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Exchange England 2011 Autor Piotr Kwiecień. Day 1 I got up very early in the morning and doing my last preparations, I came to school in Kromołów. A bus.

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1 Exchange England 2011 Autor Piotr Kwiecień

2 Day 1 I got up very early in the morning and doing my last preparations, I came to school in Kromołów. A bus trip to the airport was without problems, as were check-in at the airport and whole flight. First impressions in Englad were certainly the problems with understanding left-hand traffic. The biggest stress was before meeting with English students. After meeting with partners, everyone went home. My partner was nice and the same was his mom and sisters. Upon arrival (to Peter's home), it turned out that it is quite cozy, "tight" house. At 6 PM we went with the whole family to the beach where we met our English and Polish schoolmates. After having a nice time we went to our houses. 13.05


4 Day 2 After breakfast consisting of toasts and milk, I went with Peter on a meeting before leaving to Bath. Journey to the city and return from it was very long and tiresome. City turned out to be very interesting and had very rich history, about which we could find out more by listening to the recordings while driving tour bus. After free time in the city we went back to Barnstaple. There, I learnt that we are going on meeting to Tom’s place, one of English students. That meeting lasted a couple of hours and during it everybody was having fun. I came back to home about 11 PM. 14.05


6 Day 3 This time, I had bacon and something like scrambled eggs, and toasts for breakfast. Most of the day I spent with Peter and his school mate in the city where we were riding bikes, visited skate park and watched marathon. 15.05


8 Day 4 Breakfast, as always - milk and toasts. Today we went to Lynton & Lymouth. The trip was very interesting. I liked the city surroundings and the Ocean. After the trip, we went with my Polish friends to other friend on unofficial meeting of Polish and English students. It was very funny and interesting there. We came back home a bit late. We almost fell asleep at once. 16.05


10 Day 5 Today we were sightseeing Barnstaple. Tour guide was quite an eccentric person, but it was nice to listen to his stories. We learnt a lot about the city where we stayed, we saw monuments and we were listening anegdotes about people and rulers of Barnstaple. After a trip, we ate dinner in Pilton Community College. What I saw ther and from I know all things served there tasted everyone including me. After the dinner I went with Peter and his friends to his house. Their visit lasted very short. Rest of the day I spent playing computer games and talking with Peter. 17.05


12 Day 6 Clovelly. Despite the erratic weather, we admired the splendor of this city and the amazing views around it. After that we went to explore the ruins of the old Roman castle in another city. They were located at quite high hill took a lot of effort to climb. Effort was rewarded with an unforgettable view of the sea and horizon. After the trip, on unofficial meeting of students we went to Berrynarbor- a town where one of PCC students lived. That day I will remember as full of unstoppable laughter and entertainment. 18.05


14 Day 7 This day the Devon Country Show was organized. I actually don't know what was the "message" of the event but there were lots of attractions on it (except the cattle and other animals), for example mini amusement park where I spent most of the free time. Shortly after returning from the event we went with Peter to the bowling alley in Barnstaple where we met several of our friends. After spending our time very nicely we went back to our houses 19.05


16 Day 8 Breakfasts remained the same. Despite this, I was not fed up with them. Today, we visited Exeter. After sightseeing we had a free time which we spent on shopping. After returning home I went with Peter to his father's house where we were playing well known music game and we enjoyed it. That day was very successful thanks to the new experience which I gained, i.e to play the guitar (unfortunately, the one used to play in game :( ) 20.05


18 Day 9 The whole morning and afternoon I spent with Peter's father and the rest of the family. Again, we were at his house and we continued our game. Time was passing by very slowly, but nicely. About 5 PM we went to the beach where a farewell meeting of the students took place. It was funny and nice again. I didn't want to go back, not only because of an unforgettable sights. After returning home, I packed my suitcase and waited until the time came to go out to Leisure Centre in Barnstaple, and to go to the airport. 21.05


20 Day 10 I haven't slept at all. About 2:30 AM we all met at the designated parking. We said goodbye to our families, and we went by bus to the airport. The flight back to Poland went without any major problems, apart from the general mental fatigue for most of us which is typical for lack of sleep by experienced events :)


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