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Technical Overview. Example – 1 Once you are certified, you will receive an from This contains.

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1 Technical Overview

2 Example Email – 1 Once you are certified, you will receive an email from This email contains your login credentials From: Dear (Mentor_Name) As a mentor, welcome to MoneyLife Mentoring. You can get to the MoneyLife Mentoring website and login here: Login using the following: (your email address) (computer generated password) Your password above can be edited in your Profile area Any questions? Please contact us by replying to this email or email us at

3 Home / Login Page: Once you have been given credentials to access the website, you will login on this page. If you forgot your password, simply select the “Forgot Password” link and follow the directions.

4 Landing Page: Mentor Dashboard Once you sign in, you will land at the Mentor Dashboard page You access everything within the Mentoring site from this page: – Profile: manage your contact information – Clients: view your list of clients, their contact information, your notes for each client, and their dashboards – Client Notes: enter and view all records of your communications with your clients – Resources: items to help you better understand the mentoring process – FAQ’s: answers to frequently asked questions – Toolbox: digital financial resources available to you and the client

5 Mentor Dashboard 1.Your name as registered 2.Return to Dashboard from other pages 3.Client/Mentor digital financial resources 4.View or edit your profile 5.Logout/Exit 6.Client information 7.Mentoring overview 8.Resources to guide you as a mentor 9.Frequently asked questions 1 234 6 7 8 9 5

6 Client Page Accessed from Mentor Dashboard by clicking on “View Clients”: 1.Example of client 2.List of your active clients 3.List of your clients that have completed the Mentoring process 4.Navigation bar 1 2 3 4

7 Client Dashboard 1.Client contact information 2.Navigation bar 3.Client notes for recording all pertinent information for each client 4.Session guidelines and steps 5.Explanation of symbols 4 21 3 5

8 Profile Page This area is used to keep your contact information up-to-date and change your password. It is accessed by clicking on “Profile” in the upper right corner of your dashboard on the navigation bar as indicated.

9 Toolbox Accessed from the Mentor Dashboard and includes: MoneyLife Indicator online financial health assessment MoneyLife Planner online budgeting and modeling tool “God is Faithful” daily e-mail devotional More Than Money: Finding True Finanical Freedom e-book “God’s Principles of Operating a Business” MP3’s MoneyLife Basics e-book series “Practical Wisdom in Uncertain Times” MP3’s “Creative Ways to Increase Your Income” MP3’s “Breaking Free: Recovery From Financial Captivity” video download “You Bought What?” MP3’s “The Twelve Secrets of Wealth” MP3’s

10 Client Notes Located within each client’s dashboard Field for unlimited free text entry. You can enter as much information as you need. Visible only to the mentor, not the client Must be updated after each session, each communication, any attempts at communication, and all activity with each client Should be reviewed prior to each client call to refresh your memory on that client’s status

11 Mentor Guidelines/Tips Road map to guide you through the Mentoring process Required pre-work for you to prepare for each session Steps to be completed by you and the client together within each session Included for every session within the Mentoring process Provides estimated duration of each session to help you in planning Found on the Client Dashboard

12 Client Contact When a client registers for MoneyLife Mentoring, they are notified they will be contacted by their new mentor within 3 business days: Day 1: Internal processing and assignment of mentor and mentor receives notification via e-mail of the client’s name and contact information New client info also populates their mentor’s dashboard under “Current Clients” Day 2-3: Mentor must establish contact with client via phone and/or e-mail to begin the mentoring process ANY issues with client contact should be reported to

13 Example Email – 2 You will be notified by email when a client has been assigned to you. You must contact your client within 2 business days From: Dear (Mentor_Name) You have been assigned a new client, (Client_Name) Please login to the MoneyLife Mentoring website at to view this information. Any questions? Please contact us by replying to this email or at

14 Mentoring Process Duration The expected duration for moving a client all the way through the mentoring process (completion of all 6 steps) is 6-8 weeks To accomplish this, you will need to adhere to the following: Always meet the initial commitment to the client: use all means available to contact them within 2 business days of your being notified of their assignment to you Always check the client dashboard 3 days before your next session with them to make sure they are on track with their work for the next session Confirm appointments and hold client accountable to those dates/times Never end a session without scheduling the next session REMEMBER: Your role as mentor is to facilitate the client’s movement and growth through this process. Your initiative and adherence to the mentoring guidelines will be not only critical but also necessary to help your clients reach their goals.

15 Questions or Comments? E-mail us at: Mentoring problems Client issues Mentoring comments Website, process or program questions Success stories PLEASE USE THIS MAILBOX AS YOUR CLEARING HOUSE FOR ALL THE ABOVE. WE WATCH THIS CLOSELY AND USE INPUT FROM HERE TO DETERMINE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING NEEDS!


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