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THE FUTURE OF ONLINE STORAGE. Insurance Lockboxs Purpose To provide a secure place to store your policy numbers, real estate holdings, financial information,

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2 Insurance Lockboxs Purpose To provide a secure place to store your policy numbers, real estate holdings, financial information, and much more. To provide loved ones with information regarding the location of important documents if you are unable to let them know.

3 What Information is Stored Insurance: Policy Numbers, Company Name, Agent Number, Policy Purchase Date, etc Real Estate: Real Estate Holdings, Mortgages, Condos, Time-Shares, Utility Companies, Investment Properties, etc Personal Property: Auto, Boat, Motorcycle, RV, 4-Wheeler, Airplane, Collectibles, etc Financial: Investment & Checking Accounts, Credit Cards, CDs, Savings, Annuities, etc Retirement Accounts: 401K Plans, Pension Plans, IRAs, etc Professional Contacts: CPA, Lawyer, Doctor, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager, etc Health Information: Medications, Allergies, Doctors, Hospitals, Medical Conditions, etc Other Information: Location of Important Documents, Wills, Trusts, Safety Deposit Box, Passport Information, Burial Plots or Sites, etc

4 How Secure is my Information This website is on a server that is hosted by MWG and the software has been encrypted to prevent hacking. Computer programmers view the server on a constant basis to watch for irregular activity. The sites security is maximized due to the fact that there is not enough information to steal someones identity. No Social Security Numbers, no full account numbers, etc.

5 Signing Up for Insurance Lockbox 1.The first step is to click the Join Now link. 2.You will begin to fill out the form by first entering an account description. This can be anything you want from Jimmys Lockbox to 123456789. 3.Then you will be required to fill out your name, primary email, and alternative email. Make sure to enter the accurate email, b/c this is where you will receive updates regarding your account. 4.Next you are required to create a username and password. The password must be between 6 and 15 characters long containing at least 1 letter and 1 number. 5.Now you are required to choose three questions and answer them. These questions will help confirm your identity if you are to ever call with questions regarding your account. 6.If you have a promotional code enter it next. 7.Please feel free to review the privacy notice and the user agreement before clicking the box saying you agree. This agreement allows you to move forward with your account. 8.You are then required to enter the security code to confirm your information. Once this is completed please click continue to enter Insurance Lockboxs Secure Site.

6 Insurance Lockbox Login Insurance Lockbox has two sides on which it can be viewed. 1.Unsecure Side: This is the side that shows changes only while on the main page or by choosing the click here to the learn more link. This is where changes can be viewed before they are made active. 2.Secure Side: This is where changes show up once they are activated. Once you click on the Secure Login Button/Link you no longer see the Unsecure Side of the system. Guide to Logging in on the Secure Side : 1.Once you have clicked on the Secure Login button (placed to the left of this sentence), you will be directed to a place to enter a security code, your username, and password. 2.The Security Code is an extra security feature that you will be required to type in every time you enter the secure site. We apologize if this causes you any hassle, however, we feel security is the more important issue. 3.The username and password are two codes that you decide on when you are enrolling in Insurance Lockbox. The Button/Link below is where you go to set up your own insurance lockbox account.

7 Information Not To Enter DO NOT ENTER THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION FOR SECURITY PURPOSES: A.Social Security Numbers B.Complete Account Numbers (checking, savings, brokerage, etc) C.Usernames & Passwords (to any account information – ex: do not put your username or password to your online banking)

8 Insurance Lockbox Recommends Entering the Following Information Insurance: company name and policy numbers, agents name and phone number, location of the policy, etc… Real Estate: property addresses, partners on investments, utilities, important documents, etc… Personal Property: list VIN number, location of title, co-owners, collectibles value, etc… Financial: Bank accounts, partial account numbers, banker, accounts use, etc…

9 Insurance Lockbox Recommends Entering the Following Information Contacts: lawyers, CPAs, bankers, financial adviser, portfolio manger, pastor or minister, etc… Health: medications, doctors, hospitals, surgeries, allergies, etc… Documents: the location of wills, trusts, deeds, POA, POH, passport, etc… Retirement: accounts, type of IRA, employers name, etc…

10 Helpful Hints On What To Enter Helpful Hints are placed throughout the website helping the user to better understand what information to enter. There are also websites entered that can help the user better understand the insurance product or financial instrument described.

11 Questions or Suggestions If you have any questions you can first check the FAQ tab at the top of the page, however, if your question is not answered please click the Contact Us tab at the top of the screen to submit a question or suggestion.

12 Register for Insurance Lockbox ( Plug in information and designate and authorized user (attorney, family member, ins agent, etc) Update account as your personal information changes. When notified by email on a yearly basis renew account to keep information securely stored Lockbox in a Nutshell

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