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2 A netbook complements the existing school curriculum by providing digital learning tools that link in with planned classroom activities. Wireless access at school will foster collaboration and teamwork, allowing students to search for information together and share the learning experience. Purpose

3 What Device will I get? Lenovo x131e Specifications Intel Celeron 1.5Ghz 4GB RAM 11.6 Screen 320GB HDD 3 Year Warranty

4 Why a Lenovo netbook? Rugged design for schools Rubber bumper on the top cover to help prevent screen damage Strengthened hinges and ports Long battery life Portable Value for money

5 Software The netbook will come with the Department of Education Standard Image (eduSTAR.SOE) The eduSTAR image consists of over 80 programs Windows 7 Office 2010

6 General Information The device is leased from the school over a 2 year period Warranty repairs are covered during the lease period At the end of the lease period you will own the device All support is subsidised by the school and this is a non-profit program Accidental damage is not covered, therefore in the Induction Program we cover care and maintenance to avoid any damage. Please be aware a broken screen can cost $209 + Labour.

7 Induction Program Handling the device Taking care of the device Operating the device CyberSafety File Management Travelling to and from school Storing the netbook at school Coming to school with the battery fully charged Backing up files Virus scanning/awareness Windows updates Throughout term 1 students use the netbook at school while they do an Induction Program in ICT classes. Students will cover:

8 How will I get the device? All school policy documents and the lease agreement have been read and signed The deposit and first payment has been received Parent/Guardian(s) have attended the CyberSafety Night Students have successfully completed the Induction Program Students will receive the device to take home at the end of Term 1 after:

9 Acceptable Use Policy Available on the school website Covers areas such as protecting student privacy online Copyright Respect for others Students can expect their device to be inspected and monitored for appropriate usage. Staff may request access to the browser history and/or caches as well as any files belonging to the student on the devices as well as stored on the school servers. Students and parents need to be aware that files stored locally on the devices or on school servers are not private.

10 Personalisation Permanent changes to the netbook, such as engraving, marking, painting, stickers or drawing will not be permitted You can load your own software/media as long as all licencing laws are followed and the software has been approved by DPS The device is not for the storage of movies and or music

11 Support The eduSTAR Image DPS approved software Warranty Issues Any problems you have at school e.g. cant connect to the internet/intranet, school programs wont open, slow netbook, etc. While enrolled at DPS, the Technicians will support:

12 At home A home internet connection will assist, but is not required Discuss reasonable limits with your child Read the support information for parents Attend our CyberSafety Information Night

13 What now? To take advantage of the bulk order pricing, fill in the deposit form and return to school before Wednesday 4 th December If the school has not received the form by Wednesday 4 th December a netbook will not be ordered for you Please note, individual orders placed at a later date cannot be guaranteed at this current price

14 Accessories The netbook comes with a carry case We do recommend purchasing an external hard drive or memory stick for backing up school work in case your netbook hard drive crashes or is infected with spyware/viruses and needs to be reimaged (all data wiped and start from scratch)

15 Contacts Melanie Ford Business Manager Joanne Black ICT Coordinator Philip Dunlop-Moore Principal Elijah Solly Specialist Technician Phone: 5251 2272 Email:

16 Web links eduSTAR Lenovo DPS DEECD eSmart Schools

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