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About Visionutveckling Strong Finances - Historical growth of 30% per year - AA-rated - Gazelle company and Super company 2011 Offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg,

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2 About Visionutveckling Strong Finances - Historical growth of 30% per year - AA-rated - Gazelle company and Super company 2011 Offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmoe, Copenhagen and Oslo - Representation in Finland, France and England 91 employees in Sweden, Denmark and Norway 1400 customer installations, first delivery in 2002 49 operators and service providers have chosen Vision 80/20

3 Product Portfolio

4 Vision 80/20 Contact Center The best choice for Contact Centers with up to 50 agents!

5 Why Vision 80/20 Contact Center? Easy-to-use web based Contact Center for efficient customer service Independent of telephone, PBX and geography Easy to administrate 1 day adm. training 1,5 h user training Calls, Chat, Email and SMS Secure and stable Powerful Statistics More than 200 satisfied customers

6 Who is it for? Small and large organizations that require more advanced queue functionality Customer Service Support Departments Order Departments Sales Departments Groups

7 Many satisfied Customers GodEl won the Swedish championship of telephony 2011 in the Category Environment and Energy The contest was arranged by Q Survey 200 explorative calls Response, effective management and commitment are a few of the eight evaluation criteria On top of those, IVR, voice mail and queue information were included in the assessment One of the prerequisites for success is to have suppliers that you can trust and who have solutions that are flexible, user friendly and reliable. Visionutvecklings Contact Center, cc-bridge, has corresponded to all of this. (Daniel Hedlund, Customer Service Manager at GodEl)

8 Video Get a quick glimpse of the Vision 80/20 Contact Center – watch our video! Tip! For more videos, visit our Channel on You Tube

9 Complete Contact Center Included functionality: Web based agent interface Queue routing – Skill-based routing – Delayed agents – VIP-queues – Routing based on incoming number Statistics Monitoring Emergency Message Whisper Questionnaire Telephone book Administration interface – Handles agents, queues, menus and call flows Options: Chat, Email and SMS in queue Advanced statistics Callback Scheduled Callback Recording Case log Open APIs for integrations with other IT systems New!

10 Solution example IVR-menu with Welcome message Queue 1 SupportQueue 2 FinanceQueue 3 MarketingQueue 4 Sales Emergency message ScheduleClosed message

11 Media blending Calls+ chat + email + SMS = Higher availability – Communicate with customers in the manner they prefer Increased efficiency – Chat/speak/ handle email simultaneously Collective statistics – Statistics on calls, emails and chats – all in one single system Traceability – Traceable history on all media

12 Chat Chat with customers! Increased efficiency – Chat during calls – Chat and manage email/SMS simultaneously – Send clickable links – Push links that open a page automatically Parallel chat sessions Forward chat sessions by email Customizable – Chat GUI can be tailored to your graphical standards – Automatic welcome message Based on open standards (XMPP) New!

13 Firewall Agda Vision 80/20 Chat Server External Web Server External chat users (Customers) HTTP Vision 80/20 Contact Center Agents DECA Vision 80/20 (OpenFire) vuChat XMPP Queue XTI XMPP Chatt - technical sketch

14 E-mail and SMS Optimize resources with email and SMS More effective agents Chat/talk/handle email/SMS simultaneously – Include attachments to emails – Calls and e-mail management in the same system – Reply to SMS messages by email or SMS Higher availability – Reach the customer in the manner that suits them best – Simplified case handling – Customers and agents can attach files – Not dependent on a proprietary brand of email server, general solution

15 E-mail Server Firewall New e-mail from customer E-mail from: E-mail to: Vision 80/20 Contact Center Mail relay to Vision 80/20 Contact Center E-mail from: E-mail to: Answer from customer service E-mail from: Sender: E-mail to: Vision 80/20 Contact Center Agents SMTP Email - technical sketch

16 E-mail Server Firewall SMTP New e-mail to sms queue E-mail from:: 070 E-mail to: Vision 80/20 Contact Center Mail relay to Vision 80/20 Contact Center EE-mail from: E-mail to: Answer from customer service E-mail from: Sender: E-mail to: Generic SMS-gateway SMS text to 070 xxxxxxx Text reply sent as SMS SMTP SMS - technical sketch

17 Powerful Statistics with Vision 80/20 Statistics Comprehensive statistics on calls, email and chats – Chat report – Contact Center report – Agent report Scheduled automatically generated reports Customized Reporting – Flexible filtering and grouping Zoom up and down in data Visual reports – Pie charts, graphs and bars Easy export of data (PDF, Excel or CSV-file) Web based Flexible assignment of permissions and rights

18 Vision 80/20 Statistics Behovsanpassade rapporter med flexibel filtrering och gruppering

19 Recording Record the call with the touch of a button! Recording of calls can be used in oral confirmations or for training and evaluation purposes Recording is activated with ease in the agents interface Recording

20 Call back Call back History

21 Scheduled call back Increase resource optimization and customer satisfaction! Widely used by medical centers Contact Center staffing controls when incoming cases are handled Serve calls when time and opportunity is right Administrator controls when the scheduled call back is to be activated Call back when full or closed queue or when waiting time and/or number of queuing has reached a specified limit

22 Whisper Saves your voice and ensures accurate and professional greetings The agent pre-records a greeting phrase The greeting is played automatically when a call is answered Saves the agent's voice Reduces the risk of using incorrect greetings when multiple queues are managed Agents automatically learn from which queue the call is routed Agent's own voice answers all calls Supports mobile call centres Welcome to Customer Support, my name is James Baker

23 Questionnaire Integrated measuring with a wide range of applications Customer surveys Follow- up on customer care, quality of service or Key Performance Indicators Voluntary placement of the questions in the call flow structure Before or after a call is accepted Answered by key selection (DTMF) Build it in accordance to your needs and requirements in the administration interface Complete statistics

24 Case log Classify calls for statistics on incoming cases Activate on answer or when a call is ended Case log

25 Phone book Import number lists and get information about caller based on originating number Add contacts when needed

26 Agent Interface General Free seating Mobile number Abbreviated number Fixed number Agents queues Active media Queue status Menu system with function keys Private queue

27 Agent inteface incoming message or call Queue (Calls, SMS, chat, email and call back) Incoming call

28 Agent interface in a call Previous 10 calls from caller Current call Call status

29 Agent interface agents All agents status

30 Monitoring

31 Easy administration of agents

32 Easy administration of call flows Emergency Message

33 Easy administration of queues

34 Quick and easy installation Installed and configured in under an hour! You can have an operational Contact Center up and running in a remarkably short time. A DVD manages the installation for you. Requires completed PBX configuration, ie number control in PBX and transmission

35 There are three ways to design a Contact Center: Single Server Containers (Multiple parallel virtual machines in one server) High Availability System Design

36 Vision 80/20 Contact Center SIP or Q-sig Data base PBX Contact Center solution for a customer Benefits: Simplified delivery and maintenance All Contact Center functionality on one server Less hardware Easier system startup Weakness: More susceptible to hardware failure Calls Email Chat SMS System Design Single Server

37 Used in both the operator and single-server solutions Ability to use one instance per customer Benefits: Easy to add customers in their own solutions on the same hardware Customer can get their own adaptations and adjustments Easier and cheaper to implement Ability to backup/transfer the contact center section SIP or Q-sig PBX Vision 80/20 Contact Center DB System Design Containers

38 SIP Front Load Balancers Rear Load Balancers Contact Center Servers Database cluster CCB DB CCB DB CCB DB CCB DB PBX System Design Load sharing High Availability Benefits: The system is load balanced with minimal down time in case og faulty hardware Weakness: Some functions are not redundant, see Vision 80/20 Contact Center PBX Matrix

39 Thank you for your time!

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