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Exercising and Safety.

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1 Exercising and Safety

2 Key Terms Dehydration- a state in which the body has lost more water than has been taken in Overtraining- A condition that occurs as a result of exceeding the recommendations of the FITT formula Dietary supplement- any product that is taken by the mouth that can contain a dietary ingredient and is also labeled as a dietary supplement Anabolic Steroid- A synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone used for promoting muscle development

3 Types of Injuries Most injuries are injuries to bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles Injuries can be classified as Acute (can be small bumps and scrapes or more serious injuries) Chronic (Gradually develop over time and take longer to heal)

4 Avoiding Sport and Exercise Injury
Get conditioned Warm-up and Cool Down Stretch Avoid Dehydration Avoid Overtraining Avoid overuse injuries Use equipment as directed

5 Treating Sport and Fitness Injuries
R.I.C.E. Method R- Rest I- Ice C- Compression E- Elevation

6 Common Injuries and Treatments
Sunburn Tendon and muscle strain Ligament strain Fracture Heat exhaustion Concussion Tendinitis Stress fracture Shin splint Apply moisturizer Rest (about 1 week) RICE and strengthen muscle and tendons around ligament Immediate medical treatment Move to shade, immediate medical treatment, drink plenty water, and cool body Rest under observation RICE RICE and immobilization

7 Supplements, Drugs, and Athletic Performance
Caffeine- CNS Stimulant Amphetamines- mask fatigue, increase mental alertness Ephedrine- Stimulates brain and nervous system Adrenal androgens- promotes muscle growth Anabolic Steroids- promotes muscle growth Rise in HR and blood pressure Rise in Blood pressure, increase of circulatory shock May lead to heart attack, irregular heart beat Sexual and reproductive problems, and liver damage Same as androgens and more severe

8 Play it safe and Don’t Use
Dietary supplements make several health claims that are not regulated by the FDA Steroids are used as a short cut to improve athletic performance even though they are extremely harmful to the body and mind Steroid use can result in sexual side affects, liver disease, reproductive problems, and psychotic behaviors


10 Key Terms Sleep deprivation- a lack of sleep
Circadian rhythm- the body’s internal system for regulating sleeping and waking patterns Insomnia- an inability to sleep, even if one is physically exhausted Sleep apnea- a sleeping disorder characterized by interruptions of normal breathing patterns during sleep

11 Sleep Deprivation Stress-related problems
Increased risk of getting sick Increased risk for dangerous accidents because of lack of concentration and slowed reaction time

12 Teens and Sleep How much sleep do you get? How Much Sleep do you need?
Teens need about 9 hours and 15 minutes every night

13 The Stages of Sleep While you sleep your body goes through stages of deep and light sleep These two stages are called NREM and REM (NREM) Non-rapid eye movement sleep- beginning of sleep cycle- Brain activity at lowest point (REM) Rapid eye movement sleep- occurs about 1.5 hours into sleep- dream phase Both types of sleep rotate during sleep cycle and are necessary for good sleep

14 Insomnia and Sleep Apnea
Insomnia can be caused by to much caffeine, alcohol, smoking, stress, and lack of exercise Insomnia usually becomes more of a problem as we age- change in sleep behaviors are usually recommended Sleep apnea- usually occurs in older and obese people Can cause tremendous stress on the heart Can also cause a person to be tired constantly throughout the day

15 Six Tips for Getting a Good Nights Sleep
1- Develop a routine 2- Exercise everyday but not right before bed 3- limit caffeine after lunch time 4- Relax avoid heavy reading and video games 1 hour before bedtime 5- Say no to all-nighters 6- Your bed is for sleep only


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