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Check-Inn An integrated Software Solution for Hotels & Resorts Welcome to the Presentation Of VRSoft System and Solutions Pvt.Ltd Designed And Developed.

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1 Check-Inn An integrated Software Solution for Hotels & Resorts Welcome to the Presentation Of VRSoft System and Solutions Pvt.Ltd Designed And Developed By

2 About Us We have started our journey as a partnership firm in 1991 to provide IT Solution. Our hard work, dedication and time bound service gave us good clientele from different industry. To provide better and efficient service, in 1997 we converted the Partnership firm in to a Private Limited Company. The company knows as VRSoft System and Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is managed by a team of qualified and experienced IT Professionals. O ur Mission Our mission is to recommend and provide advanced, appropriate and affordable solutions for needy clients. We will make technology as an asset for your business. We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your business so that your business can grow. As your technology partner, when your business grows, we will grow with you, therefore, we will work hand in hand with you to support your need and growth. Our Vision Our vision is to become a globally recognized IT solution provider in the area of healthcare and hospitality industries in coming years. Our Team A team of software engineers and customer support engineers are working at our state of art software development center is at Vasai East, Thane Dist. Maharashtra. Apart from this, a team of experienced customer support engineers is available at our online 24X7 support center. Also we have customer support team available at various part of India to provide time bound support to our clients.

3 What We Do While doing each project, we are strictly follows some steps. This will helps us to deliver quality product on time. 1.Requirement Study 2.Choosing Technology 3.Project Report Submission 4.Development & Testing 5.Implementation & Training 1).Requirement Study As a first stage our technical team will make a detailed study about client’s requirement. 2).Choosing Technology On the basis of requirement study, we are choosing standard and latest but cost effective technology. 3).Project Report Submission In third step we are submitting a detailed project report to the client. This report includes the technology, team size, project duration and the economic part also. 4).Development and Testing In this stage our project manager will make a mile stone of development. A well qualified and experienced team will develop the software. Software testing also will be done in this stage. We will keep on updating the status of project to the client. This helps our team to develop the software without doing major reworks.

4 5).Implementation and Training As per the predefined schedule our team will implement the software. One of the reasons of software failure is improper implementation procedure. But we do it in proper manner. We are implementing the software from bottom level. Instead of implementing the full product, we will implement module wise on the basis of priority. User training is another important part of software implementation. We believe that once the actual user trained properly, management will get the result automatically. Our Experience and Track Record Last 20 years, we could develop various integrated software packages like Hospital Management System, Hotel Management System, Club Management System and different types of solutions manufacturing industry systems. To get more flexibility and optimum usage, we have adopted and incorporated advanced technologies like Biometric Validation RFID/Barcode Magnetic Swipe Reader Based Access Control Smart Card Based Data Storage Tablet/Smart Phone (Android) Based Data Access Integration of various equipments to automate data inflow, linkage with digital images/Data etc.Apart from design and development of software, our main expertise is implementation of the systems as per client requirement. During this period we have implemented our systems for more than 300+ locations with various user bases of 10 to 200.

5 Technologies Our company obtained a team of qualified and expertise in Microsoft technologies: Visual Basic ASP.NET Silver Light Database MS SQL, MY SQL, MS Access

6 Some Of Our Clients



9 Walk In Guest Entry Online Photo Capturing Customer History Guest Registration Card Printing Likes And Dislikes/Special Instructions Check In With Advance Reservation No Show Marking And Report Transaction Maintenance Room Changing With Log Post Check In Receipt Billing and Check Out Powerful Night Auditing Daily Reports and Monthly Reports Decision Making Supporting Reports Front Office Management

10 Room Availability Checking Confirm Booking And Provisional Booking Facility Provision To Book Agent / Company Wise Provision To Book Room No / Room Type Wise Pre Check In Room Allocation Advance Receipt Entry And Printing Reservation Slip Printing Cancellation Of Booking With Reason Reservation

11 SMS At Check In & Check Out Birthday/Anniversary SMS Birthday/Anniversary Email General SMS And Email Address Label Printing Merging Of Guest Data Customer Feed Back Entry Customer Relationship Management

12 Restaurant and Bar Management KOT Entry And Printing Provision To Change Table Multiple Bill On Same Table Bill Printing Bill Set Off In Different Mode Of Payment Direct Room Posting KOT And Void KOT Register Item Wise Daily Sales Point Wise Daily Sales Monthly Reports

13 Goods Receipt Entry And Register Goods Issue Entry And Register Direct Departmental Issue Indent Entry And Printing Purchase Order Entry And Printing Stock Report Material Movement Report Material Transfer Entry Material Wastage Entry And Register Inventory Control

14 Guest Laundry Billing Laundry Maintenance Indent Maintenance Room Wise Material Issue Room Amenities In A Single Click Lost and Found Entry and Report Complaint Maintenance Housekeeping

15 Venue & Session wise Availability Checking Venue wise Session wise Booking Confirmation Printing Advance Receipt Entry Transaction Entry Session wise Billing Reports Banquet Management

16 Payment Entry Receipt entry Cash and Bank Book Maintenance Ledger Printing Control Account Trial Balance Accounts

17 Spa Booking Scheduling Billing Bill Set off in Different Mode of Pay Material Inventory Stock Register Other Reports Spa And Utility Shop Management

18 Main Screen

19 Reservation Entry Screen

20 Booking Chart

21 Room Reservation Slip

22 Guest Registration Card Selection

23 Guest Registration Card

24 Check in Maintenance

25 Room Details Chart

26 Billing Maintenance

27 Bill

28 Detailed Bill

29 Advance Receipt

30 Receipt Format

31 Transaction Entry

32 Daily Transaction

33 Transaction Report

34 Foreign Currency Conversion

35 Daily Collection

36 Daily Collection Report

37 Occupancy Chart

38 Occupancy Report

39 Expected Arrival

40 Expected Arrival Report

41 Expected Departure

42 Expected Departure Report

43 Night Auditing

44 Night Auditing Report

45 Monthly Analysis Report

46 Sales Report Selection Form

47 Sales Report

48 Luxury Tax Selection Screen

49 Luxury Tax Report

50 User Rights Maintenance

51 Master Maintenance

52 Setup Maintenance


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