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Sage ERP Product Update

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1 Sage ERP 1000 - Product Update
Russell Slaymaker - Feb 2012

2 Critical to Customers & BPs we improved quality
The Release of Sage ERP 1000 V3 Service Packs has brought significant benefits to Customers Business Partner Experience Customer Experience Critical to Customers & BPs we improved quality V4 Deferred Delivery Re-Boot V3 Service Pack Treat as full Release Beta Program SP1 on time. to quality…

3 Application Architect
Sage ERP 1000 v3 Service Pack 1 includes over 100 fixes and enhancements, with more to come in Service Pack 2… 100+ Fixes & Enhancements Layout Manager Sage Report Designer PDF Error Diagnostics Date Export to Excel Application Architect Sage ERP 1000 V3 SP1

4 Sage ERP 1000 The Road Ahead Extended Support Roadmap “Early View”
Sage 1000 In Action

5 Endeavour to provide 2 years notice Summer 2012 communication on dates
Extended Support for Line 500 v5 and below starts from July We’ll communicate the dates for V5.5+ later in the year Endeavour to provide 2 years notice Summer 2012 communication on dates ESP Includes Legal and Fiscal compliance Fixes for Business Critical Issues (Severity 1) Fixes for Functional Critical Issues (Severity 2) Extended Support on Operating Systems/Data Bases Platforms The right to upgrade

6 The high level design principles for SLX & CRM integration to Sage ERP 1000 play to the strengths of each application with usability at its core. “CRM and ERP between them contain all the necessary functionality. An integration will be required to fulfil the non-functional requirements of non-duplicated data entry and to ensure that necessary information is passed between the two applications.” CRM Integration HLD doc Sage CRM & SalesLogix Sage ERP 1000 Creation of Customer Records in both CRM and ERP Creation of Marketing Lists Manage Sales Opportunities Handling Customer Enquiries & Complaints Managing the Sales Pipeline Handling Requests for Quotes Handling Order Requests Managing order Fulfilment Managing Invoicing and Payment Handling Customer Returns Managing Credit Control & Aged Debt Provision of Information for Analysis We get the best of both with SData and Screen Popping

7 With the design agreed we can progress the Scope to enable development estimations & functionality prioritisation for release High Level Design agreed Feb 17th March = usability testing with customers and bps By 30th March we will communicate release dates for SLX and CRM

8 We’ll extend our collaboration with SUN to focus on usability to deliver the right solution in the right way IN-LIFE ANALYSIS USABILITY BUILD PROTOTYPE DESIGN EVALUATE

9 The roadmap addresses emergent themes with usability and Customer driven design at its heart*
2012 2013/14 2015/16 Sage ERP 1000 v4 Sage ERP 1000 v5 Sage ERP 1000 v5.1 CRM Integration “Core Focus” (output from In Product Survey) “Core Focus” (output from In Product Survey) SLX Integration Cash Management & Bank Reconciliation Industry Editions: Discrete Manufacturing Wholesale & Distribution Services Sage Asset 1000 Financial Reporting improvements French & German Forms SData/Application Architect enhancements Reporting improvements Reporting improvements NEW Payroll BI Improvements SRD enhancements BI Improvements SData/Application Architect enhancements/Actionable Lists Graphical Planner V11.1 SData/Application Architect enhancements/Actionable Lists Virtualisation approved Role Specific User Types In Product Survey (SPx) E-Commerce CRM Roadmap Mobility Cloud Integration MS SharePoint Integration Role Specific User Types CRM Roadmap i.e. Tablet Legislation & Compliance Legislation & Compliance Legislation & Compliance *subject to change without notice

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