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Grade 8 Laptop Program 2014 Michael Willer – IT Coordinator.

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1 Grade 8 Laptop Program 2014 Michael Willer – IT Coordinator

2 Key ring – unique tag No stickers

3 Dell Latitude E6230 Laptop Processor Up to Intel ® Core i5 Operating Systems Genuine Windows ® 7 (32bit) Screen 13.3" WLED+ Anti-Glare LED Weight 1.6 kg Wireless LAN Memory 4Gig DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM Storage 7200 rpm SATA up to 250GB HDD

4 What happens if my laptop is broken? Straight to IT HELP DESK Replacement given Usually repaired within 48hrs BACKUP to Google DRIVE – HDD failure most common Report all damage immediately

5 Warranty and Damage 5 years standard Next Business Day Warranty Hard drives and hardware failure Battery has a two year warranty Screens are $120 on the second breakage $50 Second damage claim not a general fault

6 6 Confidential BCE login/email School Portal & Google Drive School Username School Laptop & Internal Network

7 FIRST LOGIN PASSWORD IS DOB. Example 21/12/2001 = 21122001 Password Criteria UPPERCASE, lowercase, Number, Special Character, and cannot contain any part of you name. The minimum password length is 7 characters | Your last 10 passwords may not be reused EXAMPLE PETS NAME : Buddy2014! Confidential 7 BCE and Portal Login

8 Google Drive Stores your files in the cloud not on the laptop Most common fault is HDD failure BACKUP TO THE GOOGLE DRIVE IS AUTOMATIC BUT CHECK TICK FOR SYNCING. Confidential 8

9 9 BRING YOUR LAPTOP FULLY CHARGED EVERY DAY TIP: Create a space for your laptop at home. Each time you get home plug it in to charge. WHAT DO I DO IF I FORGET MY LAPTOP OR IT IS NOT CHARGED? 1.Go directly to the library before school or breaks and put on the charge. NO LAPTOP SEE HELPDESK. 2. Runs out during class time – remain in class and seek charge in the break – unless teacher requests NO CHARGING IN CLASS DONT BRING YOUR CHARGING PACK TO SCHOOL

10 CARE OF DEVICE. How to assist the life of your battery? 1. Your computer has a built in Power plan that will automatically balance performance with energy consumption Extra Hints 1. Buy a surge protector for home to protect your computer 2. Keep your computer in its carry case while travelling even between classes 3. Make sure you lock your computer if you have to leave it unattended 4. Always plug your laptop into the charger when at home. Even when not in use – good habit.

11 Movement of students with laptops

12 No Games Customising your laptop is permitted however no themes or drastic changes – For example Mac themes. Education software can be installed – need to see IT Help Desk ITunes is permitted. No MOVIES - Downloads or Torrents

13 Enjoy your laptops

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