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Secrets Realtors® “Don’t want you to know about”

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1 Secrets Realtors® “Don’t want you to know about”

2 Secret #1: The M.L.S. is the “Key to the door”. Most homes sell from being in the M.L.S. (Multiple Listing Service). The M.L.S. is the database all of the local agents use to search for homes. Once your home is “Listed” in the M.L.S. there’s not much more a great agent can do to sell it.

3 Secret #2: “I feel more comfortable going with a local agent”. Is it worth 3% of your equity to “Feel comfortable”? Again, once you’re input into the Multiple Listing Service all the other agents in the office know your home is listed. So do the other thousands of agents that are members of the M.L.S. too. NOTE: After you go in the M.L.S., your listing automatically goes to

4 Secret #3: Agents will “Push” my listing! How? The agent can’t go door to door to find a buyer. All of the other agents in the office will know you’re listed when they do a “Search” in the M.L.S. There is no way to “Push” a listing. That agent is sitting back waiting for an offer to earn the easiest 3% they’ll ever make! The agent can do direct mail or other advertising but it only works 3% to 5% of the time. You can advertise too and hold your own open houses.

5 Secret #4: Agents will never sign a contract with you telling you what else they’ll do after they list you in the M.L.S. Agents will tell you all the great things they’ll do for you but will they put anything in writing? No! What are all of those other things anyway? Running an ad? Sending some direct mail? Even if they run an ad with your home, the odds of someone calling on your home AND buying are remote. Running ads is done so primarily to obtain buyer leads for that agent!

6 Secret #5: I need a local agent who knows the area well. Sure, they could know every road and home in the area. That has nothing to do with knowing where the buyers are though. Remember, once they list you, all the other agents and their buyers see your home. Your agent may sell less than 1 in 10 of his / her listings so you’ve just wasted 3% of your equity. There is a certain amount of “Comfort” listing locally. If you think this through though it makes no sense unless the agent can demonstrate and sign a contract with you telling you what they’re going to do for all that commission you’re going to pay them.

7 Secret #6: Most agents know they charge too much. Many agents have told us they’ve been overpaid for years and laugh about it! How many hours does an agent spend on your listing? Input (by secretary), process upon offer, maybe 3. Marketing? Your hard earned equity deserves a better choice.

8 Don’t be fooled by great listing presentations! We are the answer to high commission Realtors! STOP THROWING YOUR HARD EARNED EQUITY AWAY 6% - 7%

9 AmeriSell Realty is the answer! We offer the perfect solution to selling your home that is a “Win-win” for all parties involved. Here’s how it works: 1. Pay a small, flat fee up front to “List” your home in the M.L.S., & other great sites. 2.If an agent brings you the buyer, pay them their half, typically 2- 3%. 3.If you sell by owner, you owe no other fees, only your up front fee. You have the best of both worlds with our program. For sale by owner AND listed for maximum exposure!

10 About the broker, Jeff Kermath I’ve been a broker for over 20 years. I spent years in traditional offices only to realize that after the secretary entered the sellers home in the M.L.S. little was or even could be done to find a buyer! With thousands of agents in the M.L.S. and all of their buyers, I knew the odds were that the buyer would come from one of them. We just hoped it would sell and make an easy 3%! I started doing “Flat Fee M.L.S.” listings because most home sellers said, “I just want to get in the M.L.S.”. With this in mind we opened Amerisell and charged a small, up front fee to input and maintain the listing. If you as owner sell without an agent, there are no other fees! If an agent brings you the buyer then pay them their half. A fair arrangement. You save half less our fee worst case scenario! At AmeriSell Realty, we are the #1 flat fee lister, cover all of Michigan, know the M.L.S. rules & provide better service & cheaper prices than all competitors! Sign up now, you won’t regret it!

11 Why AmeriSell Realty? Only $98 to List! Better pricing & more websites than all competitors! We are the direct lister: We are not a referral company. Other companies like “” take your money & “Refer” you to someone you don’t know. Experience: The broker, Jeff Kermath has been a licensed Realtor for 20 years. Ongoing service: FREE price changes done within 24 hours. Commitment: We know there are other companies and want to show you this is the best program period. Price guarantee: If you find another company offering a better program we’ll beat it by $25.

12 Still having 2 nd thoughts? “I need more service” I don’t know how to do this! No problem! We offer full service too! We can act as your regular agent and provide all the services of a “Traditional” agent too! Check out our site for details.

13 How do I list? 1. Go to our site at If you have last minute questions, call the broker, Jeff Kermath on his cell, 734-649-4903 with any last minute 2. Choose the program you wish. 3. Sign up via a credit card online. 4. You’ll download the documents, fax them into us & email photos. 5.We take your information and enter you into the M.L.S.! 6.We’ll email your listing and go over it with you so it is perfect. 7.We’ll mail you a yard sign with your phone number on it. You’re on your way to selling and saving thousands of dollars!

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