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Introducing… elementool Issue Tracking The World’s First Web-Based Issue Tracking Software.

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1 Introducing… elementool Issue Tracking The World’s First Web-Based Issue Tracking Software

2 Industry Problems Issues and bugs are a part of every product development process. Most issue tracking software is expensive, hard to use, is not collaborative, and does not integrate well with other software…to kill the bugs. So… what do you do?

3 Perhaps you should consider… elementool Issue Tracking The World’s First Web-Based Issue Tracking Software

4 Customers Elementool Issue Tracking is used by small and mid-sized organizations, as well as Fortune 500 companies

5 Why Use Elementool Issue Tracking? There are five reasons to consider Elementool 1.Full-featured online tracking application 2.Seamlessly integrated 3.Remarkably easy to use 4.Backed by FREE world-class 24 hour support 5.Price performance leader

6 1) Full-Featured Online Application Web based – Online hosted application. No installation, no servers, no hardware, always updated, all upgrades are free – ready to use in 30 seconds Issue life cycle management – Track new Issues, prioritize, assign to team members, and generate Issue reports. Contains everything needed Unlimited customization – Customize reports, forms, workflow, and create unlimited fields. Message board – Users & developers can add their comments to each issue Advanced reporting – Search using different words and phrases, create focused reports, and set fields to be displayed in your issue reports History Trail – Tracks and displays changes made by end users, complete audit trail

7 1) Full-Featured Online Application Quick notification – Automatic notification via e-mail or text File attachments – Attach HTML, PDF, Word and Excel files to issues Robust security – Role-based, project and issue level security, with log-in authentication--all hosted on a PCI Data Security certified site Web service API – Connect your existing software to Elementool Issue Tracking Input interfaces – Issues can be entered via the Web, e-mail, API, SOAP and Visual Studio

8 2) Seamlessly Integrated Integrated with other Elementool applications – All Elementool applications are seamlessly integrated with each other (issue tracking, help desk, time tracking, file sharing and docs) No plug-ins needed – No need for plug-ins or customization since all apps are seamlessly integrated

9 3) Exceptional Ease of Use Simple-To-Use Interface. Elementool has a simple and well- organized interface. Customer testimonials… – "...the thing that separates Elementool from the rest is the ease of use. This tool takes me just a few minutes to update issues, create new users, update forms, run reports, etc." Peter Jin, TicketsNow – "The simplicity and web-based nature of the Elementool makes handling customer complaints easier... If someone handling the call in New Jersey doesn't know the answer, a product manager in California can handle it." Edward Huser, WorkForce OS – "Resolving issues used to take days. Now it takes only hours." Bruce Lawrence,

10 4) 24-hour World-Class Support FREE support – No cost, unlimited support Phone support – Provides live, U.S.-based support during business hours 24-hour email support – Email support is offered 24/7 Free online training – Available through videos and webinar

11 5) Price Performance Leader Price per project, not per user – No user limits, price is per project not user Unlimited users – There is no limit to the number of users you can add Low cost to start – No costly hardware, software, or installation cost No cancellation fee – Pay-as-you-go. Cancel anytime without any cost or penalties

12 What’s Holding You Back? How does it compare to freeware? – Elementool is easy to use and has a richer feature set, in addition to a completely customizable user interface. It also includes world-class support and free upgrades Can I try it first? – Yes, there is a free 7 day trial. There is no long-term commitment and you can cancel anytime. Can I cancel anytime? – Yes, there is no long-term obligation and no contract How does it compare to an installed application? – Elementool’s web-based software does not require expensive software, hardware, or installation costs. All upgrades are free with Elementool Should I develop my own in house app? – You can, but you seldom get the same robust features. Plus Elementool’s Issue Tracking software is refined and optimized from thousands of users and issues are often resolved much quicker

13 Picture This… Imagine a competitive, easy-to-setup, easy-to- use application that tracks issues collaboratively and seamlessly integrates with all your support systems (help desk, time tracking, file sharing and support forums), that includes excellent support--all for a low- cost See for yourself why Fortune 500 companies around the world are using Elementool Issue Tracking, the World’s First Web-Based Issue Tracking software

14 Questions?

15 What Next? View the online demo See complete feature list View the Elementool savings calculator Read customer tutorials Sign up for 7 day free trial Sign up now Try It Out!

16 Thank You

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