumer, Manja Koželj, Katja Belec, Melisa Zukić and Darina Cvetrežnik."— Presentation transcript:

1 Nemčija Grosskorbetha created by: Lara Anabel Skubic, Paulina Žumer, Manja Koželj, Katja Belec, Melisa Zukić and Darina Cvetrežnik

2 Tuesday, 8 May2012 All of us gathered at our school to leave for Germany. Our luggage was packed and we were all ready to go. We finally left, but we had to make a little stop to pick up Darina, because she overslept! We drove precisely 8 hours. We finally made it. We went to the school that we were going to be spending most of our time in. A teacher, Ina Bazant, was waiting outside for us. She then took us to our hotel in Godula where we unpacked and all of us had salad for dinner. Soon after eating up, it was time for bed.


4 Wednesday, 9 May 2012 We woke up at 7 a.m. and did our hair and make up and got dressed. It was time for breakfast. Shortly afterwards, we were taken to the school where we got introduced to the kids. In the programme later, they took us on a tour around the school. The girl called Melisa told us the history of the school. We viewed all the classrooms. Then we took a little break. It was time for PE. We did lots of fun activities . After two tiring hours, we got back to the school and had lunch. We went back into one of the classrooms and learned dialogues in German, Hungarian and Slovene. It was very interesting. Some of us had to go up on stage and read the dialogues and they recorded them! Finally, it was time for dinner. We had dinner in the school café. Their mayor came and had a speech. Later on, the choir sang, the band played, there was a tae kwon do show and they also had a play set up for us. It was all exciting. Then it was time to eat. We ate pasta with meat sause. It was delicious.


6 Thursday, 10 May 2012 The morning on the third day in Großkorbetha, Germany, was the same as previous two. After breakfast, a big tour bus came and took us to a primary school in Spergau. Little kids put on a play for us called Snow White. They also took us on a tour of their school. The cutes thing was their garden. Afterwards, we went back to our host school where we learned songs in German, Hungarian and Slovene. It was so hard, but I enjoyed listening to their voices. After lunch we were headed to a town called Mersebug. Students showed us the whole town top from bottom. There were churches, historical sites and more, but when that was over we had some time to go shopping. Then the bus came back and took us to the school where we made pizzas. It was fun, but messy! Anyway, it was time for our big presentation about national costumes in Maribor and we nailed it. After a long day, we went back to the hotel, walked for a bit and soon we went running.



9 Friday, 11 May 2012 After a morning routine, we were exited to visit a chocolate factory. First, there was a sightseeing tour through a town called Halle. We had a little trouble, because on the way one of the boys threw up, but after everything was cleaned up, we got there. A tour guide was waiting for us outside. He showed us some fascinating things and told some mind blowing facts. Afterwards, we had lunch at a pizza house. When we were all done stuffing our faces, we were on our way to a famous chocolate factory. Almost everything was made out of chocolate and we saw how they were making them and packing them. Later, we were allowed to buy some chocolate. Shopping followed! After shopping, we all went back to the hotel and had a barbecue under a tent. It was nice to see all of girls dancing. We went running again, but soon it started pouring rain. we ran back as fast as we could. We were so scared. We knew we would have to go home soon,so we spent some time with the Hungarians.


11 Saturday, We woke up, packed our suitcases and had a nice breakfast. It was going to be our last breakfast in Grosskorbetha. At 9:00 it was time to depart. We got onto the bus and drove for about five hours. Then we left one of our friends in Linz, because she was attending a wedding. When we dropped her off, we had lunch. It was “yummi”. In no later then three hours we were back at Maribor.

12 Well, that was the time we spent in Grosskorbetha. It was great.

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