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My Future Life By: Courtney Dehaven. My Future Life By: Courtney DeHaven.

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1 My Future Life By: Courtney Dehaven

2 My Future Life By: Courtney DeHaven


4 Today is the day! We were finally going to Texas.


6 My dream is to have the perfect life with my boyfriend. After graduation, we dreamed of moving to Texas. We talked about having a family after a few years (I would like to have a daughter some day.)


8 So, the day is here. We have graduated and we are going to Texas. My boyfriend decided to join the Air Force.


10 We got an apartment together. They called us about it when we were on our way down there. As soon as we got there, we went and met with the owner to the apartment and looked at the apartment. We decided that we would take the apartment because it was a nice place to live. So, we went to fill out paperwork, then we moved our stuff.


12 After we got everything moved in, Andrew got a call from his recruiter. He had to go meet up with his recruiter and everybody for a meeting. Andrew came home and told me that he might have to leave sooner then we expected for basic training.


14 Andrew left for eight and a half weeks on June 6 th for basic training. While Andrew was at basic training, I straightened up the house and unpacked stuff.


16 When Andrew came back from basic training, we got married. Ding dong the wedding bells rang! Then I had to go to the doctor’s and we found out that I was pregnant with a baby girl.


18 We decided that we are going to name our daughter Angela. Andrew had a meeting at 5 p.m. with his recruiter about where he would be placed.


20 We got Angela registered at Head Start. After we got her registered in school, we took her to get clothes for school.


22 Angela started school, and on her first day she came home and said that she really liked it. We all lived happy together, and Angela grew up to be as pretty as a princess.

23 My name is Courtney DeHaven. I’m a senior at Lawrence County Career & Technical Center, and my shop is Restaurant Trades. The clubs that I have been a member of are the LCCTC choir and the Youth Alive Bible Club.

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