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Line 500 Product Strategy/Roadmap Andrew Credland Line 500 Product Development Manager.

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1 Line 500 Product Strategy/Roadmap Andrew Credland Line 500 Product Development Manager

2 2 Agenda 1.Feedback from Sage User Network Conference 2.Sage Research 3.What Next For Line 500 / Sage 1000 4.Next Steps

3 3 Sage User Network Feedback

4 4 Sage User Network Conference Good –Reliability –Sage has a good reputation –Software is users friendly –We create good updates and enhancements –Tech support response times are good –We are flexible

5 5 Sage User Network Conference Bad –BPs need to have better product knowledge –We need to listen to end users more –Need better compatibility with 3rd party software –Communication needs to improve –Reporting capability needs to improve

6 6 Sage User Network Conference CommentProduct Better integration with Microsoft i.e. reports etc can be exported/copied in excel etc without further intervention or the use of other reporting tools.N/A Remove the licensing restrictions on Forms Designer Web Enable Forms Designer. Replace AutoQ with something more flexible.Line 500 Ability to use Prepayments and Accruals according to normal accounting practices Better reporting in Sage 500 Easier input screens. Find Sage 500 very cumbersome and unuser friendly. Compare Sage 50 and 100 which are far better.Line 500 webservices/api for all dataLine 500 More work into/and with Sage BILine 500 better reporting from core product greater reliability for universal (web) client improvements in appearance of main screensLine 500 Simple and cost effective purchase requisitions, for low user organisations. User forms to be used for low users for integration into the modules without the need to have sage logins, e.g. manual cheque requests. We can use other products to upload, but a sage solution would e preferredLine 500 more stability in the universal clientLine 500

7 7 Sage User Network Conference CommentProduct Stop confusion on Sage 1000 vs. Sage 500 Clearer and longer term product road map sent to all customers not just resellers Line 500 You can load budgets from excel spreadsheets into NL via a menu option - can the same be done for loading forecasts into MRP? Report writer is not user friendly - could Sage not be supplied with a user friendly GUI report writer such as Crystal Reports or Impromptu without us having to spend £1000's on licences for each of our 64 users More analysis fields available in stockm, slcustm, plsuppm tables. We are forever searching for an available field to hold additional analysis classificationsSage 1000 Bring Line 500 fully into line with the Microsoft Windows user interface Improve basic navigation facilities where lacking, e.g. on a multi-page entry screen, be able to Page Up and Page Down not have to go back via First Page Integration with Microsoft Excel in standard productLine 500 Better scheduling tool for manufacturing visual interface for production lines integrate BI / Reporting tool, KPI display via user specific dashboard Line 500 Improve BI solutions for Line 500 Web integration with 3rd party productsLine 500

8 8 Sage User Network Conference CommentProduct improvements to Sage Paperless being able to post invoices while a payment run is being completedLine 500 Payroll History - being able to see all pay items of any period and also for left employees make user set-up easierLine 500 better development support / documentation for SLXSalesLogix Improvements to reservation of stock in L500 Allowing bundled items to be split into components managed singlyLine 500 German VAT & Tax Stock recal disappearingLine 500 Fix web browser interface 100% - if possible no java make pop authorization standard in purchase order entry Improve user menus / options / access management / forms improving management screens. Also allocate option for different forms / menus for different companies on single login. We have 14 companies & some log into 2 but some run JC & some contract costing so need different options / screensLine 500 Ability to save various enquiries and reports in purchasing module as excel spreadsheets using a straight forward option from the action bar More integration / development in the e-procurement side. To make it easier to integrate with a range of preference to use punch-out technology as opposed to e-market place solution.Line 500 bar coding module for W/H Import data via ExcelN/A

9 9 Sage User Network Conference

10 10 Sage Research

11 11 Sage Research 3 trends emerging –- User driven ERP –- Flexibility and Interoperability –- Liberation of data 47.3k businesses that meet the typical definition of the upper mid market –- £10m to £500m turnover –- Typically 100 to 500 employees –- Most common international need is Europe – - Predominantly based in the following sectors; –- Manufacturing, Construct, Automotive, Wholesale & Retail and Financial Services sectors

12 12 What Next For Line 500 / Sage 1000

13 What Next Whats happened so far? 1.A review of what the future holds for Line 500 / Sage 1000 2.Decision to combine Line 500 and Sage 1000 after the forthcoming Line 500 Payroll and Sage 1000 v2.3 releases What does it mean? 1.Sage 1000 will become a package of best of breed business software applications 2.Line 500 and Sage 1000 will become a single ERP application 3.Interoperability will provide the flexibility of running Sage CRM or Sage SalesLogix 4.Suite will be further extended to offer integrated Payroll and HR applications 5.We will be spending around 18 months developing the Sage 1000 suite before the next release 6.Primary Focus will be on Usability and Interface, Interoperability and Reporting It also means that there is currently more investment and activity in the future of Line 500 / Sage 1000 than for some time.

14 The Future Sage CRM Sage SLX Sage 1000 HR Sage 1000 Payroll

15 Sage 1000 Future Architecture Payroll ERP CRM k-PAYE Sage 50 Payroll Line 500 Payroll Line 500 SageCRM Sales Logix UI Web based workspace DB Sage Reporting Value- Add 3 rd Party Integrations DB Data Warehouse Sage Services (e.g. Mobile) UI SData Single Sign-on UI HR Evergreen

16 What stage are we at? Weve already started ! Planning and detailed scoping underway Technology Proof of Concepts to kick-off in January Roadmap / business analysis kick-off mid December Department fully engaged from April A commitment to come back to the User Network for consultation and when available show the progress

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