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Securing Your iPad What can you do to make sure that your iPad is at school every day and is kept safe? Passcode lock Label your accessories.

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4 Securing Your iPad What can you do to make sure that your iPad is at school every day and is kept safe? Passcode lock Label your accessories Use the cover to protect it Educate your family on the dos and don’ts Identify the iPad as yours

5 Warranty and Repairs ✦ Apple Care + Warranty - 2 years ✦ Included 2 X accidental damages at a reduced cost of repair ✦ you MUST report all incidents/damages to your Learning Community Leader who will help to get things fixed ✦ payments must be made before iPads are returned ✦ school will have backup devices while warranty claims are being processed/problems being fixed - IMPORTANT THAT YOU BACK UP YOUR WORK!

6 Setting up ✦ Why? - so that we can access the many Google owned websites, including cloud storage ✦ It is FREE ✦ Ease of remembering emails - we will all have the same ending to our email addresses ✦ a GMAIL HAS BEEN CREATED FOR YOU - use this for all communication at school, not your personal email ✦ Login to your Gmail and check that it is working – use the MAIL on your iPad

7 Setting up ✦ Use your Gmail to create a new Apple ID using FAMILY SHARING ✦ All instructions are included in your Starter Pack ✦ You may be logged into another Apple ID if you have a personal one ✦ Other apps will be added along the way ✦ If you want to add your own FREE apps, you can, as long as they are age appropriate and they will need approval via Family Sharing ✦ Keep them ORGANISED!

8 Family Sharing ✦ Family Sharing is being used as the students are under the age of 13 years ✦ Allows parents to monitor and assist manage the App Store until the student turns 13 ✦ Automatically switches to a personal account when the age of 13 is reached ✦ All paid apps on the school list will be purchased for the students and ‘gifted’ to them – these just need to be redeemed ✦ FREE apps on the school list need to be found and downloaded by the student/family

9 You MUST use the school provided email to set up the account in Family Sharing to be able to redeem the Apps purchased by the College

10 Help?? Family Sharing Assistance Sessions Wed Feb 4: 3-4pm Wed Feb 4: 6-7pm Thu Feb 5: 3-4pm

11 Self Service Portal for App Downloading Go to the Self Service App on your iPad and to the App Store at the bottom to redeem the apps Can be done at home or school

12 Setting up ✦ Why? - seamless, automatic and effortless integration of all of your apps across your devices. Access anything, anywhere, anytime on any device. ✦ Easy way for us to back up! ✦ Don’t forget to sync regularly

13 GAMES?? ✦ Yes, you can put games on your iPad ✦ Store these in a folder called GAMES ✦ Only 10 games maximum are allowed on your iPad at a time - otherwise they will take up too much room ✦ If you are caught misusing games at school, your privileges using the App Store will be restricted ✦ the apps KIK and SnapChat are not allowed on your iPads

14 Responsibilities for you to remember... ✦ bring your iPad to school every day, and to each class ✦ do not leave your iPad in unsafe places ✦ make sure that you have followed the security procedures so that we can identify your iPad ✦ charge your iPad at home ✦ be curious, creative and share what you learn (especially with your teachers!)


16 What is in the Starter Pack? Digital Learning Community Agreement – to sign and return tonight iPad User Agreement – to sign and return tonight Gmail address and password for your school account – sticker on the your folder – take a picture on your iPad so you do not forget this!

17 Digital Citizenship ✦ SCSC Digital Learning Community Agreement – read and sign tonight and return last page ✦ Respect the privacy and dignity of others ✦ Follow the protocols for keeping your device and private information safe ✦ Do not use the camera on your iPad outside of teacher supervision ✦ Use your common sense and follow the school values


19 Things to do before Wednesday… 1.Personalise your iPad for security (passcode, photo on Home Screen) 2.Follow the instructions to setup your iPad and App Store accounts – ask for help at school if you need it or attend the sessions 3.Save your Gmail and App Store passwords somewhere safe (take a picture)

20 IMPORTANT... Please sign the forms and return them TONIGHT Until the forms have been signed, students will NOT be able to take their iPad home

21 Breaking off to Connect Groups 7A – Library with Ms Christie 7B – Science Common with Mr Gleeson 7C – Humanities Studio 1– with Mr Diamond 7D – Humanities Studio 2 – with Ms Foster 7E – Humanities Studio 4 –7F with Ms O’Neill 7F – Science Lab – with Mr Raidme

22 Get started!










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