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SP Business Suite Deployment Kick-off

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2 SP Business Suite Deployment Kick-off


4 SharePoint / Microsoft Office/ 365
Intranet Portal Department Portals CRM IT HR Employee Self Service Service Requests PROJECTS SharePoint / Microsoft Office/ 365

5 Agenda Objectives Preparation and Training Installation Develop a Plan Define Skin / Branding Introduce Concept to Organization Prioritize Modules Configuration at the Module Level On-going Improvements Support

6 Objectives Set and meet organization expectations
Gain acceptance of entire organization The collaboration platform (SharePoint / Office) Your Intranet / Self-Service infrastructure Make it easy for employees to do business Provide productivity improvements for department(s) staff Create a visibility and measurement for Management Use SPMP resources as productively as possible

7 Preparation Setup / Provide Healthy SharePoint Platform / Environment
On-Premise Foundation, Server, Enterprise SharePoint SP 2 SharePoint 2013 SPMP needs Site Collection Administrator permission SharePoint Configuration Enable Sandbox Solutions Turn-on Incoming and Outgoing IMPORTANT – Direct Access to Site Collection In the Cloud – Office 365 / Third Party SharePoint 2013 preferred Where to install Suite (site collection, level) Options SharePoint Health Check (partner) SharePoint Managed Services (partner) Appoint an Administrator – Take SharePoint training (

8 Training Required Application Administrator End-users
SharePoint Power User Need to know: Basic understanding of SharePoint sites, libraries, lists, views and page editing. Also user permissions. Understand Application portal site structures, forms, and chart web parts. End-users Basic Navigation and use of libraries and lists. Tools available: Customer Portal

9 Installation Need direct access – preferred or Online Meeting (burns hours) Existing or new Site Collection Upload solutions in Gallery Activate solutions Create Permission Groups Create Sites Basic Setup Navigation – Menus, links etc. Initial Users – Admin Review with Administrator

10 Develop a Plan Develop Overall Deployment Plan
Determine what areas / departments will be needed Branding Prioritize modules Intranet Employee Self-Service IT HR Projects Set a time-line – (use Project Tracker?) Introduction program for Department management Detailed Configuration by module – Configuration Worksheets Beta cycle for each module – the go production.

11 Branding / Skin Consult your branding person (often Marketing)
Session with SPMP to get basic look and feel requirements Logo Corporate colors, look from External Site SPMP will provide a couple of templates to choose from We have to configure and purchase templates so we need to limit it to 2 iterations Apply Branding to Suite Branding can be used beyond SPMP Suite if desired

12 Introduce Concept to Organization
Get Top Management buy-in Central point for communications / employee services Reduce manual processes and walk-in / requests Visibility into what Service Department Productivity Allow employees to focus on business rather than admin Introduce Concept to Departments Watch out for “Department Blinders”, looking from department out rather than employee view Do not try and replace core systems if embedded deeply, work with those. Educate on the Department Portal Concept Create a demonstration for the Organization Create a video or demo site.

13 Don’t “boil the ocean”, do a progressive deployment
Prioritize Modules Don’t “boil the ocean”, do a progressive deployment Suggested Approach Intranet Portal – to show power / collaboration / look and feel Assign a content person IT Support – because you are in control of that Department Portals – pick a couple to deploy HR and ESS – most productive for employees Project Tracker – when you want, goes across departments CRM (Suite A) – Treat as a separate deployment Work with each department closely Use Configuration Worksheets

14 Configuration at Module Level
With suite you get a predefined number of hours with the package. Use it well and you can get much done! Installation, Branding and 2 hours configuration per module Meet with each department and get objectives and requirements Keep it simple to start, you can add more later SPMP Configuration worksheet We can power through many configurations in a short time if you use this. Once initial configuration is done, we will review with team Get any data in from existing systems (not part of package) Final tweaks and then roll-out.

15 Module Notes Role based design Role based design applied
Roles – Employee, Department Staff, Manager, Group Manager, Final Approver Manager defined in Employee Directory (also override in forms) Staff and Final Approvers defined by Group membership Role based design applied Navigation – top and left menus provide for audiences Portals Each portal has two views – Employee and Staff Employee – redirect to employee portal page (or customer for customer service) Department Staff is not redirected but sees department portal Forms Service Request forms – Employee see General Tab, Department Staff see all tabs. Can customize forms further for Tab or field level Security Not using specific function – do not delete function, just hide navigation.

16 Service Request Flow Intranet Portal Department Portals CRM IT HR
Employee Self Service Service Request Flow Service Requests

17 Service Request based Modules
IT Support, HR, Departments, Facilities, Customer Service. Employee Staff Redirect

18 Continuous Improvement
Conduct Periodic Reviews with Departments Data level – are they capturing the data needed? Business Measurement – Dashboards and Reports New capabilities – new lists, libraries and views? Application Updates New features in forms New web parts New SharePoint features to use Add new custom applications Same look and feel, integrated with your suite Contact SP Marketplace for a Quote.

19 Support and Maintenance
Getting Support: Customer Portal SPMP site/Support Call Resources: Doc tutorials What is included: Support for issues or problems with the applications Bug fixes Questions about implementation Question about customizations (related to the application) What is not included: SharePoint administration (on-premise or Office 365) Office 365 administration SharePoint knowledge How do I add an user or group? How do I add a field? How do I change a list view? Data Migration Updates New versions – update jQuery libraries, web parts and limited application function You will not lose any configurations or customizations

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