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Boundless business Broaden your business horizons.

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1 boundless business Broaden your business horizons

2 What is Tencia? Tencia is an integrated business solution built using a multi-layered design utilising web services offering a new level of business connectivity and agility The word Tencia combines two romanised Mandarin words, Tian - which means sky and Xia - which means under. Arrow has transliterated this to mean Everything under the Sun.

3 Multi-layered design User Interface layer Is the presentation layer that the user interacts with. It can be a computer via WinForms or other portable device such as a PDA or WAP phone. Data centric layer performs basic validation and comprises of the components that help to access the database. Business logic layer Comprised of the components or algorithms that help to access the database and handle information exchanged between the database and the user interface. Database Rules and Database Cluster These two components are the brains of the application where data manipulation and extraction occur. User centric layer Performs basic business rule validations, such as entry verification, find and display functions. Web services layer Web services related code sits in this layer and allows data to be exposed to selected authorised third parties.

4 What does Tencia deliver? Boundless business capabilities with one integrated financial solution: A comprehensive set of accounting features Real time data anywhere and at anytime Remote user access Flexible and comprehensive reporting Web services for better connectivity Highly customisable workspace that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office programs Sophisticated security features

5 User interface

6 Favorites & Quick Links Information panel Status bar & login entry information Standard menu Main application window

7 Tencia user settings and preferences Tencia has: Standard and Dynamic menu components Intuitive and logically structured menus A user defined workspace aligned to suit your job role Dynamic menu Standard menu

8 Tencia, gives you easy access to applications such as Microsoft Excel via a Quick Links menu

9 Customise inquiry screen colours to suit your needs

10 Security features

11 Security model Tencia has a comprehensive layered security model: Security can be applied down to a field level Code level permissions can be set Role classifications can be set up to restrict access to sensitive data

12 Access & edit role information Customise Tencia to suit different job roles that exist in your organisation

13 Select the relevant security level for each user Tencia gives you control over permissions to sensitive data

14 Rich functionality

15 Contact information & addresses can be maintained using these tabs Images can be stored in the image panel

16 Find stock information quickly using the look up panels and filter functions Create and save your own filters

17 View transactions and drill down for more detail Select the columns you would like to see displayed

18 Core system Cashbook Debtors Creditors General Ledger Foreign currency Stock Sales Orders Purchase Orders Multistock Location Serial/batch/roll tracking Security Multi-company Advanced Sales Analysis Tencia application Specialist modules Job costing Bill of Materials Fixed Assets Payroll Tencia Connect

19 Reporting

20 Reports are stored in a reporting inbox Simply select and click on the report you wish to view

21 Click on the links in the table of contents to navigate to a selected area of the report Various options for viewing your reports exist

22 For more information contact 1800 248 264 or your authorised Arrow business partner

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