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Nursing Fundamental NURS B20

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1 Nursing Fundamental NURS B20
Sleep and Rest Nursing Fundamental NURS B20

2 SLEEP AND REST The need for sleep and rest is important in the quality of life for all persons Sleep- The natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored Rest- A person at rest feels mentally relaxed, free from worry, and physically calm. Does not imply inactivity

3 Physiology of Sleep Circadian Rhythm Sleep Regulation Sleep Cycle
Reticular Activating System Bulbar Synchronizing Region Sleep Cycle Stage 1: nonREM Stage 2: nonREM Stage 3: nonREM Stage 4: nonREM REM Sleep

4 Physiology of Sleep nonREM sleep needed for tissue restoration of all body tissues REM sleep benefits the brain most significantly Brain tissue is restored Cognitive function is also restored Believed it may help memory Loss of REM= feelings of suspicion and confusion

5 Sleep Cycle REM

6 Factors Affecting Sleep
Illness Medications Life-Style Emotional State Environmental Factors Exercise and Fatigue Caloric Intake

7 Common Types of Sleep Disturbances
Insomnia Sleep Apnea Obstructive Central Narcolepsy

8 Nursing Process Assessment Nursing Diagnosis Sleep history
Observation for behaviors of sleep deprivation Nursing Diagnosis Sleep Pattern Disturbances Risk for Injury Altered Thought Processes Ineffective Coping

9 Nursing Process Planning
Goal will be made to promote normal, restful sleep for clients having sleep disturbances and/ or difficulties

10 Nursing Process Interventions to promote sleep and rest
Environmental controls Promote bedtime rituals or routines Client education Evaluation determines whether the interventions have promoted a normal sleep pattern, minimized sleep deprivation symptoms, and improved client understanding of how to promote sleep.

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