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People EcosystemProcess Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Enhance Insight Extend Connections Make It Easier People EcosystemProcess.

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1 People EcosystemProcess Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Enhance Insight Extend Connections Make It Easier People EcosystemProcess

2 Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Feature List Additional Analytical SRS Reports Multi-Company Reports Team Foundation Services Source Provider (Dex) Script Editor Names window enhancements (Dex) Default Column Ordering for Excel Report Builder Multi-Application Reports Email support for all option based reports Adding UC to Extender Windows BI refresh and completion of a drill down reports New SSRS metrics Tech Stock Replenish Report Builder/Dynamics GP integration New Map Reports Word template generator New BP Role Centers (Pages) Word Templates for SOP Returns Enter Default subject for emails RTV Pack Slip Reprint Attach collection notes to Credit documents Additional letter functions to print credit documents Contract transfer approval workflow Rapid Migration – Master records from Excel Ability to initiate task from metric Re-write report deployment Group Excel Reports Display Company As Field Blank Value In Matched Fields Excel Report Bulk Deployment Multi-Company Excel Reports Display Business Analyzer tasks in communicator Add GP Forms to Extender Menus Virtual Lists - new virtual lists in BP Equipment suppression for existing service call Substitute fields in for email messages Business Analyzer Allow ELS windows to close while waiting for signature approval Rapid Configuration – select by module Email Notification Enhancement List Performance Enhancements Assign PM Schedules to range of Items or Item Classes RMA Traveller automatically print on RMA Receipt Remove MOSS dependency for BP Report Library Allow Users to Copy Lists between Extender Objects Adding Drill Down to Extender Windows Contract Line Hold

3 Visual Refresh of Reports Initiate Task from a Metric Report Builder Integration Filter Company and Date Multi-Application Reports (6) Multi-Company Reports (12) Virtual Lists Centralized Report Center Exporting SRS Reports

4 Create email text to be sent with attached document. Add substitute fields for mail merge type functionality. Add additional people cc or bcc with email. Copy Email Setups to other documents.

5 SQL Reporting Services Reports Employee Anniversary Employee Birthday Employee Earnings History Organization Layout Detailed Employee List by Pay Code Historical Inventory Trial Balance Enhanced InsightEnhanced Insight

6 SQL Reporting Services Charts and KPI’s Over 50 New SRS Reports within Financials, Purchasing, Field Service and HR/Payroll

7 View information and perform tasks from your desktop or within full client Perform Actions: Edit Report, Copy Report, Lync Messaging Lync Integration. View presence and take action Report Package Deployment

8 General Navigation List Performance – 380% faster Word Template Generator SOP Return Template Report Deployment Payment Services Email Virtually Any Report Report Copy Electronic Signatures Improvements

9 Bulk Deploy in Excel Report Builder Set Default Column Order in SmartList Builder Add custom drill downs in Drilldown Builder

10 Field Service Tech Warehouse Restock Assign PM Schedules to Items Equipment Supersession Disallowed Contract Line Hold Returns Management Reprint RTV List RMA Traveler Auto Print

11 Customizations and Deployment Team Foundation Server (TFS) Dynamics Synch Utility Names Window Simplified Report Deployment Business Portal Migration

12 Extender Add Dynamics GP forms to Extender Navigation Add Lync Presence to Extender Windows Copy Lists between Extender Windows Drill down to Extender Windows

13 Concur Travel and Expense Upload Paper Receipts Spending Controls Automatic uploads from common vendors Online travel booking Eliminate paper Be equipped to: – negotiate with suppliers – forecast travel budgets – Prevent fraud Make a direct impact on the bottom line

14 May





19 People EcosystemProcess Enhance Insight Extend Connections Make It Easier Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client

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