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SupportCenter Plus Product Overview. Overview 1.What is SupportCenter Plus (SCP) 2.Benefits of SCP 3.Licensing & Pricing 4.Questions.

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1 SupportCenter Plus Product Overview

2 Overview 1.What is SupportCenter Plus (SCP) 2.Benefits of SCP 3.Licensing & Pricing 4.Questions

3 1. What is SupportCenter Plus (SCP) SupportCenter Plus or SCP as it is popularly known, is a : Web based customer help desk software Helps track customer tickets Helps track customer information, their products & contracts Helps deploy a customer portal for your customers

4 2. Benefits of SCP

5 2.1 Advanced Email Response Management Automatically convert customer email to tickets Makes the subject of the email as the title of the ticket, and the body of the email as the description of the ticket. Extracts attachments from emails & adds them as an attachment to the ticket. Automatically routes emails to different departments and groups Capture the email conversation back & forth from customer to helpdesk, and from helpdesk to customer as one ticket.

6 2.1 Ticket Life Cycle Management - 1/4

7 2.1 Ticket Life Cycle Management - 2/4 Multi- channel communication – Portal, Email, Phone, Twitter, Custom Forms & API Create different forms suited to various business scenarios Automate ticket workflow through advanced Business Rules Automatically assign Group, Support Reps and other fields based on the criteria options. Automatically determine the Due Time based on SLA configuration

8 2.1 Ticket Life Cycle Management - 3/4 View all Conversations, Notes & History of a ticket at one place. Configurable Email & SMS notifications to all related members during various events of the ticket life cycle. Instantly get Account, Contact & Contract information during the request tracking process. Option to insert Canned Responses & Knowledge base articles to the replies. Option to add images & attachments to the tickets

9 2.1 Ticket Life Cycle Management - 4/4 Option to create views based on customized criteria & also share them with other Support Reps. Option to assign, merge, edit, delete tickets in bulk. Option to add Time Entries to ticket Automatically adjust Due Date of a ticket when it is put on hold waiting for customer response. Option to print the request in a configurable Job Sheet format. Option to get acknowledgement for the ticket closure from the customer. Option to send survey to the customer when a ticket is closed.

10 2.3 Account and Contact Management - 1/2 Account is the customer company & Contacts are its employees Record all information related to Account & Contacts Import accounts & contacts info from a CSV to quickly get started off Automatically create accounts & contacts as new requests come in.

11 2.3 Account and Contact Management - 2/2 Define approval mechanism for contact creation Create contacts as a normal contact or a primary contact Track Account & Sub-accounts Track the products/assets that the Account has purchased. Track the contracts of the Account.

12 2.4 Knowledge Base Management - 1/2 Record troubleshooting guides and how-to questions as Solutions Solutions categorized under tree-based hierarchy called Topics Option to expose solutions to customers (public) or to be available only to Support Reps (private) Option to enter keywords to quickly search for an article/solution

13 2.4 Knowledge Base Management - 2/2 Option to manage the life cycle of a solution : Drafts, Submit For Approval, Approve/Reject. Option to publish specific set of solutions to specific accounts. Option to quickly search a solution using natural language search Option to add attachments to the solution.

14 2.5 Customer Portal Deploy a fully customizable customer portal that gels into your company website. Empower your customers by : Providing them instant access to solutions, troubleshooting guides and other resources online. Customers can create & track their ticket progress, add notes via the portal Customers can update their profile, change password etc. all by themselves through the portal Customers can run their account specific reports online. The above activities on the portal requires no Support Reps to be available and therefore, you save valuable helpdesk time & effort.

15 2.6 Product Tracking Import & track products in SCP Categorize products by the product types. Associate them to the Account and track the sale information Create a tight mapping to Account, Product & the Contract. Products purchased by account listed during the ticket creation process.

16 2.7 Contract Management Track service contracts of customers Get alerts through Email/SMS when a contract is nearing expiry. Also, pop-up alerts are generated during the request creation & request tracking process to provide contract related info to the help desk crew. Track Support Hours & get info on how it was utilized. Set contract SLAs – Hours within which the ticket has to be responded/resolved.

17 2.8 Time Tracking Record the time spent for solving customer issues. Record all the related info like the Hours taken, Support Rep, Account, Contract, Rate Type, Description, Billed/Unbilled etc. Consume hours from related contract when a time entry is made (if the entry is contract based). View & Manage all time entries at one place. Filter the time entry info based on various parameters. Export as.IIF file (QuickBooks format)

18 2.9 Reports & Dashboards – 1/2 50+ predefined reports Option to create custom reports Tabular Reports & Matrix Reports Charting options Option to export reports as PDF, XLS, CSV and HTML. Option to schedule reports at defined intervals to be sent via email. In addition, ability to create Query Reports – that help run queries on the database

19 2.9 Reports & Dashboards – 2/2 Around 50 predefined dashboard widgets. Option to create custom dashboard. Option to create public & private dashboards Option to display dashboards on large screens Option to set refresh interval for the dashboard. Option to display information across various business units.

20 2.10 Business Units Business Units help partition SCP data for various organizational departments in a way that they can act as independent entities. All configuration data – Category, Priority, Level, Status, Business Hours, Holidays, Time Zone etc. can be configured for each business unit. Users can be associated to one of more Business Units Multiple teams can work independently with just one installation of SCP – Multi-tenancy

21 3 Licensing & Pricing 3 Editions – Standard, Professional & Enterprise Comparison of editions is available at Licensing & Pricing dependent on 4 parameters : SCP Edition, No. of Support Reps, Multi-language and Add-Ons Add-Ons include CTI, Zoho Meeting, Addl. Business Units. Pricing available herehere

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