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Using Asterisk to Implement Intelligent Call Center Solutions James Kleckner AMTELCO.

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1 Using Asterisk to Implement Intelligent Call Center Solutions James Kleckner AMTELCO

2 Introducing AMTELCO

3 Intelligent Call Center Solutions are software solutions that simplify, streamline, and enhance the ACD capabilities of the SIP-enabled Asterisk switch for Call Center Agent Desktops. What Are Intelligent Call Center Solutions?

4 Soft Call Center Agent Soft Intelligent Console Local and Remote Agents Multiple Call Handling Perfect Answer Software Based Call Logging On-Call & Appointment Schedules Call Flow and Message Scripting Contact Dispatching Paging, Email, SMS Monitoring and Reporting Enterprise Web Applications All through a single, unified interface What Can Intelligent Call Center Solutions Do?

5 The AMTELCO Intelligent Soft Agent is a software-based solution that adds a Soft Call Center Agent Desktop, Scripting, and Applications to the SIP-enabled Asterisk switch. Call Center Solutions - Intelligent Soft Agent

6 Call Center Solutions - Asterisk Setup ABC Corp 555-555-1111 XYZ Corp 555-555-2222 Amtelco-PrepareDNID Save DNIS for later use Queue Find Agent Agent 1…Agent 100 Amtelco-SetDNID Retrieve DNIS for 1Call Agent Get customer information for DNIS 555555111115555552222 o Intelligent agent configuration employs the Asterisk call queues to distribute incoming calls to the desktop agents. o Asterisk macros are used to control call routing and present the appropriate call handling scripts for incoming calls.

7 Amtelco-SetDNID Macro [ macro-Amtelco-SetDNID ] ; This macro will set a custom SIP header to transfer incoming DNIS to Amtelco 1Call Agent ; For this function to be successful, the Amtelco-PrepareDNID macro has to be called on an ; incoming call. ; All this is necessary because the DNIS received from telco gets lost after call is queued and ; transferred to an agent. exten => s,1,Verbose(1|Amtelco Set DNID) exten => s,n,SIPAddHeader(X-Amtelco-DNID:${AMTELCO_DNID}) Amtelco-PrepareDNID Macro [macro-Amtelco-PrepareDNID] ; ARG1 == DNIS, which will most likely be the ${EXTEN} from calling context this macro must be ; called on an incoming call. This macro will copy the incoming DNIS to a channel variable so it will ; be available later for screen-pop. This macro will most likely be paired with the Amtelco-SetDNID, ; which will set appropriate custom SIP header. exten => s,1,Verbose(1|Amtelco Prepare DNID) exten => s,n,Set(__AMTELCO_DNID=${ARG1}) Call Center Solutions - Asterisk Setup Macros

8 Streamlining Call Flows with Intelligent Solutions – Customization & UI o A clear, easy to use UI provides the ability for end users to manage and utilize all functions of the Asterisk ACD. o Toolbars and shortcut keys can allow instant and simplified access to ACD and database functions.

9 Streamlining Call Flows with Intelligent Solutions – Perfect Answer o Call lines display ANI & ANI name, and provide operators with the ability to easily utilize Asterisk’s multiple call handling features. o Dynamic answer phrases allow for the creation of both text and recorded operator greetings that can be fully customized by client, time of day, operator, or ACD group.

10 Streamlining Call Flows with Intelligent Solutions – AMTELCO Sandbox o Intelligent searching evaluates queries and presents appropriate call and message actions, enabling quick completion of common call flows. o Intuitive and straightforward user interfaces reduce the time and cost of operator training.

11 Intelligent Soft Agent Custom Call and Message Scripting o Intelligent scripting can create customized branching that guides operators seamlessly through simple and complex call flows and message tickets. o Input, drop down, and selection boxes of all types can be automatically populated based on data obtained earlier in the call. o Real-time error checking and validation provides automated quality control throughout the call center.

12 Intelligent Soft Agent Contact Based Dispatching o Intelligent Dispatching enables operators to easily pass messages to end-users via phone, TAP and digital paging, email, fax, & SMS. o Dispatch automation ensures that messages get delivered promptly, correctly, and via the desired method of contact for each end-user.

13 Intelligent call center applications enhance ACD functionality through database and directory integration: Simultaneous Multiple Database Searching LDAP Synchronization Database and Directory Integration

14 Enterprise-Wide Intelligent Solutions o Intelligent, lightweight desktop clients can extend the capabilities and functionalities of the Asterisk ACD throughout entire organizations. o Unified directories and Active Directory synchronization via the LDAP protocol create a single data repository for call processing, contact management, and enterprise reports.

15 Intelligent On-Call and Appointment Scheduling o Scheduling tools save time and reduce errors by providing structure and automation to an often complex set of processes. o Integration of scheduling and scripting tools allow for intelligent dispatching to the appropriate people via their desired methods of contact, without the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual lookups.

16 Web-Enabling Intelligent Solutions o Browser-based directory and dispatching tools provide end-users with the ability to communicate throughout the organization without needing to involve operators for every call, message, and schedule change.

17 Integrating Call Logging & Recordings o SIP-based call logging provides a powerful tool for call auditing, administrative tracking, and operator training.

18 Integrating Auditing and Reporting o Report creation tools allow developers and call centers to customize reports and audits by combining, evaluating, and displaying call statistics and information in any manner desired. o Event-driven call statistics provide call center managers with all of the necessary data for labor resource management.

19 Questions?

20 THANK YOU! James Kleckner Product Manager AMTELCO (608) 838-4197 x196

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