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Take Home Computer Program Parent Information Evening Year 10 & new Year 11 & 12 students Thursday, 7 th February 2013 or Wednesday, 13 th February 2013.

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1 Take Home Computer Program Parent Information Evening Year 10 & new Year 11 & 12 students Thursday, 7 th February 2013 or Wednesday, 13 th February 2013 6:00pm – 8:00pm

2 You should have received an ‘Information for Parents’ booklet with an ‘Acceptable Use Agreement’ as the last page. Today’s session: Explanation of the program Obligations for students and parents Questions

3 Every Year 10, 11 and 12 student at GSC will receive a notebook computer. This computer remains the property of the school until the student reaches the end of Yr 12. The student is allowed to take the laptop home at nights, weekends, holidays, etc. There are no up-front or ongoing costs to families What is the Take Home Computer program?

4 Why? Schools need to keep pace with the way technology is used in the community. Most students have a computer at home, but there can be problems getting access when it is shared with siblings etc. Allows teachers to plan activities and assignments without being restricted by access to computers. Students will still do hand-written work in class, and continue to use paper textbooks. The computers are an additional tool, and allow students to do things which pen and paper can’t do.

5 A Dell Inspiron M102z–AMD Dual core E – 450 Accelerated processor / 4GB RAM / 320GB HDD / 11.6” HDWLED Display, WLAN (802.11 a/b/g/n) Power adapter A Contego Armoured Slipcase to store the computer Pre-installed software Customised ID skin ID tag All items remain the property of the school, and must be returned if the student leaves the school. What will the students receive?

6 Events which are covered by the insurance policy: Accidental damage (e.g. dropped, stepped on). Liquid spills. Accidental loss (e.g. left on the bus) except where listed below. Theft or malicious damage except where listed below. Events not covered by the insurance policy: Theft or damage while left in an unlocked and unoccupied building or vehicle. The computer is stolen or damaged by an immediate family member, or someone whom the student has allowed to use it. Power supplies The computer is stolen or damaged while left unattended in the open air (e.g. at a park). However, you will be covered if this occurs on the way to or from school. Any loss or damage which occurs outside Australia. Damage caused by acts of God or natural disasters, animals, pets, pests, intentional acts or fire. Deliberate damage. Insurance

7 Students will receive IT Support from the school technicians. Unless absolutely essential, students should not visit the technicians during class time. Dell has provided a support line for out of hours: 1300 655 533 It is students’ responsibility to back-up their data. Please avoid getting technical support from friends or family members! IT Support

8 When a computer is being repaired, or is subject to a warranty/insurance claim, the student will be issued a loan computer. These computers can usually be taken home, subject to the same requirements as other computers. Loan Computers

9 Students may use their Take Home computer to connect to their home internet connection. Only wireless and Ethernet connections may be used – students cannot use a USB dongle / portable internet connection to connect to the internet from their laptop. This connection is not filtered by the school, however the Acceptable Use Agreement still applies. Using the Internet at Home

10 Students must return the computer and accessories (in good working order) as soon as they become ineligible for the program. If a student does not return the computer, they will be sent a written reminder. If the computer is not returned within 28 days, it may become a legal matter. At the end of Yr 12 (in 2014) ownership of the computer including accessories will revert to the student. All insurance and support will cease the day after their final exam Returning the Computer

11 Software which the school purchases can only be installed on computers which the school owns. Teachers need to be able to plan lessons with the knowledge that all students have the same software. Issues of cost and equity. Not secured and managed by the school. “Why can’t I just bring my own computer?”

12 A student, or their parent/guardian, may choose not to participate in the program. Students not participating in the program must collect their computer from the Library at the start of the day and return it at the end of the day. The obligations still apply to using this computer while at school. Choosing Not To Participate

13 Follow the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ at all times when using this computer – Just because you can doesn’t mean you’re allowed to! – May not install any software. – May not use it for games, Facebook, social media, etc. Bring the computer to school fully charged every day. Bring the computer to every class, except when the teacher has instructed them not to. Follow teacher instructions regarding use of the computer. Obligations for Students

14 Inform the technicians as soon as they notice any faults or damage. Must not attempt to disassemble the computer or remove any parts. (anti tamper stickers are placed on the laptop to ensure this). Keep the computer in its case when not being used. Keep all items in good condition - no graffiti, stickers etc. – If a case, ID skin, ID tag is lost or damaged, the student must purchase a replacement. They must use a loan computer until a replacement is purchased. – ID Tag = $5 – ID Skin = $20 – Case = $35 Obligations for Students (continued)

15 Secure the computer in their locker when it is not being used at school. When travelling to/from school, keep the computer inside its case, and keep the case inside their school-bag. Return the computer and all accessories, in good working order, when instructed to do so. Failure to comply with these obligations will result in consequences such as After-School Detentions, Suspensions, or revoking the right to take the computer home. In extreme cases, matters may be referred to the police. Obligations for Students (continued)

16 Obligations for Parents/Guardians If an insurance claim is required, send the computer to the school technicians and complete any required documentation (e.g. police report, statutory declaration). Pay the full cost of replacement or repair if the computer or accessories are damaged, lost or stolen, and not covered by insurance. Provide locations at home where the computer can be safely used and stored. Support the school to ensure their son/daughter fulfils his/her obligations.

17 Questions? Please keep the ‘Information for Parents’ booklet. This contains important information which we don’t have time to cover in this session. Students and parents/guardians need to sign and return the agreement form. This can be done now if you wish. All documents are also available on the school website. What now?

18 Once the documentation has been handed over at the Library front desk, you will receive the bag and luggage tag. Please attach the tag to the bag. You/the student will then move to the EAL room to have the netbook borrowed out. Please be prepared with the ID number of the student/s involved. For use, the computer must be logged onto at school first, only then can it be used at home, etc. The first step

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