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Computer Systems.

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1 Computer Systems

2 Objectives Understand what a computer system does
Learn about the different functions of a computer Learn what the different parts of a computer are called and what they do.

3 A Computer System When we use a computer stem, we:

4 Types of data and information

5 A Processor There is another very important part of a computer that you cannot see because it is inside the case. This is the Central Processing Unit – the CPU. The CPU is the brain of the computer. It is responsible for carrying out all the program instructions, working out calculations and making any other decisions that are required. It turns Input data into Output information

6 Logging on Each student needs a special Username and password to LOG ON (use the computer) You must LOG OFF when you have finished using the computer. Try to choose passwords only you will know and remember Keep your username and password to yourself. Don’t share them with other people.

7 What’s it Called? All the parts of the computer that you can touch are called Hardware. The programs that make computers useful tools are called Software. You can plug extra parts called Peripherals into your computer. There are peripherals that let you put data into the computer and others that let you take the information out of the computer. Storage peripherals allow you to store files, to back them up and move them from one computer to another.

8 Summary Computer systems process data and turn it into information.
The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of the computer. Most computers in schools and offices are networked. They are connected to a server through cables and switches. Some networks are connected wirelessly Networked computers can share the same printer. Each student needs a username and password to log on.

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