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Open Range Software Welcome to a presentation of the Open Range Industrial Hygiene Program.

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1 Open Range Software Welcome to a presentation of the Open Range Industrial Hygiene Program.

2 Health and Safety Surveys

3 Main Menu Simply push the button – and away you go implementing your health and safety surveys in a highly integrated and professional manner.

4 Survey Selection Choose your survey option and survey type, then click the Next button. Amazingly simple, yet powerful enough to handle the complexity of Industrial Hygiene data.

5 Qualitative Health Risk Surveys

6 Survey Select Qualitative Health Risk Assessment surveys risk-rank any hazard: chemical, physical, biological, ergonomic and more. Prioritize risk and sampling needs. Document negligible risk and where sampling is not required.

7 Survey Management Easily locate and manage risk records. Seamlessly switch between screens to view ratings and actions, add attachments, capture recommendations and much more…

8 Work Hazard Ensure consistency. Categorize the work and hazard you are evaluating using lists that match your business rules.

9 Work Description Provide detailed work description and examples of where the health hazard may occur.

10 Hazard Ratings Choose a hazard severity, an exposure rating and a certainty rating and the system automatically returns standardized-comparable values for prioritizing risk, information gathering and sampling and controls implementation.

11 Exposure Judgment Easily document your final exposure judgment and get automatic ‘management friendly’ information gathering groupings of Green, Yellow, and Red.

12 Notification Reports Notify area management of your work through with well organized hazard assessment reports.

13 Medical Surveillance Easily integrate and present your health risk and exposure data to physicians.

14 Sample Planning Quickly compile and prioritize your sampling and information gathering efforts

15 Survey Statistics Visualize the status of your surveys through pie and bar graphs.

16 Quantitative Sampling Surveys
This section provides examples of various program windows for the Open Range Quantitative Sampling and Exposure Monitoring program.

17 Quantitative Sampling Surveys

18 Survey Select Capture many types of Industrial Hygiene Sampling: Air, Noise, Bulk, Wipe, Biological, Direct Reading and more…

19 Survey Management Easily access and manage sampling surveys through a single screen.

20 Employee Data Capture “snapshots” of the person’s job title, organization, supervisor, and safety officer at the time the sample was collected.

21 Sample Detail Collect information about the equipment used, flow rates, sample times, ambient conditions and calibration equipment.

22 PPE & Controls Document control methods in place during sampling as well as personal protective equipment used

23 Sample Results Analyze for one or more agents recording the raw lab result, concentrations, TWAs and limit comparison values. Automatically calculate TWA’s for one or more samples using the TWA Manager.

24 Routine Operations Link quantitative results to your qualitative groupings such as exposure groups, routine operations,

25 Location and Task location and tasks for powerful search and trending capabilities.

26 Employee Notification
Customize Employee notification reports by selecting options from a Notification Template

27 Employee Notification
Inform workers of their exposure monitoring results. Include a graph!

28 Sample Report Search filtering and output selections provide extensive flexibility for reporting

29 Employee Summary …example employee summary report …

30 Job Title Report …example job title summary report …

31 Sampling Statistics Reports
Select from numerous trending and performance indicators reports

32 Sampling Statistics …example sample count by time graph…

33 Sampling Statistics Reports
…example sample count by agent graph…

34 Sampling Statistics Reports
Automatically calculate Geometric mean, standard deviation, Upper tolerance limit and more to support your sample planning and decision making

35 Sampling Export Easily export data to Microsoft Excel or external statistic tools

36 Program and Compliance Surveys

37 Survey Select Document your program and compliance inspections by choosing to add a new compliance assessment survey.

38 Checklists Record the checklists used for the survey to document what you did, not just what you found.

39 Inspection Management
The inspection survey screen provides the ability to add attachments, create lists, generate inspection reports and more..

40 Deficiency Select from over 6000 built-in OSHA requirements or add other regulations or internal requirements to meet your need.

41 Inspection Reports Easily create inspection survey reports that provide a survey summary as well as details about any deficiencies and their status.

42 Inspection Graphs Push a button – get a graph. It can’t get any easier? Over 14 ready-made pie and bar graphs with extensive filter selections.

43 Automatic Choose from 10 automatic notification reports to provide key contacts and managers daily and/or monthly summaries of open, upcoming, and overdue items.

44 Internet:
Open Range Software Phone: Fax: Internet:

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