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Hotel Management Software Specification

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1 Hotel Management Software Specification
Hotellery Hotel Management Software Specification

2 Hotellery Is designed to suit the need of the hotel industry enabling you to provide effective and efficient services to guests Provide easy and practical solutions to common problems in hotel operation Provide control over the hotel operation management Provide easier program for your staff and management

3 Main Modules Front Office Food & Beverage Housekeeping Finance
Stock control and inventory Reservation Management information System administration

4 Front Office Module Process Feature Check In Check Out Billing Report
Cashier Stock receiving & transfer Guest registration Room status Mini bar bills Business center bills Miscellaneous bills Guest In hotel Room Assignment Reservation info:

5 Food & Beverage Module Process Feature Restaurant point of sales
Billing Cashier Stock Receiving & transfer Stock control Sales Billing Guest in hotel Reservation info: Stock list

6 Housekeeping Module Process Feature Room status Laundry Mini bar
Stock receiving & transfer Stock control Room status Mini bar bills Laundry Guest in hotel Room Assignment Reservation info:

7 Finance Module Process Feature Purchase Purchase return Cashbook
General ledger Currency management Receivable & payable Financial statement Purchase summary Cash flow Total sales summary Stock balance City ledger Trial balance Profit / loss Balance sheet

8 Inventory module process Feature GRN Stock issue Stock transfer
Adjustment Damage Stock control GRN report Issue report Transfer report Adjustment report Damage report Stock ledger

9 Reservation Module Process Feature Reservation Confirmation
Reservation info: Reservation chart

10 Management information
Monitoring Report Checkup Operation Reservation info: Purchase summary Forecast Cash flow Expected arrival Total sales summary Expected departure Stock balance Guest in hotel City ledger Rate variance Trial balance Cashier summary Profit / Loss Daily occupancies Balance sheet Sales summary Guest history Night audit report Guest ledger listing

11 System administration
Process Feature Configuration Management Users right Front Office setting Food & Beverage setting Housekeeping setting Finance setting Stock control and inventory setting Reservation setting User setup Maintenance

12 Package & Price Basic 1,500,000 1 server, 2 clients
Standard 2,500, server, 3 clients Deluxe 4,000, server, 5 clients Suite 5,000, Unlimited Basic package is available for 20 rooms. Other package are available for 50 rooms. If exceed, additional rooms are 50,000 Ks / room

13 Basic Package Server Front Office Housekeeping

14 Standard Package Server Front Office Housekeeping Reservation

15 Deluxe Package Housekeeping Restaurant Server Front Office Account

16 Suite Package Cashier Reservation 1 Reservation 2 Restaurant Account 2
Server Cashier Reservation 1 Reservation 2 Restaurant Account 2 Account 1 Store Housekeeping Reception

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