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OPEN HOUSE REALTY New Agent Orientation Office: 623-299-4954 Fax: 623-486-9055.

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1 OPEN HOUSE REALTY New Agent Orientation Office: 623-299-4954 Fax: 623-486-9055

2 Christopher Hanson Designated Broker/Owner 29+ years experience Owner of two real estate companies Designated Broker (13+ years) Previously owned Mortgage Company Helped thousands of Realtors launch their real estate careers In 2006 his real estate company grossed over 12.5 million in commissions with over 750 agents licensed under his brokerage. His mission is to help agents by creating successful, financially independent agents so they can be leaders in their families and communities. He understands the challenges faced by new and experienced agents in getting started in real estate, and enjoys helping agents set, and achieve realistic goals. Available 24/7 by Phone, Text, or Email: 602-315-3837 Direct

3 Welcome to Open House Realty We are here to help you succeed, and have designed this Orientation to guide you through getting started as a new agent. Congratulations on your new path to Success!

4 Welcome to Open House Realty, We have designed the following steps to make sure you get set-up properly in our system as follows: 1.Please make sure you have turned in the following paperwork to the company: a)Independent Contractor Agreement b)Personal Info Sheet c)W-9 d)Web Page Bio w/picture 2.You will receive an email from us with your new login, and password for our SureClose Online Transaction Management. 3.To access the training online: A Username & Password will be emailed to you shortly. 4. You will receive an email proof for your business cards, and magnetic car signs shortly. 5. Please take the time to go through and utilize our online Virtual Office Dashboard. 6.You will receive an email from reading "Membership Approved" as soon as your forms login is processed. To access our online forms database, the username is: your email address, and the password is: agentforms2. As soon as we process your Personal Info Sheet, we will make sure our 24/7 live answering service has your contact information. You will receive an email from Grasshopper with your login info and extension number. In addition, as soon as we process your Web Page Bio w/picture we will have your web page set-up shortly, and have it linked to your MLS code. Please let me know if you already have your own website, so we can link your name to it. If you have any questions, or need any help, please dont hesitate to call us!

5 Real Estate Agent Basics: (what the public expects) Dress for Success Professional Vehicle Nametag ( Business Cards Magnetic Car Signs Face on all marketing materials Easy to get ahold of, or return calls A professional attitude & service

6 You will receive an email proof right away for your business cards And magnetic car signs. Open House Realty provides your First 500 business cards mailed directly to you. Please check to make sure everything looks good on the proofs.

7 You will receive a pair of magnetic car signs in the mail to help get you started.

8 Your Welcome Email from us will have your login information so you can start your online training at

9 Take time to become familiar with the Open House Realty website

10 Especially the Virtual Office Dashboard, which has many sitesVirtual Office Dashboard located in one convenient location designed to streamline your real estate business.

11 In your Welcome Email, you will receive your login info for our Online Transaction Management System - SureCloseSureClose

12 When you get a new listing, make a sale, or rental you will need to turn in the transaction within 48 hours. To do this, complete this SureClose File Submittal Form, and fax or email it to the office. Your file in SureClose will be started usually by the next morning so you can then upload all of your documents online. This form can be found on the Dashboard.

13 Once you have uploaded your documents into Sure- Close, the Broker will then review them, and post this Broker File Requirements which will list any missing items or errors. Please review this form right away, and upload the items. You have until close of escrow to turn in the required items.

14 Once your file is complete, please complete this Commission Authorization form, and fax or email it to the Broker within a couple days prior to close of escrow. The Broker will then review your SureClose file to make sure it is complete, so this form can be signed and faxed to title. This form allows you to get paid from title. This form is in the Dashboard.

15 Your Welcome Email will contain your login info to our Company Forms. The link can be found on our Dashboard. It is also recommended that you register for ZipForms too.

16 Complete 5 week Fast Start program in Complete RealEversity Training Hold Open Houses – email Broker if you need one. Follow-up on leads emailed to you right away & report back Facebook Boost your business. Post often - grow contactsFacebook Linked-In (Network with other professionals)Linked-In - Who do they think of when they need an agent? Title Company Postcards - Every Door Direct Marketing Networking Group (BNI) Customer/Client/friends/relatives database Daily Goal Planning in writing & desired annual income Get a Tablet (great for real estate) Start a Blog ( Closing Gifts to both parties (recommended)

17 Marketing Sites: Neighborhood Link In House Realty leads Docusign Animoto Agent Machine

18 Operating Completely Paperless! Using a Tablet and/or Smartphone ZipForms online SureClose online transaction management Top Utilize the online Virtual OfficeVirtual Office Social Networking – very important!

19 Close to Home Median Price Range Get Title Company Help Choose second Luxury Home Farm Pick a Farm Area

20 Home and Garden Show, etc. Ask Broker for help Divide up time/cost with other agents Set-up a Booth at Events

21 Plan Ahead Set Realistic Goals Business Planning Event Planning Holiday Planning (logospectrum)logospectrum Holiday Cards – w/lotto scratchers Consult with your lender, title rep, or Home Warranty rep.

22 Agents are encouraged to attend our weekly meetings And other training events. These meetings and events Very motivating, and full of useful information. You will receive emails notifying you of time and locations

23 Agents are encouraged to purchase and read this great book titled: Your First Year in Real Estate. For sale online at: Barnes & Noble

24 Dont hesitate to contact your Designated Broker Christopher Hanson, anytime You need help, or have any questions. Email: Phone: 602-315-3837 Direct

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