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Product Roadmap Update Amanda Turvill, Product Manager Andrew Credland, Product Development Manager.

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1 Product Roadmap Update Amanda Turvill, Product Manager Andrew Credland, Product Development Manager

2 Enterprise Products Enterprise Vision To create a true mid market business by working together to deliver a series of compelling product and service propositions to the Enterprise market in order to drive financial performance and recommendation within our chosen areas of the mid market” Line 500, Sage 1000 ERP, Sage AccPac, Sage CRM, Sage Sales Logix and Sage ERP X3

3 3 Customer Needs –User driven ERP –Flexibility and Interoperability –Liberation of Data Market Size -10m-500m in turnover, based in the UK with on average between 100 and 500 employees Industry Sectors -Manufacturing, Wholesale & Retail, Construction, Automotive and Financial Services International Requirement -12.4% of UK owned business in target market have physical overseas activity -80% target audience linked to European based parent companies -Install base Analysis -42% of the install base matches the market profile for the Sage 1000 v 3.0 Market Analysis

4 4 £10m to £500m in turnover, based in the UK with, on average between 100 and 500 employees with some international need likely to be focused on Europe. The most likely sectors for a Sage Enterprise ERP solution are Manufacturing, Wholesale & Retail, Construction and Financial Services, although dependent upon need, the solution can target the whole UK market as a complete solution with the support of add-ons delivered by our partner network. Product Positioning

5 5 Reminder of the Line 500 journey… Where we were…. Line 500 Functionally rich ERP solution, viewed as stable, reliable Long heritage – always Upper Mid Market Large installed base, loyal customers BUT Dated look and feel, older technology Difficult to integrate (CRM/Developer add ons) Customisations leading to low upgrade rates

6 6 Reminder of the Line 500 Sage 1000 journey… Where we were…. Where we are…. Line 500 Minor improvements Still strong installed base Sage 1000 Less functionally rich ERP but strong integration with CRM Better UI and “demoability” BUT – demo 1000 to sell 500 And 500 customers not migrating

7 7 Reminder of the Line 500 Sage 1000 journey… Where we were…. Where we are…. Line 500 Sage 1000 Where we’re headed… Sage 1000 v3.0 ERP CRM SLX OR And beyond v3.0…HR/Payroll

8 8 Sage 1000 suite Sage 1000 Integrated Business Processes, Data, Reporting and Analysis Accounting & Finance Business Operations. Internal and with trading partners HR & Payroll Sales Management Marketing Management Customer Management, Service and Support Specialist Industry Processes in Manufacturing and Retail Business Planning

9 9 Sage 1000 ERP Roadmap CurrentNext 12 months BeyondJuly 2010 Today Next 12 months V3 Product Product Roadmap Technology Roadmap Refresh Enhance Line 500 7.1 Sage 1000 2.3 Sage BI 5.6 Sage 1000 HR German Accreditation Legal and Fiscal service pack Asset 1000 Sales Logix Integration 7.5 Sage 1000 Payroll 2010 Sage 1000 3.0 Sage BI 6.0 Virtualisation support Sage 1000 3.1 Sage 1000 Payroll 2011 Sage 1000 3.2 Sage 1000 3.3

10 10 Payroll ERP CRM k-PAYE Sage 50 Payroll Line 500 Payroll Line 500 SageCRM Sales Logix UI Web based workspace DB Sage Reporting Value- Add 3 rd Party Integrations DB Data Warehouse Sage Services (e.g. Mobile) UI SData Single Sign-on UI HR Sage 1000 HR Commercial Infrastructure – including pricing & licensing review, marketing plan etc

11 11 UI and Usability User Driven ERP Users are playing an increasingly important part in the scoping and decision making processes relating to ERP and as we reach further into the business, user specific ERP is becoming more and more important.

12 12 Benefits o Improved consistent look and feel o Improved layouts o Browse Improvements o Reporting and printing improvements o Conforms to Sage branding standards o Using lists to drive applications Sage 1000 ERP – Smart Client


14 14 Lists and Menus summary o Enable improved productivity throughout the application o Enable centrally defined lists o Enable users to further refine how they use lists o Ensure ease of upgrade Sage 1000 ERP – Lists and Menus



17 17 Reporting User Liberation of Data Increasingly, customers value software only to the degree to which it allows them to work with the information and data it captures. Better reporting, data portability and data interrogation is becoming more and more important.

18 18 Reporting Benefits o Modern / intuitive ERP reporting and printing experience o Export to Excel o Rich design capabilities Sage 1000 ERP specific o Adds flexibility to existing application reports / prints / RWL / RSL o A standard solution that can be further enhanced by Paperless or DBForms Sage Report Designer specific o Enables easy ad hoc production of reports o Intuitive data model




22 22 Interoperability Flexibility and Interoperability There is an increasing demand in the upper mid market space for ‘best of breed’ software. It is critical to any enterprise that wishes to adopt this approach that all solutions work together to deliver the right amount of functionality while retaining a robust and reliable framework for users.

23 23 Current position o Working in conjunction with both SalesLogix and SageCRM o Recently completed a week long review with SalesLogix o Finalising features and user experience Walkthroughs o SalesLogix user experience definitions Key areas o Feature support o Upgrades o Customisations o Choice of SalesLogix or SageCRM Interoperability: CRM Integration

24 24 Feature Support Integration functionality o Same features / primary entities as per Sage 1000 v2.3 o Loosely coupled integration o Focus on ensuring minimal learning curve o Option of either SalesLogix or SageCRM ERP functionality o No restriction on ERP features o Exception of sharing customers between multiple operating companies within v3.0 o Recommendation is to test features on Cloud demo systems when available Client UI functionality o Web Client Interoperability: CRM Integration

25 25 Upgrades / Customisations Automatic upgrades supported for: o Line 500 v7.1 or S1000 v2.3 or SageCRM v6.2 … to v3 with SageCRM o Line 500 v7.1 or SalesLogix v7.5 … to v3 with SalesLogix Upgrade of customisations o SageCRM customisations on Sage 1000.asp pages will require migration o Recommendation to check all customisation on upgrades, as per on all upgrades o Independent CRM/ERP upgrades will then be available once running v3.0 Interoperability: CRM Integration

26 Benefits for Line 500 Customers Improved UI and Usability Experience –Long term individual workspace for each user –Long term unified user interface across Sage 1000 suite –Sorting and filtering of list based data Common reporting tool –Long term one reporting solution across the whole suite –Long terms options for excel export across whole ERP –Simplified creation of reports and documentation Improved Integration –Suite components integrated utilising S Data –Sage overview across 3 rd party product offerings

27 Benefits Sage 1000 Customers All benefits outlined to Line 500 customers Additional features from Line 500 –Flexibility to integrate with all Line 500 modules Additional features from CRM –Flexibility to integrate with other features of Sage CRM Flexible Upgrades –Upgrade ERP and CRM at different times to fit around business

28 28 Programme selections – 3 sites in total o Site 1 – user of Sage 1000 ERP o Site 2 – user of Sage 1000 ERP and SalesLogix o Site 3 – user of Sage 1000 ERP and SageCRM Timelines for programme – 3 month o Site 1 from April 2010 o Site 2 & 3 from July 2010 Programme participation agreed during Q4 2009 Why get involved? o Potential for customers and BPs to promote their business via referencing and case study material o Benefits and value from new implementation with the ability to ‘influence’ development o Potential incentive to make it “worth their while” o BPs gain early insight into implementation o Live upgrade on programme completion Programme governance o Contractual agreement – weekly reviews o Programme managed by R&D – fast tracked through support Early adopter programme

29 29 Tax Service Pack

30 30 Regular Support Bulletins –Webex Update – End October Changes will be in the following versions* –Sage 1000 – All Versions –Line 500 – All Versions –Line 200 – All Versions –Enterprise – All Versions –CS3 – 3.0, 3.1 and 4.0 *Other than Contract Management –Sage 1000 – All Versions –Line 500 – Version 7.1, 7.0, 6.0 Tax Service Pack

31 31 Changes –Ability to mark Services for inclusion in EC Sales List –Single option to produce EC Lists –Printed Report and CSV format for bulk upload Businesses likely to be affected : –Supplying services to overseas businesses –Receiving services from overseas businesses –Supplying goods to other EC countries –Want to reclaim VAT incurred in another EC country EC Sales List Changes

32 32 Changes –Printed reference on Sales Invoices when a VAT code has been nominated as either to be 'Zero', 'Exempt' or 'Reverse'. –Sales Order, Telesales, Contract Management and Project Billing Businesses likely to be affected: –Supplying goods or services to other EC countries –Whose goods/services attract Zero/Exempt or Reverse VAT charges Intra EC Invoices

33 33 Changes –VAT rates will be stored against actual charges –VAT will be applied to Credit Notes at the rate charged on the Invoice when charges are Reversed Businesses likely to be affected: –Using Contract Management and who reverse actual charges –Who may generate charges in advance but need to change VAT Code/ Rate ahead of the invoicing run Contract Management

34 34 Changes –Consolidation of Fixes made post the VAT change in November 2008 Sales Invoicing Sales Credits Sales Order Enquiry Those affected will be: –UK Businesses however these fixes have been released as hot fixes VAT Rate Change – January 1 st 2010

35 35 German Accreditation

36 36 Line 500 v7.0 and v7.1 accredited New archives for both of these releases –These will be shipped for any request for these versions –Features Tax Extract Module –Dumps selected data (tables/columns) from Line 500 with an XML definition attached –Meets the GDPdU requirement –Additional GL Report Journal Report – Analysis (Posting Code Range) German Accreditation

37 37 Platforms / Integrations

38 38 Additional Platform Availability –Line 500 v7.1 SuSe Linux 11 –Oracle 11g R1 –Informix Dynamic Server 11.5 Planned –AIX 5.3 / 6.1 Oracle 11g Informix Dynamic Server 11.5 Sustained Engineering - Platforms

39 39 Service Packs Tested –Continued testing for compatibility statements Vista SP2 Windows Server 2008 SP2 SQL Server 2008 SP1 Planned –IE8 –Windows 7 Sage CRM Patches for Sage 1000 Sustained Engineering - Platforms

40 40 Integrations –Line 500 / Sales Logix 7.5 Delayed due to unresolved issues on Windows Server 2008 –Asset 1000 Original approach did not meet all business requirements Revised approach using the same integration points as Sage Asset Manager – January 2010 Sustained Engineering - Integrations

41 41 Payroll

42 42 General Points –HMRC will start to issues letter and fines in December to customer with >49 employees not filing p45/46 information electronically –From April 2010 all customers will have to file end of year forms not just those with >49 employees –Change to the minimum wage Functionality to be aware of: –Normal packs and changes –New 50% Tax Rate for those earning > 150, 000 Sustained Engineering - Payroll

43 43 SageBI

44 44 Sage BI v5.6 Now Available –Platform support for Vista, 64bit, SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 –Support for Excel 2007 and the Ribbon controls –Customer Driven Enhancements –Improved logging of errors and report cancellation Sage BI v5.7 aiming for March 2010 –Citrix Support –Demonstration Environment –Customer Driven Enhancements –Support for Analysis Services 2005/8 in Solution Builder –Proposed support policy of current version minus 2 SageBI Status

45 Questions?

46 Thank You

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